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 "Luckily Vietnam has the Vietnamese Guard, who are so righteous and selfless, willing to give up so much for Vietnam. I feel so moved; I love the Vietnamese Guard! They are the pride of Vietnam!"

"The Vietnamese Guard is so good that there's nothing more to say. Think about everything the Vietnamese Guard has done over these years and how many people they've helped. The people need factions that are willing to walk the walk and make sacrifices for the nation. The governmental faction can't compare to them at all."

"My big bro's in the Vietnamese Guard. They're all incredibly strict of themselves and value the common people above all else. They're willing to help all who need them. They are our light, and I'm simply too blessed and happy to have a big bro like him."

"Not gonna lie, the Vietnamese Guard should be recorded in history forever for all the things they've done for the people and Vietnam so that future people can learn to be like them."

Over the past three years, the Vietnamese Guard had garnered immense reputation and had an incredibly deep foundation. It was loved by all Vietnamese people and praised so highly.

Those in the Vietnamese Guard all felt incredibly proud to be part of it. In fact, many people felt hot-blooded and yelled, "Alive, I'll be a member of the Vietnamese Guard; dead, I'll be a ghost of the Vietnamese Guard!"

In fact, it was very likely that if the Vietnamese Guard wanted to replace the governmental faction, there would be many people in support. However, Zhao Fu did not plan to do this, or else they would be exposed sooner or later. Once they found out that the Vietnamese Guard was controlled by Great Qin, everything would be turned upside down.

They would instantly go from being patriotic heroes to shameless traitors, and none of the Vietnamese players would continue to work for the Vietnamese Guard.

The two Great Walls were simultaneously built incredibly quickly. The regions in front of the first Great Wall would be dealt with by Great Qin, while the Vietnamese Guard would be responsible for the 35 regions further behind.

For those 35 regions, the Vietnamese Guard could not continue using the excuse of having them leave to avoid danger. Instead, they declared that they were sweeping away all evil and worried that they might harm ordinary players, so they asked the ordinary players to leave first and return once everything was in order. This once again made the Vietnamese Guard seem incredibly caring of the ordinary players.

However, only a small portion of people complied this time. Vietnam did not have that many regions, and if they continued to retreat, there would be many people squeezed into very few regions. Moreover, many people did not want to leave, and it was the same with some factions.

Some people believed that the Vietnamese Guard would only protect them and would not harm them, so there was nothing to worry about.

Soon, it was May, and spring had passed. The weather became hotter and hotter, and the Vietnamese Guard was currently making announcements with an immense sense of justice.

"It has been about a month since our Vietnamese Guard gave the warning. All evildoers have had time to repent; if you are willing to walk towards the light, please leave these regions. From today onwards, the Vietnamese Guard will send soldiers to cleanse all evil from those regions."

It had been a bit more than a month, and both Great Walls had been built to a certain extent. As such, Zhao Fu had the Vietnamese Guard start to purge these regions.

The Vietnamese Guard's people looked incredibly excited and hot-blooded. They were fighting for Vietnam, for righteousness, and for order.

The Vietnamese Guard's ten million people split into three teams that cleared out three regions and called for more people to join.

As for who was evil and who was good, that was up to the Vietnamese Guard.

This purge was led by Ly Qinqian herself. In fact, even Zhao Fu himself came to ensure that the plan was carried out successfully. He did not have much to do anyway.

The first three million strong army gathered at the ex-location of a system main city. Even though the system main cities had all relocated, they had left behind many structures.

This place was managed by a few large factions who exploited ordinary players and often bullied them.

Ly Qinqian stood in the air with ten or so City Lords behind her. 70% belonged to Great Qin and only 30% belonged to the Vietnamese side. Because of how big the Vietnamese Guard was now, the higher-ups could not all be indigenous residents or that would be too suspicious.

As such, the Vietnamese Guard had promoted some talented players into the higher-ups; only then would they be able to gain the trust of others.

There were roughly three million soldiers below clad in armor and holding all sorts of weapons. They gave off a harsh and austere aura as they surrounded this place.

There were hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the city walls, with five or six City Lords standing in the air, facing off against the Vietnamese Guard.

"Right now, you are to submit not to the Vietnamese Guard but to the common people. I will give you one more chance: will you surrender? Will you admit your wrongdoings and turn over a new leaf?"

Ly Qinqian was now the City Lord of a Great City, and she gave off a powerful aura. There was an air of righteousness about her, no longer having a trace of flirtatiousness as she shouted loudly.

"Hahahaha... what a hypocritical, disgusting woman! This world is a world where the strong devour the week; we haven't done anything wrong. Stop pretending to be an agent of righteousness; we don't believe you at all!" a gloomy-looking young man loudly laughed as he replied.

Ly Qinqian said, "Everyone, the Vietnamese Guard is here to bring justice and order. Everything we do is for you; do you still want to help them commit tyranny? Do you want to continue to be oppressed by them?"

Ly Qinqian's goal was to convince the ordinary people here to resist these factions and work together with the Vietnamese Guard to destroy these factions.

Ly Qinqian was incredibly famous, and all Vietnamese players naturally knew about her. They understood that she had come for them, the helpless ordinary players. The Vietnamese Guard had brought three million soldiers and ten or so City Lords, so they would evidently win.

"Kill! I've had enough of these people, acting all high and mighty all day long and not treating us like people. Are we still going to endure this? Let's help the goddess destroy these people!" a young man with messy hair stood out and yelled. Many other ordinary players agreed - they had been bullied all this time, and now that they had people helping, they would definitely win and not have to continue to endure.

The ordinary players started to attack the factions' players on the City Walls, and seeing this, Ly Qinqian smiled and also ordered the Vietnamese Guard's people to attack.

"Kill!!" Three million soldiers charged, giving off a massive aura as they flooded forwards. Waves of arrows shot towards the City Walls, and many soldiers quickly reached the bottom of the City Walls and used various methods to scale them.

The factions' forces were already at a disadvantage, and now with players behind them attacking as well, they were instantly suppressed and suffered countless injuries and casualties. Seeing this, the leaders, who had wanted to resist the Vietnamese Guard for a while, could only give the order to retreat.

The City Lords immediately turned and ran because they had no hope of winning, while the Vietnamese Guard's City Lords had only started to attack.