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 As the system announcements sounded out, Zhao Fu felt a rainbow-colored light enter his body, making his body feel incredibly comfortable. It felt as if he was floating. At the same time, Zhao Fu felt his body start to give off a faint flower's fragrance.

After kissing Zhao Fu's forehead, the Flower Fairy lightly let go of him and slightly smiled before flying into the sky.

Zhao Fu watched as the Flower Fairy disappeared. Feeling that young woman's kiss, Zhao Fu felt a bit complicated; surely she wasn't just a creature created by the event.

The Flower Fairy's body started to become blurry and was about to become motes of light and disperse. However, at that moment, a black caterpillar crawled out of Zhao Fu's clothes and looked at the Flower Fairy in curiosity with its big black eyes.

Following this, it lifted its head and spat out a few thin threads that quickly flew towards the Flower Fairy. They wrapped around her, despite looking like they could not even bind up a worm.

However, the unimaginable happened - the Flower Fairy's body, which had started to become blurry, once again became clear and was dragged in front of Zhao Fu.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked; he had never thought that such a thing would happen.

The black caterpillar happily leaped towards the young woman, and the young woman happily smiled as she caught it.

The little caterpillar was very happy in the young woman's hands, continuously rolling about energetically. It seemed to be much closer to her than Zhao Fu, who was its owner.

Zhao Fu watched this scene in surprise and waited for a while. However, even after a while, he found that the Flower Fairy still hadn't disappeared as if it was staying here for a while.

"System announcement! You have used illegal means to force the Flower Fairy to remain in the human world. The Flower Fairy's stats have been greatly reduced, and all of her skills have disappeared. Note: Only the Level 8 Flower Fairy's Blessing can cause the Flower Fairy to remain in the world."

"Hahaha..." Zhao Fu could not help but loudly laugh; he did not think that something like this would happen - he had obtained the prize for the Level 8 Flower Fairy's Blessing. After all, the Level 8 Flower Fairy's Blessing required ten Mythic Flower Tears and was the final blessing.

Even though the Flower Fairy did not have any power and had reduced stats, that did not mean they would not recover. It was likely that she would be able to recover her power and stats.

However, this would take some time, but Zhao Fu felt that it would be worth the wait. After all, the Flower Fairy herself was a surprise, and Zhao Fu still did not know just what she was. However, as the ultimate reward from the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, she definitely would not be weak.

"Can you tell me about yourself?" Zhao Fu asked as he looked at the happily smiling Flower Fairy, wanting to know more about her.

However, the young woman looked up at Zhao Fu with her pure eyes, seeming not to understand what Zhao Fu was saying.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt quite confused and asked a few more questions but was unable to get anything out of the Flower Fairy, she seemed to have no memories at all, like a newly-born. Of course, she was unable to speak either.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu called over Asani and had her take care of the Flower Fairy. Their personalities were quite similar and they were similar in age, so Zhao Fu hoped they would be able to get along. The little caterpillar seemed to want to stick with the Flower Fairy, so it went with them.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu understood why the little caterpillar liked the Flower Fairy so much - even though it was just a little caterpillar right now, in the future, it would become a butterfly. Butterflies loved flowers, so it was only natural that it liked the Flower Fairy so much.

It was almost 12 AM, and the second stage of the Ghost Festival was about to begin. Zhao Fu waited beside the Exchange Stone Stele, and because time was tight, he would deal with the items he had obtained later.

As soon as the second stage of the Ghost Festival began, Zhao Fu wanted to exchange for the professions he wanted. He had been waiting for this for an entire day, and he now felt quite excited and nervous.

By now, the three Saint Armament weapons had all been redeemed. It was not just Great Qin that had done well; others had made decent gains as well.

Even though he had not purchased anything from the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied, as he had obtained many rare and valuable items from the event.

Suddenly, the entire world seemed to fall silent as all creatures instinctively sensed something and curled up in fear. Traces of ghostly qi rose up from the ground as an eerie aura spread out.

The moon in the sky gradually became grey-colored and gave off a chilling ghostly intent, making it seem like a ghost moon.

"Roarrrr!!" Terrifying howls sounded out as Ghosts started to climb up from the ground, and some floated about in the sky. The world seemed to have become a world of Ghosts.

The second stage of the Ghost Festival had hundreds of times more Ghosts than the first stage. They did not have to look everywhere for the Ghosts, and things were much more dangerous. If one was not strong enough, one would definitely die to the Ghosts.

The instant that the second stage of the Ghost Festival was released, Zhao Fu's Flower Tear Points were converted into Ghost Points, and he immediately exchanged for two of the professions. He spent 1.4 billion Ghost Points and still had around 100 million Ghost Points left.

Zhao Fu had long since decided on these two professions: the Ghost Humans and Ghost Eyes.

The Ghost Humans were the most powerful profession out of the three professions, and it was something that Zhao Fu was set on obtaining. As for the reason Zhao Fu picked the third-ranked Ghost Eyes, it was because scouting abilities were very useful. He only had so many Ghost Points, so he decided to exchange for the two professions that were the most suited to Great Qin first.

As for the remaining profession, Ghostgod Soldiers, he had to earn more Ghost Points today in order to obtain it.

Zhao Fu went to the City God Temple, where Darknorth Red Autumn, the Black and White Impermanences, and the various Yin Soldiers were waiting. After having a lot of incense burned there, the City God Temple had already reached Level ten.

The City God, Darknorth Red Autumn, fully obeyed Zhao Fu's commands as it was Zhao Fu who had made him the City God, not the Ghost World. He could create a 100 meter tall City God image that had a very powerful evil-suppressing power and also use Yin Coins to hire 10,000 Yin Soldiers.

The reason Zhao Fu came here was, of course, to deal with the Ghost Festival. Back then, Zhao Fu used Allmonster Warding Talismans and Reversal Talismans to attract countless Ghosts over for them to continuously kill and obtain a large number of Ghost Points.

Now, Zhao Fu did not have any more Allmonster Warding Talismans and Reversals Talismans, and even if he did, the effects would be too weak.

Back then, Great Qin had only been a Basic Town and did not have a single City. Now, Great Qin had thousands of Cities and 160 regions. It would not be enough to use the methods they had used previously.