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 Now, Great Qin had 160 regions, 1,472 Great Cities, 30 Cities, 240 Towns, and 22,489 Villages.

Great Qin's population had risen to 690 million, and it had 100 million soldiers. Among them, there were 80 million Stage 1 soldiers, 2.8 million Stage 2 soldiers, 300,000 Stage 3 soldiers, and 14,000 Stage 4 soldiers.

Now, the entirety of Great Qin started to prepare for the Six Day Festival. The festival would begin at 12 am, and even though it was only the morning, there was not much time. One could never make enough preparations for this Six Day Festival.

There would only be one day for each of the festivals; after a day ended, the next festival would begin, so they had no time to spare. As such, all of Great Qin became quite busy, and Zhao Fu left the Legacy Land to go buy some things.

Time quickly passed, and soon, the sky had darkened. Resplendent stars appeared in the dark blue sky, forming a beautiful river.

Suddenly, the sky was filled with many multicolored glows; there were white glows, pink glows, green glows, and other colors. They were all organized in an orderly way, making them not seem chaotic, and they instead looked like a beautiful painting.

Flower petals started to fall from the sky as if it was a petal rain. The scene of countless flower petals flying in the air was incredibly majestic, seeming like something that could only be seen in a dream, and a fragrance spread out in the air.

As the flower petals landed on the ground, under the power of the festival, they became flowers, seeming to turn the entire world into a world of flowers.

"Zhao! We really like this festival!" The three Flower Spirits smiled as they happily flew around Zhao Fu.

They were spirits that were birthed from flowers, so they naturally were quite interested in and liked the Ten Thousand Flower Festival. Under Zhao Fu's nurturing, their strength had reached Stage 5, and even though they were only as big as a hand, they could use very powerful plant magic.

Zhao Fu also smiled as he looked at the world of flowers. This was the second stage of the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, and it was somewhat different from how the first stage had begun.

After petals stopped descending from the sky, crystalline beads appeared on the flowers - these were Flower Tears.

"System announcement! You have previously obtained the Level 3 Flower Fairy's Blessing, and you will receive a buff of three times Flower Tear Points."

This system announcement made Zhao Fu feel quite delighted - he had never thought that the Flower Fairy's Blessing from the Ten Thousand Flower Festival would still be effective now. Back then, when he had obtained the Flower Fairy's Blessing, it resulted in flowers blooming all over Great Qin and for there to always be a fragrant smell in the air. However, it only lasted for three years, and this happened to be the third year.

Zhao Fu remembered that he had also obtained the Flower's Embrace buff, which increased his charm towards females and spirits. That was why the three Flower Spirits had been willing to join Great Qin.

Now that Flower Tears had appeared, time became quite tight. There were too many things that Great Qin wanted to obtain this time, so Zhao Fu did not waste any time and immediately ordered his people to start collecting Flower Tears.

However, something unexpected happened - the ground trembled as a Flower Devil climbed up from underground. This Flower Devil was humanoid, but its body was made out of plants. Its hands and feet were made out of roots, and there was a flower on its head, on which there seemed to be a blue Flower Tear.

This Flower Devil's strength was around Stage 0-7, and they were not things that ordinary residents would be able to deal with. This was the second stage of the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, and even though it was much more beautiful than the first stage, it was also much more dangerous.

After the Flower Devils appeared, they started to charge at the people around them. A Stage 1 soldier gripped his spear and stabbed out, piercing through its heart. The Flower Devil fell to the ground, dead, and turned into motes of light. It was not a real creature and was instead something that was created by the event.

Zhao Fu had never thought that there would be something like this - luckily, he had enough soldiers, and the vast majority of them had at least Stage 1 strength, so dealing with some Flower Devils was no problem at all. He could also have soldiers and residents form teams, which would be quite safe.

The Stage 2 and Stage 3 soldiers were responsible for dealing with the higher-grade Flower Devils. The higher-grade Flower Devils all had higher-grade Flower Tears as well.

Now that Great Qin had 160 regions, they had a massive amount of territory within which they could search for Flower Tears. Now that they had almost 700 million people, as well as a buff that gave three times Flower Tear Points, they would be able to quickly amass points. However, even with these resources, Zhao Fu did not feel at ease.

Unlike before, all of the paths between regions had been opened up, so people could travel freely. If a faction was able to gather 1,000 regions' worth of Flower Tears, they would definitely be able to defeat Great Qin.

Right now, Zhao Fu did not feel any confidence, and he ordered people to start buying Flower Tears using money, equipment, and medicinal pills. He wanted Flower Tears at all costs, as he was determined to obtain the six things that he wanted.

"Zhao, I can sense that there's a very big Flower Devil in the distance," the most lively of the three Flower Spirits, Roserose, said as she drew a very big circle with her hands.

"We can also feel it!" the other two Flower Spirits said.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised; he had never thought that the Flower Spirits would have the ability to sense Flower Devils. Since they had said that this Flower Devil was very big, that meant that the Flower Tear it had would be worth a lot. Zhao Fu smiled and took one of the Flower Spirits with him and had the other two go with other people.

Higher-grade Flower Tears could unlock blessings and Festival Points. A violet Flower Tear was worth 10,000 ordinary Flower Tears, an orange Flower Tear was worth 100,000 ordinary Flower Tears, and a platinum Flower Tear was worth one million ordinary Flower Tears.

Zhao Fu quickly called over Bai Qi and Ge Nia, who were the two strongest City Lords apart from Zhao Fu. After fusing with the Seven Kill City's power, Bai Qi had become much stronger. Ge Nia was Zhao Fu's strongest swordsman, and they would definitely be able to kill powerful Flower Devils quickly.

However, he found that one of them gave off immense killing intent while the other gave off a sword intent that could cut one's skin, making the two Flower Spirits shiver in fear and almost cry.

As such, Zhao Fu could only summon Daisy and Asani and have them search for powerful Flower Devils with the Flower Spirits, while Bai Qi and Ge Nia were responsible for killing the Flower Devils.

Seeing Daisy and Asani, who they were familiar and comfortable with, the Flower Spirits became much happier and led them to find Flower Devils.

"Roserose, let's go! You'll be able to see them again when we get back." Roserose seemed to be the most lively Fairy Spirit, but she was also the weakest emotionally. After the other two Flower Spirits left, she started to feel quite uncomfortable and unhappy, so Zhao Fu tried to comfort her.

"Okay!" Roserose quickly recovered and sweetly smiled as she replied.

Zhao Fu started to move out as well, and with Roserose guiding him, he quickly found a Flower Devil. This Flower Devil was indeed quite big; it was 15 meters tall and it had a Flower Tear giving off a faint orange light on its head.