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 The first item was a nine-colored wheel; the second item was an even bigger Water God Stone that could rival 50 ordinary Water God Stones; the third was a Fish God Magic Staff that had three fish engraved on it, and it was slightly more powerful; the fourth item was a pendant that was in the shape of a small, golden fish. It was connected to a silver chain at its tail, and it gave off a faint light as well as a slight fishy smell.

[Fish God Pendant]: Anyone who wears this pendant will be liked by fish-type creatures. One's charm towards fish-type creatures will increase by 1000%. This is a rare treasure of the Fish God.

After looking through the pendant's information, Zhao Fu could not immediately think of any uses for it, so he handed it to the Water God before continuing to fish.

Soon, the Water God activated the nine-colored Divine Fish Wheel, causing it to rise to the air and give off a bright nine-colored light and a powerful might. As expected from an item dropped by a nine-colored Divine Fish - just its aura alone was incredibly powerful.

The pointer spun before gradually slowing down and stopping in the Special Rewards region.

Countless rainbow motes of light fell from the sky and a crystal sword appeared in the air, giving off a blinding white light and a mighty aura.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and took this crystal sword into his hands as he looked at its description.

[Heaven-Sealing Sword]: Forged from a Heaven-Sealing Crystal, which is a crystal that legends say can even seal the sky. It has extremely powerful sealing powers and can seal countless things. It is an extremely dangerous item.

This sword could only be used for sealing, making Zhao Fu feel slightly disappointed. After obtaining his King's Pupil, which was the new form of the King's Crown, Zhao Fu did not lack any sealing measures. Moreover, the chains were easy to use, so it was not likely that Zhao Fu would use this Heaven-Sealing Sword.

Zhao Fu continued to fish, and time quickly passed. Soon, it was late at night, and Zhao Fu had caught another eight-colored Divine Fish. It gave an Experience Stone that could give 100 million EXP, making him feel quite happy.

Now that the Divine Fish festival was about to end, Zhao Fu prepared to return to Great Qin. However, he felt quite sad, as the Divine Fish Festival had given many rewards, and Zhao Fu wished that it would go on for a bit longer.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu calculated his gains. He had obtained roughly 400 or so Water God Stones, which would be enough to build a top-tier Water God Temple. Zhao Fu would move the Water God to the new Water God Temple, as it would be quite beneficial for the Water God.

The Water God felt quite grateful and profusely thanked Zhao Fu, and it embarrassedly expressed her desire to serve Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's mind was on other things, so he did not pay it too much mind.

Next, Great Qin obtained 36 Fish God Magic Staffs and had also obtained a forbidden skill called the Great Fish Tide. This required 36 powerful Mages with 36 Fish God Magic Staffs to activate, which was powerful enough to topple mountains and overturn seas.

Zhao Fu also obtained eight Experience Stones. One of them was worth 100 million EXP, while the other seven were worth ten million EXP each. Zhao Fu had used all of them already, and there were also three Deep Sea Tree Fish eggs, four Sailing Spirit Boats, and another male mermaid.

There were also many high-grade materials, equipment, and items.

It was now 11:40 PM, and the next event was the Disaster Festival. This was another individual event, the main goal of which was to stop natural disasters and obtain Virtue Points. The main rewards of this event were medicinal pills.

Zhao Fu thought about it, and since there was not much to exchange for in the Divine Fish Festival, he decided to keep his Divine Fish Points for the next event.

From his experiences in the previous events, Zhao Fu could tell that the second stage of the Disaster Festival would be incredibly intense as well. Great Qin had incredibly high natural disaster resistance, so it would be fine, but this was not the case for other Cities.

If Zhao Fu went to help other Cities, there would be great benefits - he could earn Virtue Points while also making Great Qin seem incredibly kind. Countless people would thank Great Qin, causing another wave of City Lords to join.

As such, Zhao Fu discussed with his Generals and made a simple plan.

Once 12 AM arrived, the clear night sky gradually darkened as if all light was being devoured. It was so dark that one could not see one's outstretched hand, which was quite terrifying. The surroundings became incredibly silent, and not even bugs or birds could be heard.

Suddenly, a powerful might covered the entire human world, causing the spirit qi in the world to start to become chaotic, and a disastrous aura spread out.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive explosions sounded out as powerful Disaster Beasts descended to the world, starting up terrifying natural disasters. Some places had cyclones, other places had snow storms, and other places had devastating lightning strikes. The entire world became a world of disasters.

Zhao Fu stood in front of the Exchange Stone Stele, and as soon as his Divine Fish Points were converted into Virtue Points, he exchanged for the third-ranked pill, the Revival Pill. This pill could save one's life during a time of crisis, and it was the pill that Zhao Fu wanted the most, so he immediately exchanged for it.

Following this, Zhao Fu left Great Qin's territory and started to kill Disaster Beasts. At the same time, he ordered his subordinates to find out which regions had the worst natural disasters as the Disaster Beasts there would be more powerful. Zhao Fu's senses could not cover all of China's territory, so he could only rely on information from his subordinates.

The first Level 8 Disaster Beast that Zhao Fu encountered was a massive fiery bird with a wingspan of 300 or so meters, giving off intense flames that burned the ground. All plants quickly withered, and water evaporated quickly.

It was only a Level 8 Disaster Beast and was not very strong. Zhao Fu took out the Sin Dragon Sword and dealt with it in a few blows. After all, the Sin Dragon Sword used to be a Level 10 Disaster Beast.

After killing the Level 8 Disaster Beast, Zhao Fu obtained a Fire Disaster Crystal. Zhao Fu decided to collect many Disaster Crystals to see if he could obtain even higher-grade Disaster Crystals.

The Disaster Crystals could be socketed into equipment, making them stronger and giving them the Disaster attribute. After Zhao Fu strengthened the King's Ring, the ring spirits became Disaster Cavalry and obtained the terrifying skill Undead Disaster.

Even though the ten Disaster Cavalrymen had Stage 5 strength, they were still ordinary Lord class creatures. If Zhao Fu could obtain more high-grade Disaster Crystals, he could make them even stronger and strengthen their Disaster abilities.

Zhao Fu continuously flew about in the sky, killing Disaster Beast after Disaster Beast. He was not sure if it was because he was still close to Great Qin's territory, but the highest level he had seen was Level 8 Disaster Beasts.

After killing Disaster Beasts for a while, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin, by which time a lot of information had been gathered about stronger Disaster Beasts.