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 It was not just Zhao Fu who realized that the real world would soon be devoured; others also realized this, so they started to make all sorts of preparations in advance.

Soon after Zhao Fu had returned to the real world, the Ying family's family leaders came to visit him. One of the family leaders courteously smiled as he said, "Zhao Fu, the real world is about to be destroyed; when can the Ying family join Great Qin? Our Ying family is ready at any time."

They had come over especially for this matter: their Ying family was the imperial family of Great Qin, yet they had never even been to Great Qin yet. As such, they felt quite awkward.

They were willing to give everything to Great Qin and listen to all commands of Great Qin's Legatee. They were willing to talk with Zhao Fu so courteously so that they could assimilate into Great Qin and restore their status as the imperial clan of Great Qin. Great Qin and the Ying family could not be separated.

Zhao Fu thought about this for a while. Right now, he did not want anything to affect Great Qin. For all this time, Great Qin had been ruled by Zhao Fu, and if other factions joined, this would create an obstacle to Zhao Fu's rule.

However, since the Ying family was the imperial clan of Great Qin, they had to join Great Qin sooner or later. Zhao Fu himself had the Ying family's bloodline as well; this was something that could not be changed.

"Mm! Great Qin's Legatee will organize a time for the Ying family to join Great Qin. There's nothing for you to worry about!" Zhao Fu replied.

Hearing this, brilliant smiles appeared on the family leaders' faces, and they felt much more at ease.

At that moment, one of the family leaders said, "Zhao Fu, does the Legatee know of our Ying family's young masters and big misses? Ying Xi and Ying Qiu are the women with the purest bloodline, and they're extremely beautiful as well. We've discussed for them to serve the Legatee and become his concubines."

Zhao Fu felt quite startled but understood what the family leaders wanted. Zhao Fu was only from the collateral family and only had a bit of the Ying family's bloodline. He had only been able to obtain Great Qin's Legacy because he was quite lucky.

The Ying family's main family had the purest bloodlines, and they wanted to become closer with Zhao Fu and make Zhao Fu truly a part of the Ying family.

Zhao Fu was not very familiar with Ying Qiu, but he knew Ying Xi quite well. Back then, he had only survived because of her protection.

Even though she seemed quite kind and gentle, she only saw Zhao Fu as a chess piece and did not truly care about him. In fact, she could even just casually hand him over to Wu Qingniang.

Zhao Fu knew clearly what Ying Xi thought. Back then, when his status was lowly and Great Qin had not developed yet, he could not change anything, so he had had to submit to her.

However, Zhao Fu felt some gratitude to Ying Xi; after all, it was only because of her protection that he had been able to stay alive.

Hearing that Ying Xi would be sent by the Ying family to serve him, Zhao Fu thought about it and replied, "I will report this to the Legatee to consider; don't do anything for now."

Hearing this, the family leaders were slightly disappointed, but they still happily smiled because at least Great Qin's Legatee was willing to accept the Ying family into Great Qin.

After sending off the family leaders, Zhao Fu had a bit to eat. As he was about to re-enter the Heaven Awaken World, a bodyguard reported that Zhang Hongmei had come to see him, and he allowed her to enter.

Zhang Hongmei's face was slightly red, and her eyes were hazy. Her legs were tightly pressed together, and she shyly looked to the side, not daring to look at Zhao Fu directly.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu sighed!

After returning to the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu made plans to properly digest those 600 or so system main cities and truly assimilate them into Great Qin.

At the same time, Zhao Fu started clearing the surrounding regions. Great Qin now had 160 million soldiers, and he split 150 million of them into 15 teams to clear out regions, while the other ten million defended the Great Wall.

With their various buffs and methods, the 15 teams simultaneously cleared out regions. Each team could clear out a region in a week, so in one week, Great Qin could clear out 15 regions. It would take roughly a month to clear out the surrounding 60 regions. In that case, clearing out all 260 or so regions would take roughly four months.

The Great Qin City had already obtained a lot of EXP previously, and after obtaining the EXP from 600 or so system main cities joining, it would be able to level up to a Level 6 Capital City after clearing out some regions.

When that time came, Great Qin would be able to restore its empire and officially establish a Kingdom in the Heaven Awaken World. With 420 regions, Zhao Fu decided that they would have to build a second Great Wall. Great Qin's Inner Great Wall only surrounded 31 regions, which was simply too small. As such, it was necessary to build a second Great Wall.

This Great Wall would surround and protect all of the regions that Great Qin had devoured, truly turning them into Great Qin's territory.

Those 420 regions would not only cover Great Qin's regions in Chinese territory but also Great Qin's regions in Vietnamese territory as well.

There were around 350 regions in Vietnam's territory, and there were 11 or so of them near Great Qin that were without system main cities but still had a large number of Vietnamese players.

Great Qin had greatly expanded to the east, west, and south, so of course it would expand towards the north as well.

Zhao Fu had already made plans to devour 120 regions in Vietnamese territory, which was equivalent to a third of Vietnam. As soon as the neutral mode disappeared, the pieces that Great Qin had hidden in Vietnam would be of great use, allowing Great Qin to easily take down those regions.

Adding on another 120 regions, Great Qin would control 540 regions. Constructing a Great Wall that contained all of these regions would be a monumental task and would require a significant amount of time.

As such, Zhao Fu decided to start constructing the Great Wall now along Great Qin's eastern, western, and southern sides. They would build the Great Wall as they cleared out regions. After clearing out the regions, the Great Wall would soon be complete.

Moreover, as the system main cities gathered together, forming large factions, there appeared many of such factions around Great Qin.

The largest faction in the west was made up of 900 or so City Lords, the largest faction in the east was made up of 700 or so City Lords, and the largest faction in the south was made up of 600 or so City Lords. The two largest factions in the Vietnamese territory to the north were made up of an alliance of 200 City Lords and an alliance of 180 City Lords.

Of the four directions around Great Qin, the weakest one was the northern side, as there were only 380 cities in total. Vietnam had been forced into a very disadvantageous position by Great Qin and was naturally the weakest.

In order to have time to clear out these regions and safely build the Great Wall, Great Qin continued to send out ambassadors with gifts to express their goodwill.