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 Facing the three Death Disaster Beasts rushing at him with terrifying auras, Zhao Fu stood his ground. When the three Death Disaster Beasts came within 100 meters of him, he suddenly slashed out, causing a green light to ripple out.

Swish! Swish! Swish...

Branches that were as sharp as steel stabbed out of the ground, trying to pierce through the three Death Disaster Beasts. However, the three Death Disaster Beasts reacted quickly, leaping into the air as they continued onwards towards Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu predicted their actions - when they leapt up, Zhao Fu had already arrived in front of a Death Disaster Beast, and he slashed out a green crescent towards her.

The Death Disaster Beast's expression fell and quickly used her sword to block, but she was sent flying and crashed a few hundred meters away.

At that moment, the two other Death Disaster Beasts had arrived in front of Zhao Fu, and they both started to attack him.

Facing these two Death Disaster Beasts, Zhao Fu flipped backward and avoided their attack. However, the instant that their attacks missed, the two Death Disaster Beasts immediately changed direction and continued to attack Zhao Fu.

Seeing these two Death Disaster Beasts chase after him, Zhao Fu coldly smiled. He gripped his sword with both hands and raised it high, sending his Emperor's Power into it. The Royal Wood Sword gave off a vibrant green light, and an enormous aura of life spread out.


Zhao Fu slashed downwards, sending out a massive green light and creating a massive explosion. The two Death Disaster Beasts were also sent flying and smashed out two large craters. The deathly qi around them quickly disappeared, and what terrified them was that there were now green plants growing on their bodies.

"Roarrr!!" The original body of the Death Disaster Beast roared as a massive amount of deathly qi gathered towards her, and she slashed out. Nine flood dragons made of deathly qi were created, and they rushed at Zhao Fu.

In that moment, Zhao Fu stretched out his left hand, sending out ten City Lord Seals that formed a circle in front of his left hand. They gave off various lights as a black dragon inscription barrier expanded out, and they combined to form a new defensive barrier.

There was a multi-colored shield of light in the front with a black dragon inscription barrier behind it, and they seemed to be stuck together.


It was as if the nine flood dragons had crashed into a solid mountain, causing them to instantly dissipate into deathly qi. A figure suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Fu, gripping its deathly qi sword with both hands as it vigorously slashed down towards him.

At that moment, Zhao Fu sent all of his strength into the Royal Wood Sword, causing it to give off a blinding sword light, and tender sprouts appeared on the blade.


Another massive explosion sounded out as a terrifying shockwave blasted out. The ground was slowly destroyed, and sand and dust were swept up in a wild gale. Those nearby were also affected, and they were forced up to put up defensive barriers to defend against this terrifying gale.

A 1,000-meter wide crater appeared in the ground. Zhao Fu was sent back ten or so meters, a trace of blood at his lips, while the Death Disaster Beast had collapsed to the ground, its body covered with black blood.

Those who were watching all gulped. The death Disaster Beast was being suppressed by Great Qin's Legatee, while just then, the Death Disaster Beast had taken down so many of them. When Great Qin's Legatee had joined in, the situation had completely turned around.

"Arghhh!!" the bloodied Death Disaster Beast gave an incredibly piercing howl, making those who heard it feel immense pain, and a black-gray pillar of light shot out from her body into the sky.


An explosion once again sounded out as countless traces of deathly qi madly gathered. The deathly qi that covered the surrounding seven or eight regions started to roil before quickly gathering here.

The countless traces of deathly qi flowed into the Death Disaster Beast's body, causing its aura to become more and more powerful. The terrifying might it gave off became more and more powerful, causing all who were nearby to feel horror - this was most likely the Death Disaster Beast's true power.

Once she absorbed all of this deathly qi into her body, her strength would be unimaginable.

Clang, clang, clang...

At that moment, the Death Disaster Beast's expression became panicked. It started to quickly dodge, but it was still bound by countless chains. However, by now, the Death Disaster Beast's power was incredibly monstrous, and it was strong enough to break all of the chains.


A crystal sword stabbed through the Death Disaster Beast's chest as a figure suddenly appeared behind her. The Death Disaster Beast tried to turn around, but in the next instant, its body was sucked into the sword, as was the surrounding deathly qi.

Gradually, the crystal sword became a black-gray color and gave off a dense deathly aura.

Following this, three items dropped: one was a Disaster Crystal, one was a Death Disaster Pearl, while the third item was about the size of a watermelon seed and shaped like a rhombus. It seemed to be made out of metal and gave off a dense aura of disaster.

[Disaster Seed]: A seed that contains a boundless aura of disaster. It can be fused into a City, creating a Disaster City.

Feeling this power, Zhao Fu could not help but feel delighted. If he fused this Disaster Seed into a Gold grade City, that City would instantly become a Legendary grade City.

At the same time, the Heaven-Sealing Sword greatly changed as well.

[Sealed - Death Disaster Sword]: This sword has sealed the terrifying spirit of Death Disaster and contains enormous deathly power. It is a Level 7 Saint Armament and has the power to destroy countless living creatures.

After looking through this information, Zhao Fu could not help but feel even more delighted. Zhao Fu had never expected that this sword would become a Level 7 Saint Armament - after all, Zhao Fu's highest-grade sword was the Sin Dragon Sword, which was a Level 2 Saint Armament. This Death Disaster Sword was five levels higher and had monstrous deathly power.

Zhao Fu held the Death Disaster Sword, but it continuously trembled. The sword spirit was the Death Disaster Beast and was still trying to resist, unwilling to submit to Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu did not mind and domineeringly sent his Emperor's Power into the sword, causing the Death Disaster Beast to settle down somewhat. The sword stopped trembling, and Zhao Fu, satisfied, put the Death Disaster Sword away.

Now that the deathly qi was gone, Zhao Fu turned to look at the Dynasty Legatees in the distance. Feeling Zhao Fu's terrifying gaze, the various Dynasty Legatees felt incredibly wary. They could tell that Great Qin's Legatee's aura had become much more powerful and dangerous than before.

This was especially so for those eyes under the cloak - the two eyes looked different and were incredibly terrifying. They gave off an incredible might, and his right eye looked like a ghostly eye. Anyone who was looked at by Great Qin's Legatee would instinctively tremble.

They did not know when his right eye had become like that, but they could guess that it had to do with all those terrifying abnormal signs at Great Qin.

Zhao Fu looked away; there was nothing special in his gaze. Zhao Fu would naturally not kill them, as it was not yet time. Zhao Fu did not want all of China to attack him; he had to wait until he was strong enough.