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 After leaving that region, Zhao Fu killed a Level 10 Disaster Beast. This Disaster Beast was an Ice Disaster Beast, and after killing it, Zhao Fu obtained a Disaster Crystal and an Ice Disaster Pearl.

By now, Zhao Fu could confirm that killing Level 10 Disaster Beasts would give a Disaster Pearl. Now that he knew how powerful these Disaster Pearls were, Zhao Fu gave orders for Great Qin's City Lords to form groups and hunt down Level 10 Disaster Beasts to obtain Disaster Pearls.

Given how powerful Destruction Crystals were, if Destruction Pearls contained many times their power, they would simply be monstrous.

Zhao Fu started to exclusively hunt Level 10 Disaster Beasts and did not even rest as he fought through the night to the next afternoon. Of course, because of this, he had made great gains.

In total, he was able to obtain 72 Disaster Pearls. Because he had been so focused on the Disaster Pearls, he had forgotten about the medicinal pills on the rankings.

However, Zhao Fu did not care too much about those medicinal pills. After returning, he found that the other medicinal pills had been claimed, but he did not feel too disappointed, as he had already decided where to spend his Virtue Points.

Zhao Fu continued to kill Disaster Beasts, and at 10 PM, Zhao Fu received a big piece of news: within a region called the Nether Region, there was a Level 12 Disaster Beast.

This Nether Region was filed with the aura of Undead creatures. Last time, there had been a Death Disaster there, and all the animals' and plants' lifeforce had been sucked away, resulting in the region being filled with an aura of death.

Zhao Fu took this seriously because the disaster there was a Death Disaster, which was the worst out of the natural disasters.

This Disaster Beast was classed as a Level 12 Disaster Beast because the surrounding seven or eight regions had been affected, and tens of millions of people had perished. No plants or animals survived, and everyone in the surrounding regions had been sent into a great panic and quickly escaped.

The Death Disaster was at the center of China's territory, and after thinking about it, Zhao Fu quickly hurried over. Zhao Fu had not killed a Level 11 Disaster Beast yet, but the Disaster Festival was about to end, so Zhao Fu quickly went because there might be astonishing gains.

At the center of China's territory, a black-gray fog covered seven or eight regions. The fog was incredibly dense and showed no signs of dissipating, and it was difficult to see what was within the fog. Everything was silent, and there was not a single trace of life.

The black-gray qi was an extremely domineering type of deathly qi, and it could destroy all living creatures' lifeforce, causing them to die. Even coming into contact with it slightly could cause the deathly qi to spread through one's entire body.

No one dared to step into the fog-filled area, and the fog quickly spread. Because all regions had been connected, many people from China had gathered around these regions.

It was the first time that China had encountered a Level 12 Disaster Beast, and even though it was the terrifying Death Disaster, there were great gains to be made.

It was not just the Dynasty Legatees; various State Legatees came as well. There were even some other factions and sects who came to try out their luck. It was like a gathering of heroes and legends.

Even though there were many people gathered around here, no one could do anything about the fog. The fog was simply too destructive, and even defensive barriers could not last very long, so no one dared to step in.

Just as everyone was wondering what to do, Si Ji unleashed his King's Domain and entered the fog, causing many people to watch on in awe and respect. Only those who were truly powerful dared to enter.

Following this, Great Shang's Legatee, Great Zhou's Legatee, and Great Han's Legatee stepped into the fog-filled area, as did some more Legatees.

Apart from these Dynasty Legatees, a celestial-looking elderly man from the School of Taoism, a scholarly and righteous-looking man from the School of Confucianism, a kind and benevolent-looking old monk from the Buddhist Sect, and a person giving off a powerful aura from the School of Mohists also entered.

After those people stepped into a fog, a while later, there suddenly started to be great changes. The fog started to roil and spread dozens of times faster, scaring everyone outside into retreat.

Suddenly, a terrifying aura spread out from the depths of the fog, and even those incredibly far away felt terror and an icy feeling come over their bodies. This was the aura of death.

Everyone outside did not dare to hesitate and quickly retreated, worried that the fog would cover them.


A muffled explosion sounded out as three figures flew out and heavily crashed to the ground, coughing up mouthfuls of blood. They were the experts from the Buddhist Sect, School of Taoism, and School of Confucianism. They had all been admired by others just then but were now heavily injured.


Before everyone could react, another explosion sounded out as a few State Legatees were also sent flying out, looking quite wretched.

Everyone felt quite shocked; just what sort of monstrous existence was within the fog to heavily wound these experts and blast them out?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another few explosions sounded out as more people were blasted out, and following this, the Dynasty Legatees also hurried out, looking quite injured.

This caused everyone to feel a chill, and their bodies uncontrollably trembled because that terrifying existence stepped out of the fog.

She was extremely beautiful and wore a white palace dress. She had snow-white hair and black-gray eyes. Her face was extremely stiff as if she was a corpse, and she gave off an intense deathly aura. It was this woman who caused countless people to feel horror.

Everyone understood that she was that terrifying Death Disaster Beast, and countless people immediately turned and ran without any hesitation. Her strength was not something that ordinary people could resist.


The Death Disaster Beast stretched out a pale-white hand, causing the deathly qi behind her to quickly gather and flood forwards. The aura it gave off seemed to cover the heavens and the earth, and it was enough to exterminate all living creatures in front of it, causing everyone to tremble.

Not a single person hesitated - if this Death Disaster Beast attacked, no one would be able to escape, so they all unleashed attacks towards the Death Disaster Beast.

Si Ji, Ji Shenming, Liu Ye, Di Wutian, the various State Legatees, and the experts of factions gave off powerful auras as they also attacked the Death Disaster Beast.

Facing the countless attacks, the Death Disaster Beast merely waved her hand, causing the fog behind her to rush up and block in front of her, and all of the attacks seemed to be ineffective.

The fog slowly dispersed, revealing her figure. She still looked just like a corpse, and she now prepared to unleash a terrifying attack. The ocean-like deathly qi started to rush out, about to kill everyone present, causing an aura of despair to spread.

However, at that moment, the Death Disaster Beast suddenly stopped, making everyone feel quite surprised. She raised her head, and her expression changed for the first time, becoming quite serious. At that moment, an enormous might descended from the sky.