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 After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu started to participate in the Divine Fish Festival. Back then, Zhao Fu had fed his blood to some small fish and used them as bait to catch many rare fish.

The Divine Fish Festival from before had placed the Dynasty Legatees at a disadvantage and had given some ordinary people a large amount of Fate and incredibly powerful abilities.

The reason why Masanori Hano had suddenly risen was because she had obtained one of the ten special cities and become a Legatee. She was now the most respected woman in Japan, and she was admired and sought after by countless men.

Before, Zhao Fu had lost to their incredibly cheat-like abilities, and even now, he was still quite worried. There were still two cities available, and there was intense competition.

However, things were completely different from before - Zhao Fu now had a Sovereign Bloodline and was not at such a big disadvantage anymore. Moreover, all of the regions were opened up, and Zhao Fu could choose to go to a larger body of water, such as an ocean. This time, Zhao Fu was determined not to lose to anyone else.

After making some preparations, Zhao Fu went to the Water God Temple because the Water God could give blessings.

The Water God Temple had risen to Level 7 and was three levels below the City God Temple. This was because the City God Temple gave blessings for all sorts of things: safety, marriages, and financial fortune, so more people tended to go there to offer sacrifices of incense.

On the other hand, the Water God only gave blessings related to water, and Great Qin did not have many water regions, so naturally, the Water God Temple did not receive as much incense.

In actuality, Level 7 was already quite powerful - the Water God's body was now corporeal and was like a normal person's body. The blessings it could give were many times more powerful; back then, the Water God's body had only been illusory.

Looking at the gentle and beautiful woman in front of him, Zhao Fu decided to just bring her with him on his expedition and receive the maximum blessings. This time, Zhao Fu was determined to win against all of those normal people with cheat-like abilities.

Zhao Fu used a teleportation channel to go to a sea and went to the deep sea area. He took a small boat out of his spatial ring and started to fish under the bright moonlight. The bait he used was, of course, small fish that had been fed his blood.

Beside him, the Water God gave various blessings, causing different colored lights to fall on his fishing rod.

Zhao Fu silently sat on the prow of the boat and waited for fish to bite. The Water God silently waited behind Zhao Fu, worried that it might disturb Zhao Fu. Only Zhao Fu would bring a godly spirit with him to fish.

In just a short while, Zhao Fu's fishing rod was pulled by an immense force. This power could rival that of a Basic City's City Lord's strength.

However, it was facing Zhao Fu - Zhao Fu gripped the fishing rod with one hand and lifted up vigorously, dragging an eel-like fish out of the water.

The eel was ten or so meters long, had a mouth full of sharp teeth, and gave off a three-colored light. Right off the bat, Zhao Fu had fished up a Level 7 Divine Fish; this was only a single level lower than the rainbow-colored Divine Fish Zhao Fu had fished up during the last event.

Zhao Fu dragged the three-colored eel out of the water, and it turned into countless motes of light and entered Zhao Fu's body. A system announcement sounded out in Zhao Fu's mind.

What surprised Zhao Fu was that there was no Fish Jewel. Before, whenever Zhao Fu caught a fish, there was also a high chance of obtaining a Fish Jewel. However, Zhao Fu did not obtain a Fish Jewel this time not because his luck was bad but because he had obtained something else.

It was a 15-centimeter wide wheel with a pointer on it. Apart from there being countless fishes on it, it was divided into seven segments: Equipment Region, Skill Region, Blessing Region, Item Region, Material Region, Special Reward, and No Reward.

[Divine Fish Wheel]: A special rewards wheel created by the Divine Fish that can give all sorts of rewards, but it can only be used once.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised when he saw this wheel. However, he felt a bit disappointed, as the Fish Jewels gave guaranteed rewards, while this Divine Fish Wheel had a chance of not giving anything.

Zhao Fu hated the feeling of working hard for something and not getting anything, but since there was a 'Special Reward' section, that meant that the potential for better rewards was much greater.

Zhao Fu decided to try the Divine Fish Wheel out later; after all, his focus right now was to obtain Divine Fish Points. As such, Zhao Fu put it away and continued to fish.

At that moment, the Water God suddenly said, "Your Majesty, I can sense that there's a trace of divine power in this wheel that's very useful to me. I can fuse with this trace of divine power and also gain slight control over the wheel, allowing you to avoid the 'No Rewards' segment."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and did not mind much, so he gave the wheel to the Water God behind him. The Water God took the wheel and sat down behind Zhao Fu, giving a gentle and beautiful smile before saying, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu lightly nodded before shifting his focus back to fishing. He cast the line again, and soon, he fished up another three-colored Divine Fish, making Zhao Fu feel quite happy. At the same time, he obtained another Divine Fish Wheel.

After setting up the bait again, Zhao Fu cast the line again. Soon, a massive force started to tug at the line - it was even more powerful than the three-colored Divine Fish, and there was only one possibility.

A look of delight appeared on Zhao Fu's face, and he stood up and gripped the fishing rod with both hands, vigorously lifting upwards. The fish desperately struggled underwater, and a terrifying aura came from below the water.

At that moment, Zhao Fu used a trace of the Great Qin Seal's power. He gripped the fishing rod firmly and lifted, finally dragging out the fish.

It was a rainbow-colored skate fish with a silver-colored tail. It was quite pretty, and after being lifted out of the water, it turned into countless motes of light and entered Zhao Fu's body.

Another system announcement sounded out in Zhao Fu's head, and this time, he obtained two items: one was the Divine Fish Wheel and the other was a rectangular crystal that was three fingers wide. It was a deep-blue color and gave off a powerful water-attribute aura.

[Water God Stone]: A stone that contains a trace of Water God Powe. It can be used as the cornerstone of a Water God Temple. The more Water God Stones one collects, the more powerful the Water God Temple will be and the greater the blessings will be.

Zhao Fu felt quite delighted; this would be quite useful for when Great Qin started to develop a navy.

Behind Zhao Fu, the Water God suddenly said, "Your Majesty, I've fused with the trace of divine power; you can use this wheel now."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu gave the newly-obtained Divine Fish Wheel to the Water God and smiled as he said, "You can fuse with this one as well. The more control you have, the better items we'll be able to open."

The Water God smiled and nodded its head before starting to fuse with the trace of divine power in the wheel.

Zhao Fu continued to fish, and soon, he dragged up another three-colored Divine Fish. Zhao Fu was also pleased to find out that his blood gave off a pressure that made it so that Divine Fish below the three-colored Divine Fish's grade did not dare to come near, while it was incredibly attractive to three-colored Divine Fish and above. This gave Zhao Fu a massive advantage.