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A massive explosion rang out as Zhao Fu stretched out a hand towards the Six Paths Demon Images. His golden pupil in his left eye started to spin as tens of thousands of chains shot out, bringing with them powerful strength as they bound the Six Paths Demon Images.

Within the blood-red pillars of starlight, the Six Paths Demon Images were greatly suppressed. They were already half-kneeling, but they continuously roared as they resisted. Zhao Fu's countless chains added yet another layer of suppression on them.

"Roarrrr!!" the Six Paths Demon Images madly roared as blood-red and gray ghostly qi continuously streamed out from their bodies and spread out around them. Because of how big their bodies were, all of their actions would create large winds.

Clang, clang, clang...

Zhao Fu's hair danced in the wind as he clenched his outstretched hand, causing the countless chains to go taut and tightly bind the struggling Six Paths Demon Images. The Ghost World Pearl surfaced on Zhao Fu's chest as if it was socketed there, and it gave off waves of gray light.


The Ghost World Pearl gave off a powerful attractive force, and intense streams of air started to cover the Six Paths Demon Images. The Six Paths Demon Images seemed to sense what Zhao Fu was trying to do and became even more furious. They furiously roared at Zhao Fu, and the terrifying soundwaves were enough to instantly kill ordinary people.

Zhao Fu released his Emperor's Domain to block these terrifying soundwaves while controlling the chains to drag the Six Paths Demon Images over.

With the intense attractive force and the help of the countless chains, the Six Paths Demon Images' bodies were slowly dragged towards Zhao Fu, and they started to show a trace of fear. They wildly roared and tried to break free, the six vortexes giving off boundless ghostly qi and strengthening them.

Great Qin's soldiers continued to send all of their strength into the Ghost Gate magic formation, causing the Ghost Gate to give off an even more powerful might.

The various City Lords also controlled their City Lord Seals to give off the aura of mountains, weighing down on the Six Paths Demon Images.

Bai Qi and the other Generals shouted as they used all of their General's Power, causing their General Stars to give off an even more intense light. The starlight they gave off was filled with overwhelming power and pressed down on the Six Paths Demon Images.

"Hah!!" Zhao Fu roared as he used all of his strength, his golden pupil furiously spinning as a trace of blood leaked out from his left eye. The countless chains pulled with even greater force. The Ghost World Pearl on his chest gave off a slight blood-red color, and the attractive force coming from it became even more intense.

"Roarrrr!!!" The Six Paths Demon Images continuously resisted, but because their bodies were still suppressed by the various powers, they started to move closer and closer to Zhao Fu. Their hands were the first to be absorbed into the Ghost World Pearl, and they still tried to resist, a trace of terror in their eyes.

Following this, their upper bodies were also absorbed into the Ghost World Pearl, and after their heads and upper limbs were absorbed, it became much easier to absorb their lower bodies into the Ghost World Pearl.

After sucking in all of the Six Paths Demon Images, the Ghost World Pearl gave off an immense gray light that seemed to be able to tear apart space itself, and a terrifying aura came out from it.

At that moment, the Ghost World Pearl started to break out of Zhao Fu's control, but Zhao Fu quickly pressed his hand against the Ghost World Pearl, a sealing formation appearing on the palm of his hand.

The Ghost World Pearl, which was socketed on Zhao Fu's chest, was slowly pressed back into Zhao Fu's body, and a look of pain appeared on Zhao Fu's face. It felt as if he was forcefully shoving something into his body.

The golden pupil in his left eye, as well as the other pupils, suddenly dilated, and their powers merged together. Chains with Emperor's Power tightly bound the Six Paths Demon Images within the Ghost World Pearl, making any resistance futile.

In the end, Zhao Fu fully pressed the Ghost World Pearl back into his body, and a terrifying ghostly power spread out from Zhao Fu's chest to the rest of his body.


A massive explosion sounded out as a sky-toppling aura exploded out like a gale. Trees were pulled up by their roots as if a massive catastrophe had descended, but in the next moment, everything became silent again.

Everyone present was greatly shocked because this power greatly surpassed the power of each of the Six Paths Demon Images; it was enough to rival the combined power of the Six Paths Demon Images.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's body lost all traces of redness and became pale white as if he did not have any life within him. His black hair also gradually became gray-white, and his hands became like a demon's claws as fangs grew in his mouth.

At that moment, the gray-black magic formation at Zhao Fu's back once again appeared, helping Zhao Fu control this ghostly power that was almost getting out of control.

"Arghhhh!!" As the ghostly power slowly came under control, another wave of ghostly power flooded into his right eye, making Zhao Fu feel as if his right eye was going to explode. Blood flowed out from Zhao Fu's right eye, causing him to howl in pain.

Zhao Fu's left eye had four round pupils: two blood-red pupils, one white pupil, and one gold pupil with chains around it. Zhao Fu's right eye had three slitted pupils.

Under the assault of the massive ghostly power, the three slitted pupils in Zhao Fu's right eye started to fuse together. The top two layers were blood-red colored while the one at the back was white, and six grey dots appeared around the pupils.

As Zhao Fu gained control over the ghostly power, his body was no longer as pale, and the claws and fangs also receded. Zhao Fu returned to his original appearance apart from his right eye.

"Your Majesty!" Seeing that Zhao Fu had returned to normal, everyone let out a sigh of relief and hurried over.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face, and he took out new clothes from his spatial ring and put them on before saying, "Don't worry. Everything's fine!"

Within his body, the golden dragon also said in delight, "Boy, you actually succeeded!"

Zhao Fu smiled - now that he had sealed the Six Paths Demon Images' clones within him, he had obtained the power of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, and Great Qin would have another layer of protection.

However, the power of these Six Paths Demon Images was simply too terrifying, and it was still quite difficult for Zhao Fu to use it. It would be best not to use their power unless there was a crisis; their power was too strong, and if he could not control it, he would receive a backlash.

It was around 10:30 PM, and there were one and a half hours until the Ghost Festival ended. Zhao Fu did not receive any rewards from sealing the Six Paths Demon Images, but he was already quite satisfied.

Zhao Fu went over to the Exchange Stone Stele; he did not plan to use his own Ghost Points, and instead, he decided to use the Ghost Points from others to exchange for some things.

The next festival was the Divine Fish Festival, which would definitely be an individual event. If Zhao Fu did not use the Ghost Points that Great Qin had amassed today, they would most likely be converted at a 10:1 ratio and would only be able to be used by those who had obtained them. That would be quite a pity, so it would be better to spend some now.