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 Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to agree to protect the White Lotus Sect. After all, they had a lot of value, and even though Zhao Fu also wanted to get rid of them by the roots, his sight was no longer set within the Legacy Land but outside of it.

He did not care much about the White Lotus Sect anymore; Great Qin could destroy it at any time, so it would not be bad to protect it for now and use it to annoy others.

Moreover, they had provided Great Qin with a lot of intelligence. However, after working with Flower Moon, Great Qin already had comprehensive intelligence, and it did not need the White Lotus Sect. However, Zhao Fu decided to protect it to keep it as a chess piece in the future.

As long as people did not betray him, he would not betray them, so it was only right to show some mercy to the White Lotus Sect.

He chatted with his previous class president in QQ for a while and found that his development had been quite fast. In just a short while, he had become the leader of around 20,000 people. Zhao Fu had not helped much, only providing a bit of resources; he had achieved all of this by himself.

As the real world became more and more chaotic, the ordinary people also sensed that something was off. Even though the various authorities gave all sorts of explanations, the situation was becoming worse and worse, and the real world would collapse sooner or later.

Zhao Fu could not help but think of a few people. Now that it was so chaotic outside, should he bring them to the Ying family and have the Ying family protect them?

Most of these people had helped Zhao Fu in the past, so he did not want anything bad to happen to them. As such, he made a list of names and handed it to his bodyguard, giving the order to have them brought to the Ying family's territory to be protected if they wished.

After returning to the Heaven Awaken World, Great Qin was still processing the digestion of the new regions. They were rapidly building more houses and handing out rations; this would take a while, so Zhao Fu could only wait.

A week later, Great Qin had settled in most of the new residents. The debate between Great Qin and the eastern side was still just as intense; the eastern side continuously argued that Great Qin was shameless and cunning, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

In response, Great Qin vigorously rebutted them, stating that the eastern side was filled with treacherous and vindictive people who were trying to defame Great Qin. It claimed that they were jealous of how powerful Great Qin and that they wanted to destroy Great Qin every day.

At the start, most people were interested in hearing the argument between the two sides, but as time went on, they started to care less and less and placed their attention on other matters. Just like that, no one cared much about this matter anymore.

It could be said that by resolving things like this, they had avoided countless deaths and injuries; right now, Great Qin did not have complete confidence to fight with so many factions.

In actuality, Zhao Fu did not favor such tactics; he more so preferred direct fighting where the winner was the king and the loser was the beggar.

However, there were simply too many enemies, and Zhao Fu did not have the confidence to face all of them. If he could use this sort of method to avoid the deaths of many of his soldiers, he was willing to do so. Zhao Fu's soldiers' lives took top priority, so he was willing to use various methods.

Even though they were simply arguing for now, Zhao Fu still planned to find an opportunity to destroy those factions. However, he could not do so now, as he would attract too much attention and Great Qin would not be able to explain this.

Now, it was time to carry out their second plan.

They first found regions to lay their hands on in the southern and western sides and set up A large number of teleportation channels there. This time, their goal was to be as stealthy as possible; they could not afford to reveal anything.

For this purpose, Zhao Fu bought many Intermediate Isolation Barriers and Advanced Isolation Barriers from the outside world, making all teleportation channels and things that could break through restrictions all useless. At the same time, Zhao Fu added another 400 City Lords to the operation to prevent against anything unexpected.

Of course, they could not take over too many regions, or they would attract too much attention. As such, Zhao Fu only planned to secretly take over one region per day.

At night, Great Qin's forces headed towards the region they had chosen. The City Lords wore cloaks and hid their auras, and one million Stage 2 soldiers prepared to clean up the scene after them.

None of the people in this region sensed the impending danger. This region was afflicted by snowstorms, and even though it was winter, the weather was incredibly cold and everywhere was filled with snow and ice. The four system main cities found it incredibly difficult to defend against natural disasters.

There were no players within the system main cities due to the conflicts between the indigenous residents and players. In order to fully defend against the natural disasters without having to also deal with chaos within the city, all of the players had been expelled, making some players quite dissatisfied.

Because it was so cold, once one lay within one's warm bed, it was easy for them to fall asleep. Now that it was quite late, all four City Lords lay in their beds and fell into a deep sleep.

Suddenly, a powerful aura exploded out, shocking countless people out of their sleep. They opened their eyes and felt as if their bodies were weighed down by a massive rock - this was the might from 100 City Lords joining together, instantly suppressing countless people.

Within a City Hall, a middle-aged man with beard stubble looked at the 100 or so black-cloaked figures in the air in despair. He did not have the strength to fight against 100 City Lords, and facing such massive strength, he immediately knew that he was finished.

At the same time, he wondered just who these people were and why they had suddenly attacked his city.

"Will you surrender?" the person leading the group asked.

The middle-aged man could only choose to submit. Following this, he could not help but feel curious and ask, "Just who are you all?"

The person in the lead did not answer his question, only saying, "When you reach that place, you'll understand."

This team's operation went quite smoothly, but another team faced some problems: the City Lord chose to resist and was killed, while the soldiers and residents also resisted. Some people also tried to escape using teleportation channels but found that they were unusable.

Great Qin had activated a large number of Isolation Barriers, completely blocking off this region from other regions. All teleportation channels in this region became ineffective.

Finally, that city was suppressed by the 100 City Lords. 60,000 of the Stage 1 soldiers had died, and 100,000 or so of the residents had died. After suppressing this city, the 100 City Lords directly flew into the sky and spread out their senses to make sure there would not be anything unexpected.

Following this, Great Qin's soldiers arrived and started to transport the people to Great Qin and cleaned up the blood and corpses, getting rid of any evidence that people had been here.

After this one night, this entire region had become deathly silent. The four system main cities of this region had all disappeared without a sound.

Because there were not many players here and ordinary indigenous residents very rarely visited other regions, no one sensed that anything had happened.

Only after the City Lords and their residents reached Great Qin did they realize who was behind all of this. Thinking about how righteous Great Qin had made itself seem, all of them could not help but sigh and feel stupid for believing it.