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A muffled explosion echoed out as that terrifying might weighed down on everyone's bodies. Facing this power, countless people felt incredibly helpless and looked up in terror, where there was a black-cloaked figure, whose cloak fluttered in the wind.

"It's Great Qin's Legatee!"

Everyone did not know whether to feel delighted or afraid - delight because Great Qin could stop the Disaster Beast or fear because Great Qin's Legatee's power was so frightening that he could easily kill them, causing their bodies to tremble.

Zhao Fu had just arrived and did not know what was going on. However, seeing that the Death Disaster Beast had not been killed, he let out a slight sigh of relief.

Sensing Zhao Fu's powerful and dignified aura, the Death Disaster Beast chose to directly attack, as she felt quite threatened.

She clenched her outstretched hand, causing countless traces of deathly qi to gather towards her hand. In just an instant, she condensed a massive spear of deathly qi, which stabbed towards Zhao Fu with the power to destroy everything.


The instant that the spear of deathly qi arrived, Zhao Fu released his Emperor's Domain. The massive spear slammed into the Emperor's Domain, causing a massive explosion, and both the spear and the domain shattered and dissipated.

Even though Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain had been shattered, he was perfectly fine.

By now, everyone understood how terrifying this Death Disaster Beast was; even Great Qin's Legatee could not deal with it easily. By now, they had lost all hope, and while Great Qin's Legatee was keeping it distracted, they decided to run.

The Dynasty Legatees hesitated and chose to retreat far away. They were not only afraid of the Death Disaster Beast but also afraid of Zhao Fu laying hands on them as well.


A clear sword hum sounded out as Zhao Fu rushed towards the Death Disaster Beast, his sword bringing immense power as it slashed at it. At that moment, the Death Disaster Beast condensed a sword of deathly qi and blocked Zhao Fu's attack.

Both swords brought with them immense power as they clashed together, resulting in an enormous shockwave rippling out and turning into a wild gale. The surrounding deathly qi instantly dissipated but quickly re-gathered.

Zhao Fu did not need to release his Emperor's Domain again because his Sovereign Bloodline was enough to defend against the deathly qi, and this allowed him to fully focus on fighting against the Death Disaster Beast.

The Sin Dragon Sword gave off a large amount of sword light as Zhao Fu gripped the sword tightly, pressing down towards the Death Disaster Beast.

The Death Disaster Beast's sword was forced downwards when suddenly the surrounding deathly qi condensed into hundreds of spears and shot towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu could only quickly retreat, dodging the spears, and the Death Disaster Beast took this opportunity to slash out, sending out a massive black-gray sword light towards Zhao Fu.

At that moment, Zhao Fu took out the Royal Wood Sword and swept out with it, causing a powerful green sword light to flash out. It did not seem scary at all and gave off an aura of life.


As the two sword lights collided, a massive explosion sounded out as sword light was blasted everywhere, and the shockwave sent both people back ten or so meters.

Looking at the sword in Zhao Fu's hand that was giving off a green light and a powerful aura of life, the Death Disaster Beast felt an instinctive disgust.

Zhao Fu wanted to use the Royal Wood Sword, which was of the opposite attribute, to counter the Death Disaster Beast. The Death Disaster Beast had immense deathly qi, so the only thing that could suppress it was the aura of life. Even though his Seraph Sword's Holy Light energy could also counter it, the Royal Wood Sword with its powerful aura of life would be better.

After sliding back ten or so meters, Zhao Fu suddenly stabbed the Royal Wood Sword into the ground, causing a powerful green light to shoot into the ground. Seeing this, the Death Disaster Beast was given a big fright and immediately retreated.

The place where the Death Disaster Beast had been standing suddenly grew hundreds of green vines, which shot towards the Death Disaster Beast. The deathly qi was not very effective against these vines, because once the deathly qi went close, it would be absorbed by the vines and converted into life energy.

The hundreds of vines twisted and turned like snakes in the air and quickly shot at the Death Disaster Beast. The Death Disaster Beast continuously retreated as its expression became furious, and the deathly qi behind it continuously flowed into its sword, causing the illusory deathly qi sword to become more and more corporeal.

Swish! Swish! Swish...

The green vines brought with them immense force as they flew at the Death Disaster Beast, while the Death Disaster Beast continuously swung her sword, causing deathly qi sword lights to slash apart the vines.

Suddenly, a figure appeared behind her, and a powerful green light exploded out, startling the Death Disaster Beast. Just as she tried to turn, she was blasted flying by an immense power.

The Death Disaster Beast crashed 100 or so meters away and coughed up a mouthful of black blood, and there was now a 15-centimeter long gash on her back.

Seeing this, all of the spectators felt quite shocked. The Death Disaster Beast, which they were powerless against, was at a disadvantage against Great Qin's Legatee.

"Arghhh!!" the Death Disaster Beast's black-gray eyes gave off a chilling killing intent, and it screamed, causing the surrounding deathly qi to flood towards her and continuously increase her power.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu could not allow her to continue to become stronger, so he once again stabbed his Roya Wood Sword into the ground. A powerful green light shot into the ground, and the place where the Death Disaster Beast stood violently trembled.

Suddenly, a massive tree broke out of the ground, and the Death Disaster Beast quickly retreated. Her body continued to absorb deathly qi, healing her injury in just a moment, and she started to attack Zhao Fu again.

The Death Disaster Beast stretched out her hand, causing the surrounding deathly qi to form dozens of Death Beasts that roared and rushed at Zhao Fu. In response, Zhao Fu rushed up and slashed out sharp sword lights, killing all of the Death Beasts, turning them into deathly qi again.

By now, Zhao Fu had reached the Death Disaster Beast, and he sent his Emperor's Power into his Royal Wood Sword, causing it to give off an intense green light. A powerful aura of life spread out as Zhao Fu slashed towards the Death Disaster Beast.

At that moment, the Death Disaster Beast also gathered countless traces of deathly qi and slashed out.


A massive sound rang out, and a terrifying shockwave blasted out. Both figures were once again sent flying - Zhao Fu was blasted back ten or so meters, and a trace of blood leaked out of his lips, while the Death Disaster Beast was sent flying 20 or so meters and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The Death Disaster Beast's wounds looked much worse than Zhao Fu's, but in the next moment, the surrounding deathly qi once again went into her body and quickly healed her injuries and made her a bit stronger.

Zhao Fu could not help but frown - looking at the ocean of deathly qi around them, as long as this deathly qi remained, he would not be able to kill the Death Disaster Beast, as it would be able to continuously recover. At that moment, Zhao Fu thought of an item.

The Death Disaster Beast continued to absorb deathly qi and created two clones that looked exactly the same as her. Their auras were also quite powerful, and one held a spear while the other held a long saber.