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 It could be seen that Great Qin was truly angered this time - they were determined to attack the eastern side and restore its name using its blood; the name of Great Qin could not be insulted.

Great Qin's anger caused the surrounding regions to all fall silent. After seeing Great Qin's terrifying power, no one wanted to get on its bad side.

The eastern side, which had been bickering with Great Qin, felt even more furious. This definitely was not done by them and was most likely done by Great Qin to frame them, but most people believed Great Qin. They felt incredibly wronged as a result.

Now that Great Qin wanted to take this opportunity to attack, the eastern side felt even more furious and wronged, but they could only remain silent. They definitely were not a match for Great Qin, and if they fought, they would definitely be the losers.

However, as they became quieter, Great Qin became more and more arrogant, continuously pressuring the eastern side. It then repeatedly asked for the eastern side to respond; if they continued to stay silent and refused to apologize, Great Qin would attack.

All this time, Great Qin had been waiting for justice, so it did not make a move against the eastern side. It hoped that they would acknowledge that Great Qin was not such a bloodthirsty and ruthless faction and that they had acted shamefully and vindictively.

Great Qin could not let this slide again - it had already given the eastern factions a chance, so if they still did not admit their wrongdoing, Great Qin could only act against them.

Those vigorous words created an image of magnanimity, kindness, and dignity for Great Qin. Even if it attacked now, it would be because it was forced to by the eastern side.

Now, everyone was waiting to see how the eastern side would respond. If it did not respond, it would be attacked. Great Qin was also waiting for this opportunity - if the eastern side did not admit its wrongdoing and apologize, Great Qin could honorably attack.

Over at the eastern side, it was completely silent, and everyone looked furious. If there was even a trace of hope in winning, they would definitely fight to the death with Great Qin. Great Qin was incredibly despicable, and they continuously cursed at it inwardly.

However, they were not a match at all for Great Qin. Before, they had 400 City Lords, and after hearing that Great Qin was going to attack in righteousness, 100 of them did not want to get involved in the trouble, so they decided to withdraw.

Now, there were only 300 or so City Lords left; they were even less of a match for Great Qin now. Should they insist on their integrity and be destroyed, or should they compromise and avoid this crisis?

In the end, the eastern side could only choose to compromise. They simply could not defeat Great Qin, so they could only give in and publicly announce that it was them who had done this, humiliating themselves in the process.

In response, Great Qin magnanimously accepted their admission of wrongdoing and even stated that as long as they were willing to apologize, Great Qin was still willing to take them in. Countless people praised Great Qin for this, and very quickly, ten or so City Lord were moved by this and decided to join Great Qin.

Within Great Qin, Zhao Fu sighed disappointedly. If the eastern side had held out for a bit longer, Great Qin could have directly attacked them and devoured all of their power.

However, since they were willing to admit their wrongdoing and apologize, Great Qin could not act against them anymore. It could only act mercifully and wait for an opportunity to destroy them.

After this prolonged debate of good and evil, it was Great Qin who emerged victorious. Its friendly and kind image won the praise of countless people, while the eastern side City Lords were labeled to be evil and vindictive.

Using this momentum, Great Qin sent out a large number of ambassadors, who were welcomed by many more Cities.

Following this, Great Qin once again went into a time of peace. The soldiers went through more training as there were no more battles to be fought.

Zhao Fu wanted to clear out the 80 or so regions that Great Qin had taken by force, but they were quite far away from Great Qin. If Great Qin sent so many soldiers, if their path of retreat was cut off, they would be in great danger.

Even though China seemed to be in peace, Zhao Fu understood that there were many people who were secretly investigating Great Qin. Once Great Qin suffered any heavy losses, they would definitely take this opportunity to leap on it.

Zhao Fu did not dare to send so many soldiers out, so he could only have them go through training for now. He increased the number of ambassadors so as to have more cities join Great Qin. That way, they would have regions to clear out nearby.

A few days later, the human world's final festival arrived. This festival was called the Six Day Festival - it lasted for six days and contained six different festivals.

From when the human world had entered the Heaven Awaken World, they had gone through six festivals: the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, Ghost Festival, Divine Fish Festival, Disaster Festival, New Year Festival, and Trial Festival. The Six Day Festival was the second stage for each of those festivals, and there would be a different festival every day.

The first day would be the Ten Thousand Flower Festival's second stage, the Fresh Flower World; the second day would be the Ghost Festival's second stage, the Ghost and Monster World; the third day would be the Divine Fish Festival's second stage, the Fish Spirit World.

Thinking back to the six festivals, Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile. Many of the things important to Great Qin had come to them during those festivals, such as the Hundred Ghost Illusionists and Ghost Summoners.

This was especially so for the Ghost Summoners - they had been instrumental on countless battlefields, and whenever Great Qin used them, things became much easier to deal with. They had contributed a lot to Great Qin.

There were also pill recipes for Stage 3 and Stage 4 medicinal pills, as well as the Emperor Phoenix Statue and the Corpse Soul Blood Lake. There were also the five Generals, as well as Great Qin's Dragon Den, which had been upgraded to Legendary grade using an Upgrade Stone from the Divine Fish Festival.

Even the powerful World Beast was from the Trial Festival, and the Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel was also created using items from the festivals.

Some people said that these festivals were useless, but if it was not for those items, how could Great Qin have developed so quickly? For example, the talismans from the New Year Festival helped Great Qin create Reality-Harming Talismans, which was Great Qin's greatest weapon against players. That was why Great Qin was not suppressed by player factions right now.

Zhao Fu still had most of the Reality-Harming Talismans; he did not use any against the Fish Scale people, as he still needed to defend against a large number of human players. If he used them against the Fish Scale people and lost this trump card, Great Qin would be attacked by countless human players, putting it in an unfavorable position.

After all, the human players could unlimitedly revive, and if it wasn't for the fact that Great Qin could harm them in real life, they would not fear Great Qin at all. Without the Reality-Harming Talismans, it would be impossible for Great Qin to scare away players just with its presence.

These festivals were incredibly important; the items they gave could not be found in the future, because after fusing into the Heaven Awaken World, there would no longer be such festivals to help people. Everyone would have to rely on themselves.