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 The most important thing about this operation was to be careful. Zhao Fu was not in a rush and continued to only attack one region per day. He attacked the western side, then attacked the southern side, and alternated like this. Great Qin continued to publicly face off against the eastern side, making it seem like there was gunpowder in the air between the two sides.

Neither side showed any weakness and seemed incredibly confident in their righteousness, ferociously criticizing the other side.

After seven or eight days, people started to notice that entire regions seemed to just disappear overnight. This happened completely soundlessly, and millions of people seemed to have just vanished.

However, there were very few people who knew about this, and not much attention was drawn to this matter. A few days later, Great Qin successfully rose to a Level 5 Capital City.

This made Zhao Fu feel incredibly excited; now, Great Qin only lacked one level to rise to a Level 6 Capital City, after which it would become a Royal City, allowing Great Qin to establish a Kingdom.

Zhao Fu went to the City Hall and looked at Great Qin's new stats:


Village Name: Great Qin City (Epic)

Level: Level 5 Capital City (81,000/800,000,000)

Village Area: 229,400 square kilometers

Village Territory: 12,421,800 square kilometers

Residents: 3,492,950/80,240,000

Military: 892,640/32,482,000

Popular Support: 86

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +240%, Territory Crop Growing Time -240%, Population Limit +155%, Residents' stats can randomly +18, Soldiers' stats +19%, Population Attraction +180%, chance of attracting higher grade population +180%.

Subsidiary Village Limit: 296,930

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village...

Leveling from a Level 5 Capital City to Level 6 Capital City required even more EXP - it was now at 800 million EXP. An ordinary person would never be able to obtain this amount of EXP in their lives; after all, 800 million EXP could cause countless Towns to instantly become Cities.

If it wasn't for the purpose of establishing a Kingdom, Zhao Fu would never put so much EXP into a single City. After all, this amount of EXP could create countless Cities, which had far more value.

However, Zhao Fu decided to level up the Great Qin City as creating a Kingdom in the Heaven Awaken World was completely different to not having a Kingdom - the various functions and powers that one unlocked after establishing a Kingdom was not something that a faction without a Kingdom could compare to.

Now, Great Qin only lacked one level until it could establish a Kingdom. The power and authority that Kingdoms had could shock and terrify countless people.

800 million EXP was not an amount that they could gain within a short amount of time. Right now, Great Qin was still silently devouring one region per day.

A month later, this matter finally caused mass-panic. In region after region, countless people had disappeared, leaving behind ghost cities without any blood or corpses. It was extremely strange, making people feel completely confused.

It was mainly western and southern regions and occasionally eastern regions. There was nothing related between those regions, as they were quite far away from each other.

News of this strange happening in the northern side of the Midland Continent soon spread through all of China, and it quickly became a hotly-debated topic.

No one could work out just what had happened - where had those residents and soldiers gone? There were no traces of battle within those cities; there were no corpses or blood. It was as if the people had simply evaporated.

By now, this had happened to 42 regions, which was no small matter. Many people made guesses, and some people wondered if it was Great Qin who had done this. After all, all abnormal happenings were blamed on Great Qin. However, no one had any evidence, so they could only guess.

Some people defended Great Qin, saying that they should not always push matters onto it. After all, Great Qin was currently at odds with the eastern factions, so how could it have the resources to do something like this? As such, some people guessed that another world's faction had entered China's territory.

Others agreed - now that Great Qin was facing off against the eastern factions, it would not be so stupid as to provoke another two directions. If it did that, the pressure it faced would be too great. Thus, others guessed that it was some sort of strange natural disaster that had done this.

After all, during the Disaster Festival, there had been a Death Disaster, which was quite similar to this. It was likely that such a thing had happened.

Everyone made guesses as to what had happened, and all of them had their own reasons for backing up their guesses.

As more and more people heard about this, it became more and more difficult for Great Qin to act. After all, all of the factions were extremely vigilant now, and if Great Qin continued like this, it could be discovered. As such, they could only give up on this tactic.

This time, they had obtained 120 system main cities. Even though it had taken quite a long time and was quite troublesome, it had been quite worth it.

This matter could not be leaked at all costs, because once it was leaked, Great Qin's plan would be fully exposed. It would be attacked by countless factions and could cause half of the northern side of the Midland Continent to join together to destroy Great Qin. Zhao Fu did not dare to make any more noise.

After Great Qin stopped using this tactic, this sort of strange occurrence started to happen in other Continents as well. The ones under threat were not just Great Qin anymore.

It seemed that many people understood what had happened but had not exposed Great Qin and had instead also started to use this method to gain benefits.

Since the Chinese factions were all on high-alert, Zhao Fu could not continue using this tactic. However, the other Continents' City Lords did not know about this, so things went quite well for the copycats.

Now that this was happening all over the world, countless people became terrified. The more powerful people understood what was happening, while the ordinary people felt quite shocked and scared. Because of this, the suspicions on Great Qin were gradually wiped away.

This made Zhao Fu and his subordinates feel quite speechless. Zhao Fu did not plan to just let things go on like this, so he ordered his people to attack a region and yell, "Those who don't submit to Great Qin will die!"

Following this, they took down two cities and killed some people. The City Lords nearby responded quite quickly and rushed to chase them out of the region.

There were many players in this region, so news of this attack quickly spread. Some people were quite shocked that Great Qin would daringly do something like this at such a time.

However, many people quickly dismissed those thoughts - how could Great Qin go around doing such a thing while loudly announcing that it was Great Qin? How could Great Qin be so stupid? There were definitely people trying to act like Great Qin.

After this happened, Great Qin furiously stood out, seeming like an incredibly wronged good person. It sharply criticized the eastern side and claimed that it was the eastern side who were trying to frame Great Qin.

After all, the only one who had enmity with Great Qin and had that sort of power was the eastern side. Great Qin cursed at them for being malicious and vindictive, trying to frame Great Qin for this. If they did not give Great Qin an explanation, Great Qin would move out against them to restore their reputation with blood.