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 "System announcement! You have equipped the King's Ring, and the ancient King's Power has entered your body."

"System announcement! Unknown changes are happening to your body."

After Zhao Fu put on the ring, it gave off a golden light, and the light covered Zhao Fu's entire body. He felt a wave of energy entering his body, and he could feel that something was changing in his body.

"System announcement! The ancient King's Power has made unknown changes to your body."

"System announcement! Because the ancient King's Power has entered your body and you have the Legacy of an empire and the Nation Fate Legacy, you have unlocked the King profession before creating a country, and you have received your own King's Power."

After hearing the final system announcement, Zhao Fu was quite confused, so he opened his stats page and had a look at the King profession.

[King]: King grade. Description: A profession unlocked after creating a country, and it can be passed down to the next generation. It surpasses grades given to Military professions and represents the sovereignty of a King. Effect: Receives [King's Power].

After reading this, Zhao Fu looked at his stats but saw that there were no changes. He opened his hand and an orb of weak golden light appeared in his hand - this was not the ancient King's Power from the ring, but the King's Power that belonged to himself.

The King profession was quite different compared to normal soldier professions. The King profession did not have any skills or stat bonuses because one needed to develop one's own King profession. It was a profession that became stronger as one advanced. As such, it was not very strong in the beginning, but in later stages, it may not be weaker than even godly spirits.

Zhao Fu had felt a lot of anguish after using up so much Fate, but it seemed that it was all worth it. The sword-shaped shard was worth much more than the Fate that he had used up. As long as he did not overuse his Fate, it would slowly recover.

In the future, there would definitely be battles between Nation Armaments, and those battles would not be any smaller than battles between godly spirits. After all, those battles would be intense battles between entire nations.

Of course, Nation Armaments were not things that ordinary nations would have. Only after establishing a dynasty would a Nation Armament be formed, so no country would have more Nation Armaments than China.

China was at the center of the ancient world, and it could be said that China was where most of the Fate was gathered. That was why there were so many dynasties and Nation Armaments.

Now that Zhao Fu had obtained the King's Ring and received many buffs, there were many things that he needed to take care of. For example, now that the limit of people who could have special professions had doubled, Zhao Fu could choose some more people to choose those professions. Moreover, now that the chance of summoning S grade or above villagers had doubled, the Great Qin Village would spawn around four S grade villagers every month.

After taking care of these matters, a simple and straightforward-looking middle-aged man walked over to Zhao Fu with three wine bottles and said respectfully, "Your Majesty, we've finished brewing the Hundred Flower Wine."

This man was called Sun Yi, and he used to be a farmer who liked to brew wine in his free time. He had somehow raised his wine brewing skills to the Advanced level, and he was promoted to the manager of the winery. He was in charge of the wine brewing process, and the wine in his hand was the Hundred Flower Wine that he brewed from the recipe that Zhao Fu had given him.

Zhao Fu looked at the three bottles of wine curiously and Sun Yi quickly explained, "Your Majesty, these wines were made with different types of flowers. The first batch used 8 types of flowers; the second batch used 16 types of flowers; and the third batch used 32 types of flowers. All of them have different fragrances and tastes; please try them, Your Majesty."

Zhao Fu did not know much about wine. He opened the three bottles, causing the wine fragrances to come out. The fragrance of the third bottle was the strongest, and rather than wine, it seemed more like an expensive perfume.

Zhao Fu took the cup that Sun Yi offered him and poured some out from the third bottle before tasting a little. The wine was very light and smooth, and he felt as if his entire body was giving off a faint fragrance.

Following this, Zhao Fu tried the other two wines and found that the taste was not as good as the third type, but they were still high-class wines. Zhao Fu named the first batch Flower Fragrance Wine, the second one Moon Flower Wine, and the third one Drunken Flower Wine.

These three types of wine would be the Westfall Restaurant's signature wines in the future. Many of the system's restaurants saw how successful the Westfall Restaurant was, and they also started to hire player chefs, which resulted in them taking some of Zhao Fu's business.

Zhao Fu couldn't allow this to go on. After players were able to start buying land and start their own businesses, the competition would be even more intense. If he wanted to rise above them, he had to have something that others didn't. Zhao Fu asked Sun Yi how much of those wines had been brewed, and when he heard that quite a few bottles had already been made, Zhao Fu took them to the Westfall Restaurant. He would first ask others to taste them and give their opinions on them!

Everyone ran over with curious looks on their faces. The fragrance that the wine gave off would definitely be liked by the women. When Zhao Fu saw the looks of pleasure and enjoyment on everyone's faces after tasting the wine, he understood the value of it.

At this moment, He Xianru, who wore her veil and gave off the aura of a beauty, walked over. However, just as her eyes fell on Zhao Fu's body, two golden rays shot towards her and pierced into her eyes. The pain caused her to subconsciously retreat.

Zhao Fu noticed this and curiously asked, "What is it?"

He Xianru lightly shook her head and gradually recovered. She looked at Zhao Fu with her bloodshot eyes and said, "Zhao! I need to talk to you."

Zhao Fu felt this was quite strange, but he still nodded and agreed.

They went to a private room and He Xianru paid her respects to Zhao Fu before saying, "Congratulations Your Majesty for receiving King's Power!"

Zhao Fu was quite shocked, but when he remembered her reaction from when she first came over, he inwardly sighed, " _People from the Hundred Schools of Thought are indeed quite extraordinary!_ "

Zhao Fu nodded, acknowledging what He Xianru had just said.

He Xianru once again spoke, saying, "Your Majesty, would you like to hear some suggestions from this lowly one?"

Zhao Fu thought about it before replying, "What is it?"

"Your Majesty, your King's Power has not fused with your Fate. King's Power is incredibly powerful. It has the power to unite a nation and cause one to not even fear godly spirits, but one needs to fuse the King's Power with the Fates of all creatures on heaven and earth."

Zhao Fu was quite confused because he knew little to nothing about these matters. However, it seemed that she understood quite a bit of this power and knew how to use it.

Following this, Zhao Fu and He Xianru started to discuss this matter in detail. Zhao Fu asked about everything he was not sure about, and He Xianru answered all of them in great depth.

After a few hours, Zhao Fu felt that he had made great gains in his understanding, and his attitude towards He Xianru greatly changed.