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 These Ghost Commanders all looked like well-built men with gray eyes, and they had armor that was shrouded with ghostly qi. They all held different weapons that were all gray-colored, and they gave off faint lights and a chilling intent.

Their strength was comparable to that of City Lords of Great Cities, and if it was before, they would have been able to easily sweep through Great Qin. Now, if it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Fu was afraid that they would run away, he would have dealt with them himself.

Zhao Fu's gaze fell on a sword-wielding Ghost Commander, and he took out his Sin Dragon Sword. A massive sword light, filled with immense sharpness and giving off a terrifying sword wind, slashed towards the Ghost Commander.

The Ghost Commander roared and gave off a large amount of ghostly qi as it raised its sword with both hands, vigorously slashing out a gray sword light towards Zhao Fu in response.


An explosion sounded out as the two sword lights collided. The gray sword light was instantly shattered by Zhao Fu's sword light, turning into countless motes of grey light, while Zhao Fu's sword light continued onwards towards the Ghost Commander.

The Ghost Commander seemed to be surprised, and it quickly used its sword to block in front of its body but was still sent flying ten or so meters. By now, the Ghost Commander knew that it was not a match for Zhao Fu, and it quickly escaped.

Zhao Fu rushed up, ferociously slashing out and once again sending the Ghost Commander flying. He did not give the Ghost Commander another opportunity to retaliate and cut its head off with a clean strike.

After the Ghost Commander died, it dropped three items.

The first was a Ghost Treasure Sack, which would most likely give low-quality Legendary grade equipment. The second was a square stone that was about seven centimeters wide, which was a complete City God Stone.

The City God Stones that Zhao Fu had acquired in the past were actually all fragments, and he needed ten of them to create a City God Temple. However, this was a complete City God Stone, so he did not need to collect ten. However, its grade was quite low, being only a Silver grade City Temple.

Zhao Fu was familiar with both of these things, so he did not look into them, but he felt quite curious about the third item.

It was a gray seal that was as big as a palm and seemed to be made out of jade. It was icy to the touch and there was a picture of a Tao Tie engraved on it, which looked incredibly real. It gave off traces of ghostly qi and gave off a powerful aura.

[Ghost Commander Seal]: A treasure of command in the Ghost World that was created by gathering boundless Yin Qi. It can command 100,000 Ghost Soldiers to serve the user.

Looking at this Ghost Commander Seal, Zhao Fu could not help but loudly laugh. This was definitely a treasure, and it was very useful to Great Qin.

Ghost Soldiers were created by making deceased soldiers into ghosts. They no longer had their memories from when they were alive, only had their combat abilities, and they were extremely strong.

Zhao Fu could convert Great Qin's deceased soldiers into Ghost Soldiers and use the Ghost Commander Seal to command them. Even though they would not have any of their memories or emotions, as their strength grew, it was possible for them to regain their memories and emotions. It would be equivalent to gaining another life.

With this, Great Qin's deceased soldiers could become Ghost Soldiers and continue to serve Great Qin and have another chance at life.

This was a treasure that was extremely valuable to Great Qin; after all, people were bound to die in battle - this was something that no one could change. However, at least this way, the number of soldiers Great Qin lost would be greatly decreased.

Zhao Fu grinned as he put away the three items and looked over at Bai Qi and Ge Nia, who had also successfully killed Ghost Commanders and obtained three items as well. Following this, the three of them returned to the Great Wall.

Zhao Fu expectantly went over to see what the Ghost Generals dropped, but he was left disappointed - they only dropped Ghost Treasure Sacks and City God Stone shards, not any Ghost Commander Seals.

However, commanding 100,000 Ghost Soldiers with a single Ghost Commander Seal was already quite good; hoping that the hundreds of Ghost Generals would drop Ghost Commander Seals as well was a bit greedy and unrealistic.

The surrounding Ghosts were devoured by the Ghost Gate, just like how a whale sucked in a massive amount of water. The countless Ghosts could not resist at all, and the Ghost Treasure Sacks now formed many small mountains, numbering in the hundreds of millions.

This completely made up for the disappointment that Zhao Fu had felt earlier; Great Qin would become rich from the Ghost Festival. All of the materials, skills, and equipment would greatly fuel Great Qin's development.

Now, because there were no longer any Ghosts remaining, they closed the Ghost Gate. However, the stone doors giving off a terrifying aura in the sky did not disappear, as they continued to maintain it while waiting for the next wave of Ghosts to arrive.

Blood Devouring Magic Formation made from the 100,000 buckets of blood was not something that only lasted for a short while; rather, it continued to attract Ghosts, and as the bloody qi quickly spread, more and more Ghosts were attracted over.

Some more time passed, and another massive tide of Ghosts arrived, giving off an enormous aura and flooding towards the Great Wall.


An explosion rang out in all directions as the massive stone doors were once again opened, exploding out with an immense suction force. Countless Ghosts were sucked into the stone doors, and their Ghost Treasure Sacks continuously rained down.

If an outsider saw this scene, they would be incredibly shocked - after all, it was incredibly difficult for others to obtain even one Ghost Treasure Sack, and they had to risk their lives for it. However, Great Qin did not have to risk any injuries or deaths to obtain this rain of Ghost Treasure Sacks. Other people would feel great admiration and envy.

At that moment, a look of delight appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he discovered another two Ghost Commanders. There were also 200 to 300 Ghost Generals moving towards Great Qin.

Without Zhao Fu having to give out orders, everyone started to move out. Ordinary City Lords were responsible for killing Ghost Generals while Zhao Fu, Bai Qi, and Ge Nia were in charge of killing the Ghost Commanders.

After a short while, Zhao Fu had obtained another two Ghost Commander Seals, bringing the total to five. Great Qin could now convert and command 500,000 Ghost Soldiers.

After countless Ghosts were devoured by the Ghost Gate, the Ghost Gate once again temporarily stopped its operation, and they all waited for the next wave of Ghosts.

Soon, another wave of Ghosts was attracted over. What made Zhao Fu feel pleasantly surprised was that apart from four Ghost Commanders, there was an even stronger Ghost this time. Its entire body was shrouded in ghostly qi, and only its blood-red eyes could be seen, giving off an incredibly terrifying aura.

This creature that was even more powerful than Ghost Commanders was a Ghost Marquis, which could fight against ten City Lords. It was on the same level as Bai Qi and Ge Nia, and it required Zhao Fu to deal with it.

Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and rushed towards the Ghost Marquis, while everyone split off to deal with the Ghost Commanders and Ghost Generals. The stone doors once again opened, and a battle once again unfolded.

"Roarrr!!" The Ghost Marquis was quite powerful, forcing Zhao Fu to become serious. He rushed up, his Sin Dragon Sword giving off a brilliant light as he sent out a massive water dragon towards the Ghost Marquis on the ground.


Just as the water dragon was about to hit the Ghost Marquis, the Ghost Marquis stretched out a hand and a gray spear appeared in its hand. It stabbed forwards with the spear, causing an explosion to sound out as a formless spear light pierced through the water dragon, turning it back into water.