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 After a few days, the Vietnamese Guard finished getting rid of the 'evil factions,' netting them 158 Cities. 80% of them were Basic Cities, and 20% of them were Great Cities.

The Vietnamese Guard's actions aroused a lot of dissatisfaction and hostility. Even though the ordinary players were in great support, some of the factions started to become displeased with the Vietnamese Guard, as the Vietnamese Guard started to threaten them. No one would welcome anyone one felt threatened by.

Zhao Fu did not plan to have the Vietnamese Guard leave the second Great Wall because their primary job was to clear out 35 regions. However, since they had now cleared out the evil factions, it was time to get rid of the good ones too.

Zhao Fu did not care about which factions were evil and which ones were good: all of them were enemies to Great Qin.

The Vietnamese Guard once again split into three teams and began their operations. However, some members started to question these orders - why did they originally say those factions were good but now say they were evil?

Even though some members felt confused, they still obeyed these commands because many of them had obtained great benefits. They did not care who they attacked as long as there was money to be made.

The Vietnamese Guard's higher-ups started to make announcements that these factions were evil as well, cheating and exploiting commoners and doing all sorts of other deeds. The Vietnamese Guard claimed that they were villains who pretended to be noble, and they were supposedly much worse than the other evil factions.

After hearing these announcements, some people in the Vietnamese Guard believed them, but others didn't, as they were not complete fools. They could judge what was true and what was false.

The other factions started to feel quite startled, as they could now tell that the Vietnamese Guard's goal was not so simple anymore. They were planning on getting rid of all of the factions without any regard to goodness or evilness. Now, the Vietnamese Guard could be said to be completely unrestrained, and the various factions started to discuss how they could put an end to this.

Those factions between the two Great Walls felt incredibly furious. They had not done anything at all, yet the title of 'evildoer' had been placed on them by the Vietnamese Guard. They felt disgusted that they had believed that the Vietnamese Guard would not do anything to them.

By now, the Vietnamese Guard had already started to attack. They split into three teams and cut them off, making it so that they could not join up.

"Kill!!" Shouts shook the surroundings as the Vietnamese Guard's tens of millions of soldiers charged at a Basic City. They shot countless arrows at the City Walls as soldiers scaled the walls before attacking the defenders.

A slightly skinny young man furiously blocked a strike with his sword as he yelled, "Isn't the Vietnamese Guard meant to be an army of compassion and justice? Why are you attacking us for no reason? We actually trusted you and respected you, yet you're trying to kill us!

"You say we're evil, but what have we done? Are you blind? You people from the Vietnamese Guard are the evilest!"

The resolute-looking young man who was attacking could not help but doubt whether what he was doing was right or not. The core tenets of the Vietnamese Guard were justice, kindness, and order, but what they were doing seemed to violate those things.

Seeing that everyone in this City was resisting the Vietnamese Guard, this meant that those who were living here lived decent lives. Those in charge seemed quite popular, which was why so many people were willing to support them.

Logically, this sort of faction should not be counted as evil, so many members of the Vietnamese Guard could not understand why the higher-ups had listed them as evil.

However, the resolute-looking young man still raised his saber and rushed up because this was something that the higher-ups had decided, and ordinary soldiers like them had no say in it.

"Arghhh!!" A pained cry sounded out as the City Lord of this City was killed by the Vietnamese Guard's City Lords. His corpse fell from the sky, and the City's resistance immediately drastically weakened.

The Vietnamese Guard quickly took control of his City. Those who had come out of greed started to pillage anything of value. The members of the Vietnamese Guard who had been with the Vietnamese Guard for a while looked at the helpless people, who looked at them with fear, making the Vietnamese Guard members feel a strange sense of discomfort.

Before, wherever the Vietnamese Guard went, they would be welcomed by countless people with looks of joy on their faces. However, the only emotions they could see were fear.

Many people started to suspect what they were doing was wrong. They had joined the Vietnamese Guard out of their sense of justice, which was at the core of the Vietnamese Guard. They had been proud to join the Vietnamese Guard, but what they were doing now made them feel guilty and felt opposite to the justice they had desired.

"Kill!" After going through this City, the Vietnamese Guard went to another faction and started to ferociously attack.

"Why are you attacking us? Vietnamese Guard, give me an explanation!" the City Lord roared in anger, feeling incredibly wronged.

This made some of the higher-ups in the Vietnamese Guard hesitate and wonder if what they were doing was wrong. Wasn't the Vietnamese Guard supposed to bring about a bright and orderly future? Why did they seem like they had become wanton slaughterers?

It was only those at the very top who determined who were good and who were evil; they had no idea about any of this.

A bearded man coldly harrumphed as he stood in the air and said, "What's the first rule of the Vietnamese Guard?"

This made those who were hesitating start attacking again because the Vietnamese Guard's first rule was to obey all orders; those who refused would be heavily punished.

"Don't kill me, I beg you!" After the faction's City Lord was killed, the others knelt in fear and pleaded for mercy. They were indigenous residents, and dying meant a true death. This made the Vietnamese Guard's people feel quite uncomfortable, but they still followed their orders before continuing on to the next region.

The Vietnamese Guard madly killed with unstoppable momentum, and the remaining factions hurriedly responded, forming three groups that resisted the Vietnamese Guard's three teams.

However, they were not even half as strong as the Vietnamese Guard. The Vietnamese Guard had already gone through those regions once, and now that they were going through it a second time, there was much less resistance.

Even if the 'good' and 'evil' factions had banded together at the very beginning to resist the Vietnamese Guard, they still would not have been able to win, as Zhao Fu would have acted. They had always been destined to lose.

"The Vietnamese Guard is the greatest evil. Now, you've shown all of your ambition while putting on an appearance of righteousness. You're extremely disgusting and hypocritical!"

The City Lords resisting the Vietnamese Guard could long since see the Vietnamese Guard's aim, which was to control these 35 regions and clear out all other factions.

Clearing evil? Restoring light? Maintaining justice and order? All of that was a lie. They had been like idiots and believed the Vietnamese Guard, making them feel incredibly regretful. However, this was only natural, as the Vietnamese Guard had put up a front for three years, doing all sorts of good things to win people's trust and respect.

It had suddenly revealed its great ambition and its true fangs. In that moment, the gentle lamb suddenly became an evil wolf, ravenously devouring everything.