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 Zhao Fu's sight extended outside the Legacy Land into the outside world. His mind only had the true experts of the various races, and Zhao Fu did not put the human world's Legatees in his eyes at all. Destroying them was simply a matter of time.

Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and disappeared over the horizon, allowing everyone to let out a sigh of relief. The people from the various schools and sects had wanted to come over and talk with Great Qin's Legatee to improve their relations, and some were even interested in submitting.

However, Great Qin's Legatee's terrifying aura had caused their bodies to freeze up, making it so that they did not dare to take a single step close to him.

After arriving back at the Great Qin City, there were only a few minutes until it was midnight. Tomorrow, it would be the New Year Festival, which was another group festival. Zhao Fu decided to spend his Virtue Points today or else it would be a waste.

Because one could only earn points for themselves in individual festivals, the number of points that one could gain was much less than in a group festival, so all items were much cheaper. The next festival would be a group festival, so all of the rewards would require a large number of points. If Zhao Fu allowed his current Virtue Points to be converted at a 10:1 ratio, he would not be able to buy anything at the start of the New Year Festival anyways.

Zhao Fu had long since decided how to spend these Virtue Points. He came before the Exchange Stone Stele, and since the focus of the Disaster Festival was medicinal pills, there were many things related to medicinal pills for sale.

Zhao Fu decided to spend his Virtue Points on Stage 4 spirit grass seeds. Great Qin was still using Stage 3 medicinal pills made from Windbell Fruits, and it was time to upgrade to better medicinal pills.

Great Qin already had pill recipes for Stage 4 and Stage 5 medicinal pills, but they lacked spirit grasses, so they naturally could not refine them. Zhao Fu had a look at the Exchange Stone Stele and saw a large amount of Stage 4 spirit grass seeds, so he decided to mass-purchase them.

Great Qin now had a massive population, so he needed to buy in large quantities, or else they would have to wait for a long time before they could finally mass-produce new medicinal pills.

After spending all of the Virtue Points, Zhao Fu ended up with 200,000 or so seeds. The other Great Qin City Lords had also killed some Disaster Beasts and obtained some Virtue Points, so Zhao Fu also had them exchange for Stage 4 spirit grasses.

However, their gains were not very great, as they mainly focused on killing Level 10 Disaster Beasts, so they barely killed anything else.

After collecting all of the seeds, Zhao Fu gave them to the Medicine Department and had them mass-plant them. Also, Yao Shi, the short fatty, was indeed quite capable and had helped Great Qin make some variations to medicinal pills, making them much more powerful.

At the same time, he had provided Great Qin with some rare medicinal pill recipes, which had greatly helped Great Qin.

Soon, it was 12 AM. The big, round moon shined down moonlight, illuminating the dark blue sky, and there were also a few stars around it.

Suddenly, the temperature became cold as snowflakes slowly floated down from the sky. Zhao Fu looked up and saw that the whole sky was covered by descending snowflakes.

It seemed that it was going to snow again for the New Year Festival. Even though it was quite unnecessary, it provided a certain atmosphere that made people think of the New Year. Following this, Zhao Fu started to prepare for the New Year Festival.

Two days later, the Six Day Festival finally ended, and the human world's final festival concluded. There would no longer be any system events, making Zhao Fu feel a bit disappointed.

Great Qin's gains in the last two days were quite good, obtaining some General Fates, which Zhao Fu gave to the various indigenous resident Generals, giving them the Fates of historical Generals.

Zhao Fu also exchanged for a Historical Grade Pill for Li Si, which was a medicinal pill that could increase the Grade and Fate of a historical figure. Zhao Fu finally raised Li Si to SSS grade, finally doing something that he had wanted to do for a long time.

As for Zhao Fu's gains from the Trial Festival, there was now a three or four-year-old girl clinging onto Zhao Fu's body. Her skin was very white, and she looked incredibly cute. She had an innate charm to her, which made people's souls tremble when looking at her.

She wore a red dress and had nine snow-white tails. Her two little hands were around Zhao Fu's neck, and her body clung onto Zhao Fu.

Apart from this, there was also a little dog. The little dog had three heads and was black-colored. It also had small fangs and a pair of large eyes, and the little dog gave off a faint sulfuric smell. It looked both ferocious and cute.

It affectionately stood beside Zhao Fu, rubbing its little head against Zhao Fu's leg. It then barked a few times cutely.

They were naturally the Nine-tailed Devil Fox and Hell Cerberus. When Zhao Fu had exchanged for them, they had only been eggs. However, Zhao Fu had discovered spirit liquids that could greatly decrease their incubation period, so Zhao Fu had bought them and hatched them almost immediately.

Zhao Fu was not too surprised at the appearance of the Hell Cerberus, but he had been quite startled by the Nine-tailed Devil Fox's appearance. She had appeared in humanoid form, which Zhao Fu had not expected at all.

Ordinarily, devil beasts could transform into human form, but that required an extremely high Cultivation. This Nine-tailed Devil Fox was born in human form, which Zhao Fu felt quite surprised about, and he had asked the golden dragon about this.

The golden dragon had not been too surprised, and it simply replied that some races had the ability to transform into human form from the very beginning, such as snakes, dragons, phoenixes, cats, foxes, and raccoons. They could all transform into human form quite early on, and the ones with the most potential were cat devils and fox devils.

The Six Day Festival had only just ended, and they had not been alive for very long. Because Zhao Fu had used his blood when incubating them, both of them were quite affectionate towards him.

This was especially so for the Nine-tailed Devil Fox, which he named Little Nine - she was incredibly clingy, and with a high-grade bloodline, she was incredibly intelligent. Zhao Fu had given her a Language Stone, allowing her to quickly grasp the human language, but she could not speak fluently quite yet.

As for the Hell Cerberus, Zhao Fu had decided to name it Hell Dog. It was also quite intelligent, and its innate attributes were very powerful.

Now that the Six Day Festival had just ended, there was a mountain of things for Zhao Fu to take care of. There were many things that had accumulated during the festival, many of which were incredibly important.

"Little Nine, come down for now; I have some things to take care of," Zhao Fu said as he smiled and looked down at Little Nine.

Hearing this, Little Nine pouted, looking quite unhappy as tears appeared in her eyes. She looked incredibly pitiful, causing Zhao Fu's heart to tremble, and he comforted her a bit.

At the same time, Zhao Fu remembered that the golden dragon had told him about how Little Nine had an innate charm to her that was formless and could not be defended against. It was an extremely profound charm, and in the Heaven Awaken World, Nine-tailed Devil Foxes were quite dangerous.

It seemed that Zhao Fu needed to be wary around her.