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 As the final festival of the human world, it was impossible for there to only be items on the rankings list. Apart from those items, there were still many other items, such as equipment, medicinal pills, materials, and skills.

Zhao Fu looked through the items in the Exchange Stone Stele. He had been completely focused on the festival itself and had not had any time to look through the various other items. Now that he started looking, he was able to find quite a few good items.

The first thing that Zhao Fu bought was a large amount of Spirit Liquid, raising Great Qin's 4,500 or so Trees of Life and 300 Ginseng Trees to 20 or 30 years old. These trees could now produce Fruits of Life and Ginseng Fruits.

Now, Great Qin's first Ginseng Tree had become a Level 2 Ginseng Tree. The World Tree near the Fountain of Life had also been greatly nurtured by Zhao Fu and had absorbed a lot of life essence, causing it to become quite lush. It was nearly 100 meters tall and had nearly leveled up.

The second item he exchanged for was an Evil-Crushing Spear blueprint. Zhao Fu quite enjoyed using Evil-Crushing Spears, as they were incredibly effective against Ghosts and Demons. It was a pity that they were single-use items, and Great Qin had used up all of the ones they had bought last time.

Now that Zhao Fu had bought its blueprint, Great Qin would be able to mass-produce them. This required Talisman Masters, so Great Qin also decided to nurture more Talisman Masters.

The Evil-Crushing blueprint was somewhat expensive, costing 100 million Ghost Points. However, this was not a big deal to Zhao Fu, and he even purchased the advanced blueprint as well.

[Spirit - Evil-Crushing Spear]: The advanced version of the Evil-Crushing Spear. Not only is it many times more powerful than an ordinary Evil-Crushing Spear, but it also contains Evil-Crushing Spirit, which is extremely damaging even against high-grade evil creatures. Only high-grade Talisman Masters can craft it.

This advanced blueprint cost 600 million Ghost Points. Since Great Qin had amassed a massive number of Ghost Points, which would be wasted the next day, Zhao Fu did not feel any pain in his heart at all when buying these things. Of course, he did not use his own Ghost Points.

The fourth item Zhao Fu bought was a formation tool for a Yin Qi formation. It could gather even purer Yin Qi, and now that Zhao Fu was planning on creating Ghost Soldiers, this would be quite important for increasing the Ghost Soldiers' strength. As such, Zhao Fu bought this formation tool to go with the Ghost King Gravestone. This item was not very expensive, being only 50 million Ghost Points.

On the other hand, the final item was the most expensive, costing three billion Ghost Points. The sheer number of Ghost Points it cost showed how extraordinary this item was - it was an army flag with a 12-meter pole made out of metal and a black flag. There was a monster with a snake's head and a bird's body on it, and it gave off an eerie, terrifying aura.

[Ghost Army Flag]: Originally an army flag of the living world that led hundreds of millions of soldiers. After being affected by boundless Yin Qi in the Ghost World, it became a treasure of the Ghost World.

The main effect of the Ghost Army Flag was to help change professions. This flag could gather a massive amount of Ghost Army Qi, and Ghost Soldiers created within the area of effect of this flag would automatically become Spirit Ghost Soldiers.

[Spirit Ghost Soldier]: C- grade Military, Description: An evolution of the Ghost Soldier from a massive amount of Ghost Army Qi, Effects: Receives [Spirit Ghost Power].

This was a C- grade profession, which was higher than even Great Qin's military professions. Right now, Great Qin Soldier was still a D+ grade profession, showing how powerful the Spirit Ghost Soldier profession was.

What's more, this was not the best thing about the Ghost Army Flag - the best thing about it was that there was no limit to how many Ghost Soldiers could obtain the Spirit Ghost Soldier profession. In other words, it could make every single Ghost Soldier a Spirit Ghost Soldier.

This was the item that Zhao Fu wanted the most - with this Ghost Army Flag, Zhao Fu could turn all of the Ghost Soldiers into Spirit Ghost Soldiers.

Now, with all of the Ghost Seals, Great Qin could command 25 million Ghost Soldiers - that was equivalent to a fifth of Great Qin's current force. Apart from the sealing of the Six Paths Demon Images, this was Great Qin's biggest gain so far.

However, because the festivals continued one after the other, there was no time to take care of this. Zhao Fu could only wait until the Six Day Festival was over to start setting everything up.

By now, it was 11 PM, and Zhao Fu bought a few more things. He had spent most of the Ghost Points that Great Qin had gathered, leaving only his own Ghost Points.

The Ghost Festival was about to pass, and the second stage of the Divine Fish Festival was about to begin. The special rewards for this event were the three special cities, which were things that Zhao Fu had long since set his eyes on. As such, he had to continue to work hard and could not relax just yet.

Because the Divine Fish Festival was an individual event, Great Qin's forces, who had labored for two days - especially because of the Six Paths Demon Images - could finally have rest. Zhao Fu understood just how difficult it had been for them to help him deal with the Six Paths Demon Images.

In actuality, out of everyone, Zhao Fu was the one who had put in the most work. Even though he was quite tired, because the Divine Fish Festival was an individual event, even if everyone rested, he could not. Otherwise, how would he be able to earn enough Divine Fish Points to exchange for the special cities?

Time gradually passed, and soon, it was 12 AM. The boundless ghostly qi gradually faded, and the world returned to its normal state. The moon in the sky lost its grayness, and its gentle moonlight shined down on the earth.

Suddenly, rainbow-colored lights fell from the sky, looking incredibly beautiful. Fish danced about in the sky - there were carps, catfish, whales, and all sorts of fish - and happyily swam about.

The entire sky became a rainbow-colored ocean with all sorts of fish swimming about, and countless people looked up, transfixed.

This lasted for five minutes before the fish in the sky turned into motes of light and descended like a rain of light. The second stage of the Divine Fish Festival had begun.

"System announcement! All of your Ghost Points have been automatically converted into Divine Fish Points."

After receiving this system announcement, Zhao Fu looked at the Exchange Stone Stele and found that he had enough to purchase the number 1 ranked city.

However, Zhao Fu hesitated - out of the Celestial City, Sword Mountain, and Holy God City, which one should he buy first?

In terms of stats, Celestial City was the best one. However, Sword Mountain had the highest attack, and Holy God City was good in all respects. After some thinking, Zhao Fu decided to exchange for Sword Mountain first.

Zhao Fu liked things with high attack, and he had Ge Nia, Great Qin's number one swordsman. With him as the City Lord, he would be able to produce a large group of powerful swordsmen for Great Qin.

Zhao Fu decided not to exchange for the best city, but the most suitable city, for now. Sword Mountain was still only a Basic Village, but this was not a big deal to Great Qin - in just a short while, it would become a Great City.