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 However, since the medicinal pills were quite rare and valuable, it would not be bad for Great Qin to obtain some. Zhao Fu would do his best to obtain as many as possible, but he would not feel too disappointed.

Zhao Fu made some more preparations and ordered people to look after the mermaid. The mermaid had a slight blessing ability and could give others blessings.

Zhao Fu decided to see if they could spawn more mermaids, so he had the mermaid taken to a water region and gave him a City Creation Stone. If they could spawn many mermaids, they would be able to give many blessings, which would be quite good.

After returning to the sea again, Zhao Fu no longer felt as anxious and rushed. Instead, he leisurely lay on the Water God's lap as he held the fishing rod.

Zhao Fu did not have any thoughts towards the Water God - it was the Water God who had suggested this to make it more comfortable for Zhao Fu. No one else in the human world would be able to enjoy such treatment.

Because he had been continuously working for three days and three nights, Zhao Fu felt quite exhausted. He closed his eyes as he fished, and the Water God's face was slightly red as she smiled and looked at Zhao Fu lying on her lap.

After resting for a while, Zhao Fu became serious again, starting to quickly fish up Divine Fish and obtaining item after item, while the Water God activated the Divine Fish Wheels.

Time quickly passed, and Zhao Fu ended up fishing from the morning until the afternoon. The sun began to descend over the horizon, and the golden glow of the sunset dyed the horizon gold, creating a beautiful scene.

Suddenly, a gigantic force pulled at the fishing line, instantly dragging Zhao Fu underwater. Zhao Fu was quite startled, as this level of power surpassed that of an eight-colored Divine Fish.

Zhao Fu felt quite excited and released the Great Qin Seal's full power, stopping his body from continuing to be dragged down by that massive force. He gripped the fishing rod and started to pull.

Both sides were immensely powerful, resulting in a temporary stalemate. However, Zhao Fu saw that the fishing line was on the verge of snapping, so he could not continue to pull like this and instead turned into a ray of light as he sped towards the direction of the massive force.

A nine-colored Divine Fish appeared before Zhao Fu. It looked like a whale, and its body was mostly black. However, its massive eyes were blood-red. Its gaze was ferocious and bloodthirsty, and it gave off a monstrous aura that greatly surpassed that of an eight-colored Divine Fish.

"Roarrr!!" After discovering Zhao Fu, the nine-colored Divine Fish turned and rushed at him. Its massive mouth bit at Zhao Fu, wanting to devour him whole.

The nine-colored Divine Fish was 1,000 meters long, and its mouth was hundreds of meters wide, looking incredibly terrifying. Zhao Fu was startled and quickly retreated.

At the same time, Zhao Fu took out a Spirit Evil-Crushing Spear - an upgraded version of the ordinary Evil-Crushing Spear - that he had bought during the second stage of the Ghost Festival. The nine-colored Divine Fish was a type of demon fish, so the Spirit Evil-Crushing Spear would most likely be able to counter it.

The Spirit Evil-Crushing Spear was violet-colored and was made of countless talisman papers. Zhao Fu sent his strength into it and activated it, causing a massive evil-crushing aura to spread out. A few violet arcs of lightning appeared around it, covering the surrounding ten or so meters.


As Zhao Fu retreated, he threw out the Spirit Evil-Crushing Spear, which turned into a violet ray of light and shot towards the nine-colored Divine Fish.

"Roarr!" The violet ray of light smashed into the nine-colored Divine Fish's jaw, and countless violet arcs of lightning exploded out. The violet light only disappeared after stabbing a few meters into the nine-colored Divine Fish's body, causing it to howl in pain.

Zhao Fu took this opportunity to take out the Sin Dragon Sword, and he ferociously slashed out, sending out a sword light that cut into the nine-colored Divine Fish's body, opening up a terrifying gash.


The nine-colored Divine Fish was infuriated, and it swung its tail, slamming it towards Zhao Fu. Before the tail arrived, a massive shockwave blasted at Zhao Fu, forcing him to quickly unleash his Emperor's Domain while dodging. Even though he dodged the Divine Fish's tail, he was still sent flying backward by the shockwave.

Just as Zhao Fu steadied his body, the nine-colored Divine Fish spat out a ball of water that was hundreds of meters wide towards him.

Zhao Fu did not have time to dodge, so he instantly condensed a 1,000-meter long water sword and slashed out, cutting the ball of water in half and causing a massive shockwave to ripple out.

"Roarrr!" the nine-colored Divine Fish once again charged up, but it did not use its mouth this time, and it instead used its body to slam into Zhao Fu. If Zhao Fu was hit by its 1,000-meter long body, even if he did not die, he would be gravely injured.

Zhao Fu could only quickly dodge, barely avoiding this attack. He took this opportunity to send immense power into the Sin Dragon Sword, slashing out another terrifying sword light. As the sword light hit the nine-colored Divine Fish, it blasted it to the bottom of the sea, sending up mud and making the water incredibly murky.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, countless ten-meter long water spears were condensed and flew at Zhao Fu with incredible force.

Zhao Fu's expression became grim, and he threw out 15 City Lord Seals. They formed a circle in front of him, and as Zhao Fu unleashed his Emperor's Domain, they fused with the Emperor Domain and formed a powerful defensive barrier.

The water spears continuously shot at Zhao Fu, forcing him to continuously dodge. He soon found an opportunity to slash out five 100 meter long water dragons, which roared as they slammed into the nine-colored Divine Fish, injuring it moderately.

"Roarrr!!" the nine-coloured Divine Fish shot at Zhao Fu with its massive body as fast as an arrow, and it once again opened its mouth, wanting to devour Zhao Fu.

At that moment, Zhao Fu coldly smiled and stood his ground, allowing the nine-colored Divine Fish to swallow him. This made the nine-colored Divine Fish feel quite surprised - it had never thought that it would be able to eat Zhao Fu so easily.

However, before it could rejoice, it felt that something was wrong within its mouth. It wanted to use its mouth to crush that abnormality into paste, but suddenly, a massive feeling of pain spread within its mouth. At that moment, the nine-colored Divine Fish felt a sharp blade cutting apart its mouth.

The nine-colored Divine Fish hurriedly spat Zhao Fu out. Because of his special defensive barrier, he was able to defend against the nine-colored Divine Fish's power, which was why he allowed it to swallow him, and he took that opportunity to heavily wound it.

Even though the nine-colored Divine Fish had reacted quite quickly, there were many large cuts within its massive mouth, making it feel incredible anguish.

"Roarrrr!!" the nine-colored Divine Fish continuously howled in pain and anger, and it started to ferociously attack Zhao Fu, wanting to return that pain to Zhao Fu. On the other hand, Zhao Fu was not rushed at all, carefully avoiding the nine-colored Divine Fish's attacks while seeking an opportunity to counterattack.

Half an hour later, Zhao Fu finally found an opportunity - his Sin Dragon Sword exploded out with a terrifying sword light that pierced through the nine-colored Divine Fish's body, dealing the final blow and causing four items to drop.