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 Facing such a massive crisis, no one dare to question Zhao Fu's commands. All of the Generals and City Lords followed Zhao Fu's order and gathered beside the Ghost Gate.


The Hell Demon Image swung its trident, giving off a terrifying destructive force that created a massive gale and swept towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu once again dodged to the side, but the portion of the Great Wall behind him was completely annihilated.

Zhao Fu took this opportunity to give out a command to a General, and that General immediately left and hurried towards the Great Qin City.

Zhao Fu went to the center of the Ghost Gate's magic formation, taking the place of Darknorth Red Autumn. He cut open his wrist, causing blood to flow out, and he yelled, "Yin Qi fills the world; ghosts sweep across the land, a disaster for all; living creatures suffer; We, the ruler of Great Qin, request for the Ghost Gate's Spirit to descend and drive away all evil creatures!"


After Zhao Fu yelled out, the massive stone doors in the sky gave off a formless energy that spread out like a wild wind. The blood from Zhao Fu's hand was absorbed by the formless energy into the stone doors.

100 million or so soldiers roared, exploding out with all of their strength, sending all of their power into the Ghost Gate magic formation. 1,400 City Lords released their City Lord Seals' power into the Ghost Gate magic formation as well.

As the magic formation on the ground absorbed such immense power, it started to spin with great force. The massive stone doors in the sky gave off an intense gray light, and the ghosts engraved on it seemed to come alive. Following this, a boundlessly gloomy and eerie intent descended.

"Ghost Gate!" In the legends, it was something that separated the worlds of Yin and Yang. If anyone wanted to enter the Ghost World, they would have to first pass through the Ghost Gate, and if any Ghosts wanted to enter the world of the living, they would also have to pass through the Ghost Gate. Since the very beginning, the Ghost Gate was something that both divided and connected the worlds of Yin and Yang, and it was a supreme treasure like the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

The Six Paths of Reincarnation were in charge of reincarnation, while the Ghost gate was in charge of dividing and connecting the worlds of Yin and Yang; it greatly suppressed Ghost creatures, which was why it was able to keep the countless Ghosts in the Ghost world, making it impossible for them to come to the world of the living and harm living creatures.

The Six Paths Demon Images had been giving off terrifying auras as they walked towards Zhao Fu and Great Qin's soldiers. They did not feel any fear when looking at Great Qin's numbers; instead, their gazes were filled with cruelty and savageness, as everything was incredibly insignificant in their eyes.

However, the intensely glowing Ghost gate caused them to stop, making them look hesitant for the first time - they could feel that the Ghost Gate had a suppression effect on them.

Despite this, looking at Zhao Fu standing under the Ghost Gate, they still walked forwards - they were determined to kill this lowly ant.


As the Six Paths Demon Images walked closer, gray rays of light tore through the sky, and the Ghost Gate exploded out with a shocking might as if the sky had fallen down, weighing down on the Six Paths Demon Images' bodies.

"Roarrrr!!!" the Six Paths Demon Images furiously roared. Traces of ghostly qi rose up from their bodies, causing them to give off an even more intense aura. Sand and dust were blown into the air, and countless trees swayed.

The Six Paths Demon Images raised their hands, resisting the pressure bearing down on them. Slowly, the Ghost Gate's immense pressure was pushed back by them.

Zhao Fu's expression fell, and he ordered all of Great Qin's soldiers to send all of their strength into the Ghost Gate without any reservation. The Black and White Impermanences also maintained the formation with all of their strength, and the Ghost Gate gave off an even more intense gray light, causing the might it gave off to become even stronger.

"Roarrrr!!!!" the Six Paths Demon Images furiously roared as they resisted the Ghost Gate's power. Their eyes became blood-red colored as they went into a berserk state. Their ghostly qi also became blood-red and gray, and an extremely evil and violent aura rose from their bodies.

They once again pushed back against the suppression even easier than before, and the shocking aura they gave off could make anyone feel despair.

Zhao Fu's expression became serious as he shouted, "All City Lords, unleash your City Lord Seals and wait for my orders!"

The City Lords all released their City Lord Seals, causing them to give off immense power as they floated above them.

At that moment, Zhao Fu also unleashed his Great Qin Seal. It gave off a terrifying black light as it floated above his head. Zhao Fu pointed at the Six Paths Demon Images, and his Great Qin Seal turned into a black ray of light that shot towards them. The other City Lord Seals also turned into rays of light and shot at the Six Paths Demon Images.

With the Great Qin Seal leading the way, 1,400 or so City Lord Seals formed a circle that surrounded the Six Paths Demon Images. Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and shouted, "Great Qin City and all other Cities of Great Qin, release all of your power to this place!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Great Qin's various Cities' City Hearts continuously trembled as they gave off intense lights, causing pillars of light to shoot into the sky. The City Lord Seals obtained even more power and gave off brilliant lights, shaking the surrounding hundreds of regions.

The might of a thousand mountains gathered together and weighed down on the Six Paths Demon Images. The Six Paths Demon Images' bodies started to lean under the pressure, and it seemed that they would be able to suppress them.

However, in the next moment, terrifying aura flames appeared around the Six Paths Demon Images, causing massive winds to blow. Large rocks were blown into the sky, and countless trees madly swayed. The entirety of the Midland Continent's northern side could feel an extremely cold and evil aura coming from Great Qin.

The Six Paths Demon Images' eyes became completely blood-red, and they gave off a blood-red light. Six gray vortexes gradually appeared in the sky. Ghostly qi spewed out from the vortexes, causing the entire world to seem to become incredibly eerie. All of the trees, grass, and flowers seemed to lose their vitality as a cold and gloomy aura filled the surroundings.

The ghostly qi flooded region after region, causing countless creatures to flee in terror. Any creature that was touched by the ghostly qi would immediately die and turn into a spirit.

The Six Paths Demon Images were using the power of the Six Paths of Reincarnation!

Zhao Fu's expression fell and he hurriedly yelled out, "Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Wei Liao, Meng Tian, Li Mu, Zhang Han, Bai Xihan..."

The nine Generals drew their General Armaments and pointed them at the sky, causing an immense aura to burst forth. Pillars of light shot into the sky, causing the entire sky to shake.

Nine massive stars seemed to have been summoned, and they gave off intense starlight, terrifying auras, and powerful might as they appeared in the sky and slowly descended.

The Seven Murder Star gave off an aura of killing; the Army Destroyer Star gave off an aura of conquering; the Voracious Wolf Star gave off an aura of ruthlessness; the Great Gate Star gave off an aura of righteousness; the Unfettered Star gave off an aura of madness...

The nine General Stars all gave off different auras and gathered together, weighing down towards the Six Paths Demon Images.