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 Immediately, the Six Paths Demon Images felt immense pressure and were once again forced to bend. However, they continuously roared and resisted, and the ghostly qi from the six vortexes entered their bodies, filling them with even more strength.

The nine stars in the sky gave off different-colored starlight, looking extremely eye-catching in this dark world. Many people noticed this and felt quite shocked - the scene of nine stars descending together was quite majestic, and the aura they gave off was quite shocking.

What had Great Qin done now? Countless people felt quite curious because if it wasn't something big, there wouldn't be nine stars descending together like this.

They had no idea that Great Qin was facing off against the Six Paths Demon Images, which had nearly destroyed the human world last time. If they knew about this, they may have been scared to death - the scene of the Six Paths Demon Images descending and opening the Six Paths of Reincarnation was still burned into the memories of many people.

Back then, everyone had fallen into utter despair and were completely powerless to do anything. The Six Paths Demon Images had left many people traumatized.


A massive explosion sounded as the sky darkened and a blood-red star giving off a boundless aura of slaughter and disaster slowly descended, dyeing the sky red.

This made the onlookers feel even more shocked - the Chaos Imperial Star had once again appeared. This meant that something very big was happening at Great Qin, and it could even be a crisis. Otherwise, the Chaos Imperial Star would not appear - this confirmed their thoughts.

Back at Great Qin, Zhao Fu roared, his appearance becoming somewhat savage as he guided the Chaos Imperial Star's power to weigh down on the Six Paths Demon Images, forcing them even lower.

"Everyone, use all of your strength!" Zhao Fu shouted as all of the soldiers roared, sending every last bit of their strength into the Ghost Gate magic formation, causing the Ghost Gate in the sky to give off an even more powerful aura of suppression.

The City Lords also shouted out, sending their strength into their City Lord Seals. The 1,400 City Lord Seals exploded out with an even more shocking aura as they continued to suppress the Six Paths Demon Images.

The nine Generals also roared, guiding their General Stars. The nine General Stars gave off an even more intense starlight, their might becoming even stronger.

Zhao Fu yelled out, controlling the Chaos Imperial Star's power and forming six blood-red pillars of starlight that fell on the Six Paths Demon Images' bodies.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

As Great Qin forces used all of their strength, the Six Paths Demon Images' bodies sank down and half-knelt, causing massive explosions that caused the ground to continuously shake as if there was an earthquake.

"Roarrrrr!!!" the Six Paths Demon Images madly roared, the ghostly qi around them going berserk. They desperately tried to stand up, wanting to kill all of the people here.

At that moment, Zhao Fu flew in front of the Six Paths Demon Images, a gray pearl floating in front of his chest - this was the Ghost World Pearl. There were also five stone steles floating behind him - they were the Profession Change Stone Steles of five different professions.

Zhao Fu had obtained the Hundred Ghost Illusionist and Ghost Summoner professions early on, and Zhao Fu had ordered the General from earlier to bring over these two stone steles.

The three other stone steles were the Human Ghost, Ghostgod Soldier, and Ghost Eyes Profession Change Stone Steles. Because he had been quite busy, Zhao Fu had not set them up yet and had been carrying them in his spatial ring.

The reason Zhao Fu had taken out the Ghost World Pearl and the five Profession Change Stone Steles was to seal the Six Paths Demon Images according to the golden dragon's method. More precisely speaking, it was to seal them into Zhao Fu's body.

The Ghost World Pearl had a trace of the source energy of the world, and it had a space within it. It would be a good vessel so that Zhao Fu would not have to seal them into his own body directly and potentially cause him to explode.

The five professions were to support this process: the Hundreds Ghost Illusionist stone stele could use ghost power to create an illusion, which could reduce the resistance of the Six Path Demon Images' minds. The Ghost Summoner profession could summon Ghosts and naturally suppressed Ghost creatures.

The Human Ghost profession increased the affinity between one's body and Ghosts, and it had powerful resistances against Ghosts. The Ghostgod Soldier profession could increase one's control over Ghosts, and the Ghost Eyes profession could increase one's senses towards Ghosts.

Sealing the Six Paths Demon Images into his body was an incredibly dangerous matter, and if he did not make various defensive preparations, it was possible for him to die. As such, Zhao Fu decided to use these five Profession Change Stone Steles.

At the same time, Zhao Fu was quite thankful that Great Qin had these five professions that all had to do with Ghosts. This gave Zhao Fu some safety and increased his chances of success.

Even though sealing the Six Paths Demon Images into his body was very dangerous and would make him into a target for the actual Six Paths Demon Images, there would be astounding benefits, allowing him to gain the Six Paths Demon Images' power.

After arriving before the Six Paths Demon Images, Zhao Fu grabbed at his clothes and ripped off his upper clothes, revealing his well-proportioned figure.

Zhao Fu started to perform hand seals, causing the Ghost World Pearl to give off a faint gray light. It lightly trembled and established a connection with Zhao Fu. As Zhao Fu performed more hand seals, the connection between them became stronger and stronger.

At that moment, Zhao Fu cut the area between his eyebrows, causing a precious drop of origin blood to fuse with the Ghost World Pearl. Zhao Fu's complexion instantly became pale, as origin blood was one's foundation and losing even a bit could greatly weaken a person.

After absorbing Zhao Fu's origin blood, the Ghost World Pearl suddenly stopped trembling and peacefully floated in the air as it gave off a blood-red light.

Immediately, the connection between Zhao Fu and the Ghost World Pearl became incredibly close as if the Ghost World Pearl was a part of Zhao Fu's body, allowing him to freely control it.

The golden dragon also acted; as Zhao Fu fused the Ghost World Pearl into his chest, the golden dragon controlled the five Profession Change Stone Steles. A golden light covered the five Profession Change Stone Steles, causing five gray runes to come out from within the stone steles.

An even more intense light came from Zhao Fu's back as a golden magic formation appeared from Zhao Fu's back, looking incredibly profound.

The five gray runes entered the golden magic formation and spread out around it. The five gray runes gave off a cold, eerie energy, and the golden magic formation became gray colored. Following this, the gray magic formation gradually faded into Zhao Fu's back.

By now, the Ghost World Pearl had perfectly fused into Zhao Fu's chest, and the magic formation on his back was also complete. Now, it was time to perform the sealing.

Zhao Fu coldly looked at the furiously roaring Six Paths Demon Images in front of him and started to act.