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 The first three of these four items were ones Zhao Fu had seen before: one was a rainbow-colored Flower Tear, one was a violet Flower Devil Seed, and the massive Japanese rose was a Flower Domain. The fourth item was a gray plant ball, and Zhao Fu had no idea what it was.

[Mythic Flower Tear]: A Flower Tear worth one billion flower tears. Collecting ten Mythic Flower Tears can unlock the Level 8 Flower Fairy's Blessing.

[Flower Devil Seed]: A Lord class Flower Devil Seed that can create a group of Lord class Flower Devils.

[Flower Domain]: This item contains a Flower Domain. Flowers within the Flower Domain will never wilt, and the 100,000 kilometers around the Flower Domain will be beneficial for the growth of Flower Devils.

[World Flower Seed]: A World Flower Seed that contains a trace of the world's source energy and can grow the world's most beautiful flower. The fragrance it gives off is the most intoxicating fragrance in the world.

After looking through these four items' information, Zhao Fu once again felt incredibly delighted. This rainbow Flower Tear was a Mythic Flower Tear, and it was worth one billion Flower Tear Points. By obtaining this Flower Tear, his gains had surpassed what one billion people would be able to collect.

Even with so many people, Great Qin had only collected three billion Flower Tears overnight, and by just killing one Flower Devil, Zhao Fu had earned one-third of that.

The Lord class Flower Devil Seed also made Zhao Fu feel quite interested. After all, Lord class monsters were quite powerful, so this Flower Devil Seed was worth dozens of times more than the rare Flower Devil Seeds. He wondered what the Flower Devils they created would be like.

For the Flower Domain, apart from the range being 100,000 kilometres, there was nothing else special about it. After glancing at it, Zhao Fu looked at the fourth item.

The World Flower Seed's information made Zhao Fu feel incredibly delighted. After all, World Flowers were incredibly rare and were things that could not be bought with money. They were indescribably beautiful and gave off an enchanting fragrance, and they were the top-ranked out of the world's Seven Wondrous Flowers.

Apart from being beautiful and fragrant, the World Flower had two uses: one was producing Flower Tears, of which they could produce seven in a week. These Flower Tears were not items but Epic grade materials that could be used to forge Epic grade equipment.

The other use was producing World Pollen, which had heaven-defying effects. It could allow one to maintain one's looks forever without growing old.

This was quite similar to a divine pill, the Eternal Countenance Pill, which could allow one's looks to not age. It was something extremely rare and could not be bought with money, making nearly all women in the Heaven Awaken World go crazy for it.

Zhao Fu saw many quests in the Heaven Spirit Stele for such things: ten Saint Armaments for an Eternal Countenance Pill, 100 Cities for an Eternal Countenance Pill, an extremely powerful Art or Skill for an Eternal Countenance Pill, and some experts were even willing to serve people for ten years for an Eternal Countenance Pill.

From this, it could be seen how valuable Eternal Countenance Pills were, and similarly, how valuable World Pollen was.

The World Flower was the biggest source of Zhao Fu's delight. With this World Flower, he would be able to obtain unimaginable benefits, helping Great Qin immensely.

However, Zhao Fu had only obtained a World Flower Seed, which required some time to nurture into a beautiful World Flower.

Zhao Fu smiled happily as he put these things away. It was now 11 PM, and there was only one more hour until the Ghost Festival was released. Zhao Fu quickly returned to Great Qin and calculated their gains over the day.

Great Qin's gains in one day were incredibly shocking - they had amassed 13.5 billion Flower Tear Points, so even after the 10:1 conversion, Great Qin would still have 1.35 billion Ghost Points. What's more, this was not even including Zhao Fu's Flower Tears, which were worth around 1.5 billion Flower Tear Points.

Because Zhao Fu only had a single Mythic Flower Tear, he exchanged it for Flower Tear Points, but because Great Qin had gathered ten Fantasy Flower Tears, they could unlock the Level 7 Flower Fairy's Blessing.

[Level 7 Flower Fairy's Blessing]: Effectiveness: Permanent, Description: The Flower Fairy's wonderful blessing that increases the speed at which flowers within your territory grow by 1000% and increases the time it takes for flowers to wilt by 1000%. Contains the effect 'Flower Fragrance World,' which can help with everyone's Cultivation and clearing one's obsessions and distractions.

A Fantasy Flower Tear was worth 100 million Flower Tear Points, and Zhao Fu had spent ten of them, but it was not just to beautify Great Qin. If that was the purpose, he could just use the Night Flower Tears, which gave the Level 6 Flower Fairy's Blessing, which was also permanent.

Rather, the Level 7 Flower Fairy's Blessing had the 'Flower Fragrance World,' which was what Zhao Fu was interested in. There was no limit to the number of people who could benefit from this; anyone who was within Great Qin's territory could benefit from this buff, whether they were a soldier or a common resident. The buff could help everyone increase their Cultivation speed and avoid obsessions and distractions that would hinder their Cultivation.

This sort of buff that had no requirements at all was not something that could be bought, which was why Zhao Fu was willing to waste one billion Flower Tear Points.

However, it was a pity that they could only obtain one Mythic Flower Tear. From the description, it seemed that the Level 8 Flower Fairy's Blessing was the ultimate blessing, and it would definitely be much more powerful than the Level 7 Flower Fairy's Blessing.

Zhao Fu went to the center of the Great Qin City. The ten Fantasy Flower Tears in his hands gave off three-colored lights and floated into the sky before fusing together.

Immediately, a rainbow wave of light rippled out, and countless petals descended from the sky, accompanied by countless motes of light. The scene was incredibly beautiful as if it was something from a fantasy wonderland, and a figure gradually appeared, surrounded by light.

She had an extremely delicate face, jet-black hair, and snow-white skin. She wore clothes made out of flower petals, and there was a pure smile on her face. She was the Flower Fairy, and Zhao Fu had seen her before when unlocking the Level 3 Flower Fairy's Blessing.

The Flower Fairy stretched out a hand, and a pink pearl appeared. The pearl automatically rose into the sky and exploded, causing a pink light wave to spread out across all of Great Qin's territory.

The Flower Fairy looked at Zhao Fu and smiled, her gaze incredibly pure, making her look like a holy, pure lotus. Since a long time ago, Zhao Fu was certain that the Flower Fairy was a real creature that had its own life and thoughts.

The Flower Fairy lightly descended from the air, and Zhao Fu understood there were other blessings, just like how Zhao Fu had obtained the Flower Fairy's Embrace before.

The young woman descended and stretched out her snow-white hands to lightly hug Zhao Fu before gently kissing him on the forehead. Zhao Fu could clearly feel how soft her lips were, and a pink lips-mark appeared on Zhao Fu's forehead before fading.

"System announcement! You have obtained the Flower Fairy's Kiss, making it easier for spirits to like you, and your charm has greatly increased."

"System announcement! You have obtained Flower's Power."