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 Back at the battlefield, a ferocious slash from Zhao Fu blasted the Ghost King to the ground, opening up a massive crater. The Ghost King crawled up wretchedly and had a gash on its body from which ghostly qi flowed out, but the wound quickly healed.

The Ghost King's gray-white eyes looked at Zhao Fu, and the killing intent it gave off became dozens of times greater. It seemed as if it wanted to reduce Zhao Fu to thousands of pieces.

At that moment, the sword in the Ghost King's hand trembled, and a gray energy barrier spread out. The Ghost King unleashed its Ghost King Domain, which was ten meters wide, and the Ghost King rushed into the sky, its sword giving off a terrifying ghostly light.

Zhao Fu unleashed his Emperor's Domain, expanding it to ten meters, and gave off a powerful aura as he shot at the Ghost King.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two domains collided. Neither side could overwhelm the other, and neither side retreated. The Ghost King started to roar as ghostly qi continuously rose up from its body, and the ghostly light coming from its sword became even more intense as its Ghost King Domain became stronger.

Zhao Fu's pupils constricted as he unleashed all of his power, sending more of his Emperor's Power into his domain. The two domains clashed even more powerfully together, causing shockwaves to blast out as wild gales.


A clear cracking sound could be heard as the Ghost King's King's Domain started to crack. After all, it was only a King's Domain while Zhao Fu had an Emperor's Domain, giving him an innate advantage.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

More and more cracks grew on the Ghost King's domain, and they started to spread, causing the Ghost King to look quite startled. It sent even more power into its sword, causing it to give off an incredibly eerie sword light that seemed to be able to wound one's soul.


An explosion sounded out as the Ghost King's domain shattered into countless pieces, while a few cracks also appeared on Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain.


The instant that the Ghost King's domain shattered, it slashed out a terrifying sword light towards Zhao Fu's domain. The shocking sword light instantly cut Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain in half and even left a long sword gash in the ground below.

Zhao Fu leaned to the side and avoided this attack before slashing back in retaliation. A searing sword light flashed out, sending the Ghost King flying 100 or so meters. It coughed up a mouthful of gray blood and looked heavily injured.

"Roarrr!" the Ghost King furiously roared, absorbing a massive amount of ghostly qi around it. The Ghost King's body continuously expanded as its muscles bulged, causing the dragon robe it was wearing to be torn.

Finally, it became a ten-meter tall figure. It was covered in muscles and had blood-red eyes and black hair that spread in all directions, making it look like a lion. The sword it held had also become a massive seven-meter long sword.

The Ghost King's aura was dozens of times more terrifying than before - it was now using its full power. It gripped its sword with both hands and slashed at Zhao Fu, giving off a monstrous sword wind.

Zhao Fu also vigorously slashed out a shocking sword wind with his sword and flew towards the Ghost King.


The two sword winds collided before exploding, turning into a massive gale that rippled out in all directions.

At that moment, the Ghost King's body blurred before appearing in front of Zhao Fu. It continuously swung its seven-meter long sword, slashing out terrifying sword lights, not giving Zhao Fu an opportunity to even breathe.

Zhao Fu could only continuously dodge and defend while moving backward.

Even though these attacks were extremely ferocious, the Ghost King would not be able to keep it up for long. Zhao Fu endured this with great difficulty for a while, suffering a few wounds, before the Ghost King finally stopped.

The instant that the Ghost King stopped attacking, Zhao Fu sent an immense amount of power into the Seraph Sword before vigorously slashing out, sending out a blinding ray of white light that sent the Ghost King flying more than 1,000 meters.

The Ghost King's chest was burned black, and the ghostly qi around its body became weaker and weaker.

"Roarrr!!" the immense pain caused the Ghost King to heart-rendingly roar, and it started to go mad. An even more intense wave of ghostly qi burst forth, instantly surrounding the surrounding 10,000 meters.

Clang, clang, clang...

Within the ghostly fog, the sounds of weapons could be heard, and the dense ghostly qi started to thin out, revealing tens of thousands of ghostly soldiers appeared who gave off an intense killing intent.

The Ghost King swung its sword, causing the tens of thousands of ghostly soldiers to roar and rush at Zhao Fu, bringing with them an incredible aura.

However, Zhao Fu showed no fear - he took out the Sky Demon Sword and raised it with his left hand. A soul-devouring demonic light shot into the sky, opening up a black hole in the sky, from which demonic qi flowed out.

"Roarrr!!!" Howls sounded out as countless demons rushed out, giving off an evil and ferocious aura as they rushed at the countless ghostly soldiers.

The two sides quickly clashed, giving off massive sounds of battle, and the ghostly soldiers and demons continuously died.

At that moment, Zhao Fu suddenly disappeared before reappearing behind the Ghost King. He raised the Seraph Sword with his right hand, causing a pillar of pure white light to fall from the sky. An angelic image also appeared behind Zhao Fu, spreading its wings and causing countless motes of light to descend.

This gave the Ghost King a fright, and it quickly dodged to the side. However, at that moment, Zhao Fu slashed out, causing a massive white sword light to rush out like a flood, devouring the Ghost King's body.


A figure giving off black smoke fell from the sky and crashed to the ground - it was the Ghost King, and its entire body seemed to have been burned. There was still a trace of white sword qi on the surface of its body, stabbing into its body like a sharp blade.

However, the Ghost King was not dead, and its powerful constitution was quickly healing its body. However, Zhao Fu did not give it an opportunity to recover and lopped off its head. The Ghost King instantly died, and its body scattered into traces of ghostly qi, dropping five items.

The first item was a Ghost Treasure Sack, the second was a complete Legendary grade City God Temple, and the third item was a seal that was bigger than the Ghost Marquis Seal, and it gave off an even more powerful aura. It gave off a trace of a King's might, and there was a ferocious ghost dragon engraved on it.

[Ghost King Seal]: A Ghost King's Seal that can make countless ghosts submit. It is a command treasure in the Ghost World and was created by gathering boundless Yin Qi. With this seal, one can command ten million Ghost Soldiers.

The Ghost King Seal's effects were simply too shocking - it could allow one to command ten million Ghost Soldiers. Moreover, the King's ghostly qi naturally suppressed the Ghost Marquis Seal as well.

This Ghost King Seal was simply too powerful, making Zhao Fu feel incredibly shocked. When he thought about ten million Ghost Soldiers under his command, Zhao Fu could not help but feel excited. This would give Great Qin a massive advantage and would be an extra layer of protection for Great Qin in times of danger.