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 The fourth item was another gravestone made out of tough rock, but this gravestone was nine meters tall and two meters wide. The outside of the gravestone had dragon inscriptions engraved on it, and at the center of the gravestone were three words: King Xi Gravestone!

[Ghost King Gravestone]: A King's gravestone that has absorbed a large amount of Yin Qi and killing intent to form a treasure. It can gather Yin Qi and killing intent and contains a Ghost King Domain and a King's ghostly qi, which can strengthen Ghost Soldiers.

The Ghost King Gravestone was naturally more powerful than the Ghost Marquis Gravestone. Everything that was related to Kings was more powerful, and Ghost Soldiers that absorbed King's ghostly qi would become many times more powerful than ordinary Ghost Soldiers.

The fifth item was a grey crystal ball that was as big as a fist. It was incredibly heavy and felt like it weighed hundreds of kilograms. It gave off a cold aura and felt even colder than the Ghost King Seal.

[Ghost World Pearl]: A precious pearl birthed from the Ghost World's Five Elements Land. After absorbing a lot of Heaven and Earth Yin Origin Qi, it has created a space within itself and contains a trace of source energy. It is an incredibly rare treasure.

After looking at the description, Zhao Fu sent his consciousness into this Ghost World Pearl and found that there was a very large space within it that was about 100 kilometers wide. There were mountains, creeks, trees, and flowers. There were even some birds and insects, and apart from an immense amount of ghostly qi, it was just like a normal place.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Before Zhao Fu could work out what the function of the Ghost World Pearl was, six heaven-toppling auras descended. The immense ghostly qi was like an ocean that swept up everything, and the terrifying might seemed to cause everything in the world to go silent.

Feeling those six powerful auras, Zhao Fu looked quite shocked as he felt a chill within his heart. He looked at the six massive figures in front of him - they were the Six Paths Demon Images!

How was this possible? Could it be that the second stage of the Ghost Festival had released these six monsters to destroy the world? That was too serious! Had something gone wrong with the event?

Zhao Fu quickly thought to himself, but he could not understand why this had happened. The Six Paths Demon Images' descent to the human world was simply too terrifying - even Zhao Fu was given a big fright because he clearly knew just how powerful they were.

Back then, Zhao Fu had tried to use them to open the Six Paths of Reincarnation to cause countless monsters to enter the human world and destroy it, but he had been stopped by the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon.

Six terrifying cold and savage gazes simultaneously fell on Zhao Fu's body. The Six Paths Demon Images seemed to still be quite familiar with his aura - they had come this way because they had sensed his aura.

Before, they had been bound by chains by Zhao Fu and used by him. To such powerful and sovereign creatures, this was an incredible humiliation, making them feel immensely furious. In the end, their clones had even been killed.

Their hatred towards Zhao Fu was immense. He was just like an ant to them, and they wanted to completely obliterate him and have his soul suffer for all eternity.

Facing the Six Paths Demon Images' gazes, Zhao Fu's hairs stood on end. He felt incredibly powerless - back then, he had only been able to control them because they had been summoned using his blood and only summoned one by one.

Now that they were not controlled by his blood and there were six of them all in one go, what could Zhao Fu do about this?

Within Zhao Fu's body, the golden dragon sensed the Six Paths Demon Images' killing intent and asked in shock, "Zhao Fu, boy, just how did you anger them? They're the most terrifying guardians of the Six Paths of Reincarnation in the Underworld, and even though these are just clones, they're still incredibly terrifying."

Zhao Fu sighed and quickly told the golden dragon about the past events before asking, "Do you have any way of dealing with them? They look determined to kill me, and there's no chance of them letting me off!"

The golden dragon fell silent and did not reply, causing Zhao Fu to feel incredibly worried.

Great Qin's various Generals and City Lords all felt incredibly shocked when they saw the Six Paths Demon Images. They felt as if they had been plunged into freezing water, and the despair in their hearts froze them in place.

Most of the Ghosts had been sucked into the Ghost Gate, and the remaining ones had long since been sent running by the Six Paths Demon Images.

The spear-wielding Asura Demon Image evilly looked at Zhao Fu and attacked first, ferociously stabbing at Zhao Fu with its spear.


A massive explosion sounded out as a formless spear light pierced towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu quickly picked up the items the Ghost King had dropped and flew into the sky.

As the formless spear light hit the ground, a muffled explosion sounded out as dust and sand were blasted everywhere, causing the ground to continuously tremble. In just an instant, a 1,000 meter wide, hundreds of meters deep crater had opened up in the ground. This was only a normal attack from the Asura Demon Image.

After Zhao Fu flew into the sky to avoid this attack, the closest Demon Image, the Hungry Ghost Demon Image, eerily laughed as it raised its bone knife and slashed down. A massive knife qi slashed out, seeming to tear apart the heavens and earth. Zhao Fu was given a big fright and did not dare to block, dodging to the side.


The massive knife qi slashed deep into the ground, causing the ground to violently shake. A deep ravine appeared, and the terrifying knife qi continued towards the Great Wall. The countless barriers and restrictions were instantly torn apart by the knife qi, but luckily, there were not many people there.


The Animal Demon Image suddenly attacked, punching out and causing a massive exploding sound. The incredibly loud sound made Zhao Fu feel as if he had gone death.

Zhao Fu was unable to dodge this attack, and his body was sent flying like a sandbag. He crashed against the Great Wall, causing it to crack and cave in. Zhao Fu's entire boy was stuck inside the Great Wall, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

"Your Majesty!" Countless people were given a big fright and hurried over to where Zhao Fu was.

At that moment, the silent golden dragon said, "I have a method that you can try, but I'm not 100% certain it will work!"

"What is it?" Zhao Fu's expression became serious as he looked at the Six Paths Demon Images. Right now, Zhao Fu had no idea what to do at all.

Following this, the golden dragon explained the method, and Zhao Fu understood what it meant.

At that moment, the Hell Demon Image raised its trident and prepared to attack. Zhao Fu shouted out, ordering no one to come close and to wait near the Ghost Gate for further orders.