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 "Your Majesty, I've finished forging the ring that you requested!" Rhode said as he handed over a grey-white ring.

Zhao Fu didn't bother looking at the ring's description or stats because he thought that Rhode had simply fused them together, so there would be no changes. Back then, Zhao Fu decided that it would be better to fuse the King Armament Shard with special equipment instead of normal equipment.

Zhao Fu took out the sword-shaped shard, which glowed with golden light, and fused it with the grey-white ring. Zhao Fu watched as the sword-shaped sword slowly fused into the ring, and the appearance of the ring started to change - after the shard completely fused into it, the grey-white ring became a pure golden color.

Following this, a system announcement sounded out in Zhao Fu's mind.

"System announcement! The 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen within your ring have completely fused with your ring and have become ring spirits. As long as the ring is not damaged, the 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen cannot be killed."

"System announcement! Your 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen have received buffs from the ancient King's Power, and they have evolved into Chief grade Undead."

"System announcement! Your 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen have received buffs from the ancient King's Power, and their professions have become King's Undead Cavalry."

"System announcement! Your 10 King's Undead Cavalrymen's equipment has also been affected by the ancient King's Power and has evolved along with the King's Undead Cavalry."

After hearing these system announcements, Zhao Fu quickly summoned the 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen - no, the 10 King's Undead Cavalrymen.

As soon as they appeared, the 10 King's Undead Cavalrymen dismounted from their skeleton horses and knelt on one knee. They placed one fist over their hearts and lowered their heads as they said respectfully, "King!"

Zhao Fu was quite surprised to hear the 10 King's Undead Cavalrymen speak. Moreover, they seemed to have some basic intelligence - after all, normal Skeletons had no intelligence and acted off of their instincts.

Their appearance had also greatly changed. Their spirit flames had become a golden color, and their bronze concentrate armor had become a faint golden color. Their Skeleton horses were now also a faint golden color, and they did not give off the eeriness of a Skeleton anymore.

Zhao Fu opened the King's Undead Cavalry's profession page and looked at it with great interest.

[King's Undead Cavalry]: SS+ grade Military. Description: Skeleton Cavalry that has been transformed by the ancient King's Power. Effect: Receives [King's Power], [Death's Power].

After looking at their new professions, Zhao Fu looked at the King's Undead Cavalry's stats, which were also abnormally powerful. Their stats were many times higher than before, and they now had 4 powerful skills.

[Undead Cavalry's Body]: Grade: SS+ grade, Description: Reduces damage taken from skills by 50% and gives immunity to F grade skills.

[Undead Cavalry's Charge]: Grade: SS+ grade, Description: Explosively releases a massive amount of power and rushes at all enemies.

[Undead Cavalry's Slash]: Grade: SS+ grade, Description: Uses Death's Power to release an incredibly terrifying slash attack.

[Undead Summon]: Grade: SS+ grade, Description: Can use corpses to summon large numbers of Undead who will listen to your commands.

Out of these 4 powerful skills, Zhao Fu was most interested in the fourth one, Undead Summon, because normal corpses were useless to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu had seen on the forum that other people had obtained similar skills, but those skills were quite limited. One had to grasp Death's Power, and the Undead they could summon were quite weak, only being 10% as powerful as they were at most.

Moreover, one had to use one's mind to control them. If the Undead were not controlled, they would either disappear or go out of control. Ordinary people could only control a few Undead at most, and they were not very strong.

Zhao Fu wondered how many Undead the King's Undead Cavalry could control. Luckily, they had basic intelligence, so he could conduct simple communications with them.

After talking with the King's Undead Cavalry, Zhao Fu found that the Undead that they could summon retained 80% of their strength, but they had to be weaker than the King's Undead Cavalry. In other words, this skill could not be used on corpses that were more powerful than the King's Undead Cavalry.

However, since the King's Undead Cavalry were already Chief grade Undead, they could control 300 Undead each, and with 10 of them, they could control a total of 3,000 Undead. As they became stronger, they would be able to control more Undead, and Zhao Fu would one day have an Undead army.

This made Zhao Fu quite happy - Undead consumed essentially no resources, and they were already dead. If he used his own soldiers, they would die a true death if they were killed.

After looking through all of the information about the King's Undead Cavalry, Zhao Fu did not put them back into the ring. Instead, he planned for them to join the teams exploring the Forest of Horrors. They would be able to become stronger by absorbing deathly auras, and they could start building up the Undead army, which could total 3,000 Undead.

After that, Zhao Fu looked at the ring's stats.

[King's Ring - Undead]: Grade: Legendary, Stats: All stats +5, Description: A ring that has fused with an ancient King Armament Shard and has been strengthened by it. Increases EXP gained by 400%, Achievement Points gained by 200%, chances of spawning S grade or above villagers by 200%, the maximum number of special professions by 200%, and stats of all villages by 10%.

After looking at these stats, Zhao Fu was stunned, and he wondered if it was a mistake. Putting aside the stats that it gave him, the ring also increased the amount of experience the Great Qin Village received by four times, the amount of Achievement Points he received by two times, the chances of spawning S grade or above villagers by two times, the maximum number of people for special professions by two times, and all of his villages' stats by 10%.

How could such powerful stats exist? Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh loudly, and he slowly put the King's Ring on the index finger of his right hand. What Zhao Fu didn't expect was that another chain of system announcements would sound out.