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 However, Zhao Fu had an even better plan, which relied on the Black and White Impermanences. The Black and White Impermanences came from the Ghost World, and even though they were also part of the Death Race, they specialized in suppressing ghost creatures. As such, it was fitting for them to help with dealing with these Ghosts.

The Black and White Impermanences came from a large family in the Ghost World and had many techniques, such as that forbidden skill that summoned the Six Paths Demon Images; everyone had witnessed the Demon Images' world-destroying power.

It was a pity that they had been instantly killed by the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon, and the Six Paths Demon Images had remembered Zhao Fu's aura, making it impossible for him to summon them again. Otherwise, they would have been a powerful trump card for Great Qin.

"Your Majesty!" As soon as Zhao Fu walked into the City God Temple, everyone knelt and respectfully greeted him.

Zhao Fu lightly nodded and looked around before saying, "Are your preparations complete? Is there anything you may have missed?"

"Rest assured, Your Majesty, we've prepared everything already. If anything does not go according to plan, you can punish us as you wish!" Hei Xiaojie said as she gave a bewitching smile, putting emphasis on 'punish,' while Bai Xiaoxi stood there with a reddened face.

Zhao Fu ignored her words and took them to the Great Wall, which was already covered with all sorts of talismans. The Ghost Festival was quite a dangerous festival, so to avoid any unnecessary injuries and deaths, Zhao Fu had the residents all stay home.

The various Generals had long since been waiting here, and seeing that all the preparations had been made, he ordered his subordinates to start carrying out the plan. The soldiers started to pour buckets of blood down the walls - there were 100,000 wooden buckets of animal and human blood.

As countless buckets of blood were poured out, the smell of blood became incredibly dense. Following this, Zhao Fu activated a magic formation, causing the blood to start to roil as if it was boiling, causing traces of bloody qi to rise up.

This magic formation was called the Blood Devouring Magic Formation. Even though the Ghosts were all creatures created by the festival, they were very similar to ordinary Ghosts. They felt immense desire towards blood, and this Blood Devouring Magic Formation increased the attractiveness of blood, luring countless Ghosts over.

"Roarrr!!" As soon as the Blood Devouring Magic Formation was activated, countless Ghosts smelled the smell of fresh blood and howled as they excitedly rushed over. It was as of they had smelled the most delicious food in the world.

The countless Ghosts in the air were also attracted over by the blood, gathering together to form a massive ocean that covered the sky.

On the ground and in the sky, two terrifying waves of Ghosts rushed towards the Great Wall. Their terrifying auras seemed to be able to topple mountains and seas, and they spread throughout the surrounding tens of thousands of kilometers

Great Qin had been waiting for this - City God Darknorth Red Autumn stood at the center of a massive magic formation with the Black and White Impermanences on either side and 10,000 Yin Soldiers standing around the magic formation. Around them stood Great Qin's countless soldiers, around 100 million of them in total.

"I, Great Qin's City God, Darknorth Red Autumn, have been ordered by Great Qin's Majesty to open the Ghost Gates. Ghost-restraining powers, help me to return this world to peace!"

As Darknorth Red Autumn yelled out, his body gave off waves of golden light, and his body became 100 meters tall, giving off a dignified and solemn aura. He seemed like a real god, and as countless Ghosts came near, their bodies dissipated, unable to retaliate at all.

On either side of Darknorth Red Autumn, the Black and White Impermanences slashed their palms and pressed them against the ground, activating the massive magic formation on the ground, and a massive cold aura spread out.

Standing on the edge of the magic formation, the 10,000 Yin Soldiers gave off powerful auras, their bodies streaming with ghostly qi as they yelled, "We are Yin Soldiers of the Ghost World, and we have been ordered by Great Qin's Majesty to use our bodies to summon the Ghost Gate!"


After the 10,000 Yin Soldiers shouted out, the ghostly qi around their bodies was absorbed into the ground, causing a massive explosion to sound out. An even more intense wave of ghostly qi burst forth out of the ground like a volcanic eruption, shooting into the sky and forming an enormous pillar of ghostly qi.

Great Qin's soldiers all squatted down and pressed their palms against their ground, sending their strength into the magic formation.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions continuously sounded out as the pillar of ghostly qi continuously became larger. Soon, it was tens of thousands of meters wide, and the dense ghostly qi it gave off made those nearby involuntarily shiver.

At the center of the pillar, there was a massive set of stone doors. There were countless ghosts and monsters carved on the stone doors, looking incredibly ancient. The stone doors brought with them a solemn and powerful aura, giving off the might of a mountain.

Seeing the enormous stone doors, the Ghosts rushing towards Great Qin innately felt a wave of fear, and some Ghosts even wanted to escape.

"Ghost Gate... Open!" Darknorth Red Autumn raised the spear in his hand as he roared out, causing the terrifying stone doors in the sky to slowly open. An incredible suction force was unleashed, and it was as if it could suck in the entire world.

The countless Ghosts' excitement became horror as they quickly retreated, but they were still sucked into the stone doors. At the same time, rocks and trees were also lifted up and sucked within the stone doors, creating a terrifying scene.

Whether they were normal Ghosts or the terrifying Sky Ghosts, none of them had the power to resist as they were sucked into the stone doors; the stone doors were like a massive beast that had opened its jaws, devouring everything.

At the same time, the stone doors had a barrier that left behind the Ghost Treasure Sacks, which fell down from the sky like rain. In Zhao Fu's eyes, it was like watching a rain of money.

There was now a mountain of Ghost Treasure Sacks, and even if they were useless to Zhao Fu, if they sold them, it would definitely bring in a massive amount of money.

Zhao Fu's Ghost Points rapidly accumulated, and soon, he would be able to exchange for the remaining profession.

The terrifying ripples here attracted over countless powerful Ghosts as well, and at least hundreds of Ghost Generals headed over. These Ghost Generals all had the strength of the Slaughtering Ghost - Zhao Fu's Slaughtering Ghost Sword.

These Ghosts' grades were all quite high, and their intelligence was not low either. They naturally did not come too close. From a distance, the stone doors could not affect them. As such, Great Qin needed to send out City Lords to kill them.

However, most of these Ghost Generals had strength equivalent to the City Lord of a Basic City, if not even less, so it would be quite easy for the City Lords of Great Cities to kill them.

What made Zhao Fu even happier was that he found that a few Ghost Commanders had come as well. Ghost Commanders ranked above even Ghost Generals, and they were comparable to the City Lords of Great Cities. The rewards from them would be even better, and Zhao Fu became exciting just thinking about it. Following this, Zhao Fu brought along Bai Qi and Ge Nia and shot forwards.