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 Zhao Fu smiled as he stood in front of the Exchange Stone Stele because the number of Ghost Points Great Qin had obtained was enough to exchange for the final profession. Seeing that the Ghostgod Soldier profession had not been exchanged for, Zhao Fu naturally felt quite happy.

After choosing to exchange for the Ghostgod Soldier profession, a gray Profession Change Stone Stele appeared before Zhao Fu. The Ghost Festival's three professions had all fallen into Great Qin's hands, and Zhao Fu could now relax.

However, tomorrow was the second stage of the Divine Fish Festival, which could give special Cities: tCelestial City, Sword Mountain, and Holy God City, all of which were Legendary grade Cities.

Zhao Fu greatly wanted these three Cities, so he did not relax after obtaining the three professions. He continued to work hard in order to prepare Divine Fish Points for the next day.

The only thing that Zhao Fu was worried about was that the Ghost Festival was a collective event, which allowed a faction to pool together its Ghost Points. However, the Divine Fish Festival was an individual event, and Divine Fish Points could not be exchanged. Zhao Fu wondered if Ghost Points could be converted into Divine Fish Points and what the conversion would be.

With the number of Ghost Points he had now, even if it was a 10:1 conversion, Zhao Fu would be able to easily take the three Cities.

Zhao Fu was mostly worried about the Ghost Points not being able to be converted into Divine Fish Points. It was likely that the number Zhao Fu had earned himself would be converted into Divine Fish Points, while the Ghost Points he had received from others would be lost.

It was very possible that this would be the case because the cost for the three Cities was simply too cheap. It was also likely that the second stage of the Divine Fish Festival would be an individual event again.

Zhao Fu felt that he needed to kill more Ghosts and obtain more Ghost Points; that way, he would feel more confident that he would be able to obtain the three Cities. He did not rest at all, and after exchanging for the profession, he returned to the Great Wall and started killing Ghosts again.

Time quickly passed, and soon, it was 7 PM. The sky was just as gloomy, and after much battling, there were some light injuries on Zhao Fu's body from killing so many Ghosts.

Over the past ten or so hours, Zhao Fu had killed 136 Ghost Generals, 18 Ghost Commanders, five Ghost Marquises, and countless other lower-grade Ghosts. The number of Ghost Points he had obtained was simply shocking; after all, killing a Ghost Marquis gave ten million Ghost Points.

However, there were not many Ghost Marquises, and they were all incredibly powerful, making it quite difficult to kill them.

At that moment, Zhao Fu sensed something and looked to the horizon. A gray layer of clouds, giving off an extremely powerful eerie and cold aura, was drifting towards Great Qin.


A massive sound could be heard as the ground startled to shake. Ghost Soldiers wearing ghostly armour and holding ghostly weapons rushed at Great Qin, followed by other sorts of Ghosts, forming a shocking ocean of Ghosts.

What drew Zhao Fu's attention was that at the back of the ocean of Ghosts, there was a chariot drawn by nine Ghost Horses with a single figure sitting on it.

That figure was dressed in a gray and gold dragon robe and had a crown on its head. There was a ghostly sword at its waist, and it gave off a King's aura. The majestic and terrifying aura it gave off caused the Ghosts around it to treat it with immense respect - this was definitely a Ghost King!

Apart from this Ghost King, there were also four Ghost Marquises and a few Ghost Commanders and Ghost Generals. Zhao Fu decided to deal with the Ghost King, leaving the Ghost Marquises to Bai Qi, Ge Nia, and a few other City Lords, while the rest of Great Qin's City Lords fought the Ghost Commanders and Ghost Generals.

Now, Great Qin had 1,400 City Lords, which was much more than before, so there was no need to worry.

The Ghost Gate once again opened, and it gave off a shocking attractive force and devoured all the Ghosts that came too close.

Zhao Fu took out his Seraph Sword and slashed out a searing sword light towards the Ghost King. The Ghost King drew the sword at its side and rushed up to meet Zhao Fu in battle.


The searing white light and the ghostly qi collided, resulting in a massive explosion. A terrifying shockwave rippled out, causing the ghostly qi in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers to be blasted away, creating a vacuum. The dark, oppressive clouds in the sky also disappeared.

Because of the massive shockwave, both parties were blasted back 100 or so meters. Zhao Fu's expression became quite serious because this Ghost King's strength surpassed that of an Aquatic Beast King.


A clear sword hum sounded out as the Ghost King's gaze became cold, and it gave off an eerie killing intent as it slashed out with its sword. A massive amount of ghostly qi flooded out, turning into a ferocious ghost dragon that flew towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu continuously sent his power into the Seraph Sword, which trembled and also gave off a sword hum. It gave off blinding rays of white light that illuminated the surroundings as a shocking Holy Light energy gathered.

"Roarrr!" the ghost dragon opened its mouth and roared as it rushed at Zhao Fu. In response, Zhao Fu slashed out, the blinding sword light seeming to tear space apart as it flashed out in an instant and cut the ghost dragon from head to tail.

However, the ghost dragon did not disappear after being cut in half and turned into two gusts of ghostly qi that slammed at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu did not expect this, so he was unable to react in time and was sent flying.

Zhao Fu quickly stabilized his body in mid-air, a trace of blood leaking from his lips. The Ghost King once again attacked, its sword giving off a terrifying sword light as it slashed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu dodged to the side, avoiding this attack, while his left eye stared at the Ghost King and the golden pupil started to spin.

Immediately, countless chains shot out from the air around the Ghost King, giving the Ghost King a big fright. It roared as a powerful aura exploded out from its body, and it spun its sword as an extremely sharp tornado of sword qi slashed the space around it.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sound of metal colliding sounded out as the countless chains shooting towards the Ghost King were instantly reduced to segments and fell from the sky.

However, at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared behind the Ghost King's back and slashed out, sending out a burning white sword light that slammed the Ghost King to the ground. The scene was like a meteor crashing into the ground, blasting open a 100-meter wide crater.

The ground quaked, and the shockwave caused sand and small rocks to fill the air and for the nearby trees to vigorously sway.

As Zhao Fu was fighting with the Ghost King, six 1,000 meter tall figures giving off shocking ghostly qi and immense might appeared. They were not creatures of this world, and yet they had appeared in the human world.

The six massive creatures seemed to sense something and started to move in a certain direction. As one of them walked past a system main city, it casually reached out and crushed a City Lord with its hand; in front of it, a City Lord seemed to be as weak as an ant.

One of the massive creatures swept out with its spear, causing the air to seem to explode. A massive shockwave instantly turned a system main city into ruins; whether it was the city walls or the buildings, they were all obliterated, and not a single person survived.