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 After taking over 40 regions, the 800 City Lords gathered into four teams that was each led by a General. They continued to wildly attack the regions around those they had already taken over, and soon, they had conquered 62 regions.

By now, things were getting dangerous, as news had started to spread about Great Qin's invasion. Countless City Lords quickly gathered, and soon, Great Qin would receive retaliation from countless City Lords.

The eastern factions' City Lords had never thought that Great Qin would attack so suddenly and move out 800 City Lords as well. That was equivalent to 200 regions' City Lords.

Even though many City Lords were able to react in time, some of them were incredibly close to the regions that had been taken over or were even the next target. With their strength, they would not be able to stop Great Qin's ferocious assault at all.

As such, they could only strategically retreat. For those who were too close to where Great Qin was invading, the City Lords only had time to relocate the city and leave by themselves, leaving behind the residents and soldiers.

It would be completely impossible for them to bring their residents and soldiers - each system main city had roughly 4.5 million people, so it would be impossible for such a number to be transported in such a short period of time.

Because Great Qin had only mobilized its high-grade forces, there were not many soldiers. However, they were incredibly mobile and fast - by the time many of these City Lords wanted to relocate their cities, Great Qin's people had already arrived. For others, they were only able to transport half of their residents before Great Qin arrived.

Under the immense pressure and threat of their soldiers and residents dying, most of the City Lords were forced to submit. Some of the City Lords were savage enough to abandon their residents and soldiers, running away by themselves. Whenever that happened, the soldiers' and residents' Loyalty would plummet, making it very easy for Great Qin to take them in.

Great Qin continued to unrestrainedly attack the various regions, and countless City Lords continuously arrived, hoping to join together to resist Great Qin.

By now, Great Qin had already taken over 84 regions and was forced to stop. There were too many City Lords gathered together now, and Great Qin could not continue to act so recklessly. As such, Zhao Fu decided to stop and quickly digest these regions.

Both sides gave off terrifying auras and faced off against each other, but neither side wanted to attack first.

The eastern side only had about 100 or so more City Lords than Great Qin's side. Now that Great Qin had stopped, they did not dare to attack, as they would suffer heavy casualties. No one wanted to die, so they just wanted to gather together and pressure Great Qin to back off.

On the other hand, Great Qin faced off against the eastern side City Lords without any intention of attacking, as they were quickly transporting people to Great Qin as they stalled for time.

Zhao Fu fully used his Vision sense, and seeing that more and more City Lords were gathering, Zhao Fu could only give the order to retreat. They had to give up on digesting some of the regions that they had not finished going through yet.

Otherwise, if the eastern side City Lords attacked, Great Qin would suffer a great loss. Their numbers already greatly exceeded that of Great Qin's, and there were still more City Lords hurrying over. Moreover, most of Great Qin's City Lords' strength was quite ordinary.

Without Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Wei Liao, others who had General Stars, or those who had Legacies, the only advantage that Great Qin had was their Talisman Equipment.

However, just based on the sheer numbers, if the two sides started to fight, Great Qin would definitely lose. Moreover, out of the 84 regions that Great Qin had gone through, they had quickly digested 80%, which was already enough. They could not continue on like this.

Seeing Great Qin retreat, the eastern side City Lords let out a sigh of relief. Some of the City Lords wanted to chase after Great Qin and attack, but there were not enough people. If they went over with only a few people, they would simply be delivering themselves to the enemy, so they could only give up.

Great Qin's sudden attack caused the northern side of the Midland Continent to be quite restless for the entire night. All of the factions had been startled awake at night; it seemed that Great Qin, which had been silent for so long, had suddenly sprung like a ravenous tiger, instantly devouring 80 or so regions.

This not only made the northern side factions feel at risk; all of China started to feel quite anxious. Ordinarily, most factions conquering one region, or even two or three, was already quite impressive.

However, compared to Great Qin, they were simply too weak. Great Qin had suddenly moved out 800 City Lords, which was an incredibly shocking number and made everyone feel terror.

Most of the other Chinese Legatees only had around 100 City Lords, which was eight times less than what Great Qin had. Moreover, this was only based on what Great Qin had revealed; who knew if Great Qin was hiding more of its power?

As Great Qin carried out its operation, the situation in China once again started to change. Dark currents started to flow, as the sleeping dragon once again opened its eyes and bared its fangs, showing its incredibly dangerous power.

Now that this evil dragon had awoken again, the world was bound to be sent into chaos; no one would experience peace for a long time.

There was nothing no one could do about this; the threat that Great Qin had displayed was simply too great, making countless people feel uneasy. Everyone was forced to make various decisions to defend against any possible attack Great Qin could launch.

Within the Midland Continent, after other nations heard of the recently-awoken Great Qin suddenly destroying 80 or so regions, they also paid great attention to this. They also tried to guess Great Qin's next steps and made preparations in advance.

Early the next morning, various factions from the eastern side held an emergency meeting to resist the violent Great Qin. They described Great Qin as bloodthirsty, barbaric, cruel, and evil and invited all factions to sanction Great Qin together.

In order to have as many people join as possible, anyone had the right to participate in this meeting. Regardless of whether one was an indigenous resident, player, or Outlander, anyone could gather to discuss the plan to stop Great Qin's rampage.

However, Great Qin had responded to the outcries against it - Great Qin's very own Li Si made a public announcement, showing that it was the eastern factions who had maliciously tried to harm Great Qin and had been hostile against Great Qin this entire time.

In order to ensure its own safety, Great Qin had acted in righteousness; after all, had Great Qin attacked a single city that it had good relations with? Great Qin had treated those cities with immense goodwill and given them many resources.

This did not require Great Qin to speak for itself; the cities near Great Qin were evidence of this - Great Qin was willing to live in harmony with everyone, so it hoped that people would not spread vile rumors about it.

Li Si even went so far as to say that anyone who said that Great Qin was bloodthirsty, evil, and barbaric were simply liars and gossipers. If anyone truly believed such ridiculous rumors, they would be incredibly stupid and virtueless people.

Great Qin's rebuttal, filled with righteousness and dignity, shocked all of the eastern factions. Some of them even started to wonder if they were in the wrong.