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A massive explosion sounded out as a ray of light tore across the sky and shot into a City Hall. A suffocatingly-power aura burst forth, shocking the City Lord awake. He immediately rushed out and looked at the figure in the sky.

"I am Great Qin's Legatee. Are you willing to submit to Great Qin?" the figure in the air said with might and domineeringness. The entire city could hear his voice.

An extremely powerful might weighed down on this City Lord's body, giving him a big fright. He used his City Lord Seal's power, but his body still sank downwards as if he was in front of a massive tsunami. His body trembled, and he could not help but feel powerless.

As the paths between regions had been opened up, the surrounding hundreds of regions had heard about Great Qin's name. Tt had risen powerfully and had immense power; ordinary people were not a match for it, causing countless factions to fear it.

However, Great Qin's foreign policies gradually reduced other people's hostility towards it and caused everyone to gradually lower their guard against it.

This person in front of him was Great Qin? He had actually come to ask for his surrender himself, and his strength was indeed monstrous; as expected from Great Qin's ruler. Under Zhao Fu's immense aura, the City Lord understood that he could not withstand even a single blow, so he did not have to think too much.

The City Lord knelt on one knee and shouted, "Luanwu City is willing to submit to Great Qin!"

Now that Zhao Fu had come, the City Lord understood that he was not a match for Zhao Fu, and he did not want to die either, so he could only submit. After all, joining Great Qin was quite good anyway.

He would not have to worry about any natural disasters or other people attacking; many people already knew the benefits of joining Great Qin due to its foreign policies. Great Qin had also invited many City Lords to go and take a look for themselves, which showed just how confident Great Qin was.

"What's your name?" Zhao Fu asked the young man as he looked at him with his terrifying eyes.

The City Lord immediately respectfully replied, "This lowly one is Zhang Quan!"

"Very well, Zhang Quan, you will come with me to convince other City Lords to surrender. There will be people from Great Qin coming later to take over the city."

After saying this, Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and shot into the horizon. Zhang Quan looked quite excited - now that he had joined Great Qin and had an opportunity to help it, his status would be quite high in the future. As such, he also kicked off the ground and turned into a ray of light as he followed behind Zhao Fu.

They were not in a great hurry, so they would always first ask if the other side if they were willing to surrender. If they surrendered, Great Qin would be able to easily take over a city; it was much easier than killing a City Lord, as they would meet a lot of resistance.


Another explosion sounded out as two monstrous auras descended above a City Hall. The terrifying aura was like a gigantic rock that weighed down on everyone's hearts, causing the entire city to fall silent.

This City Lord was a man in his fifties or sixties, and he was also woken up by a shock. He hurriedly picked up his weapon and rushed out, looking at the two powerful figures in the air.

"I am Great Qin's Legatee. Are you willing to submit to Great Qin?" Zhao Fu once again said the same words. His voice was filled with dignity and overbearingness.

Without any surprise, the City Lord chose to submit and followed Zhao Fu to the third city. They unleashed their terrifying auras and landed above the City Hall.

A cruel-looking young man holding a large saber rushed out and shouted, "Who are you all? How dare you make a ruckus in Darkroam City!"

This time, Zhao Fu did not speak; he had two followers now, so he did not have to do this himself anymore. Beside him, Zhang Quan coldly harrumphed and said, "This is Great Qin's Legatee. You now have two choices: either submit or die!"

"Hahaha..." the cruel-looking young man loudly laughed, "I won't submit to anyone; you can all piss off! Otherwise, don't blame me for not holding back!"

Zhang Quan and Li Fu, the second City Lord who had surrendered, had cold expressions and wanted to attack for Zhao Fu. This was a good opportunity to show their allegiance to Zhao Fu - after all, Zhao Fu was a King and dealing with such a person was below him.

However, Zhao Fu did not care much and attacked first. The Great Qin Seal within his body slightly trembled as a massive power gathered at his fingertip. He pointed at the cruel-looking young man, causing a black ray of energy to shoot towards him.

Feeling this massive power, the cruel-looking young man's expression fell, and he too exploded out with a powerful aura. Traces of aura flowed out and gathered into a ten or so meter long black panther that leaped as it sprang towards the black energy.


The black energy pierced through the black leopard, causing it to dissipate into traces of qi. However, the black ray of energy had been greatly weakened, and the cruel-looking young man swung his saber, slashing apart the black ray of energy.

After blocking this terrifying attack, the cruel-looking young man loudly laughed and looked at Zhao Fu mockingly. Zhang Quan and Li Fu felt quite complicated; this cruel-looking young man was not weak at all and was stronger than them.

Facing the cruel-looking young man's mocking, Zhao Fu smiled condescending and suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed at the air. The cruel-looking young man felt as if he had been gripped by a massive hand and immediately roared as he struggled.

However, Zhao Fu slightly twisted with his hand, and the cruel-looking young man screamed as his body was twisted like a pretzel. Blood flowed out from his orifices as he died horribly.

Even though Zhang Quan and Li Fu had expected Zhao Fu to be able to easily kill this cruel-looking young man, the horrifying way in which he had died made them feel incredibly fearful. If they had not submitted, that was what would have happened to them. They would have been easily killed just like an ant.

"Your Majesty, what should we do?" After the City Lord died, a large number of soldiers hurried over. Zhang Quan's attitude became even more respectful as he asked.

Zhao Fu looked at the soldiers charging over furiously and calmly replied, "Relocate the system main city; there will be people coming later to deal with them."

It was only natural for some City Lords to resist; not all of them would choose to surrender. Zhao Fu had expected this, so he had made preparations. Soon, Stage 2 and Stage 3 soldiers would arrive to suppress them. Zhao Fu did not choose to use Stage 1 soldiers, as he wanted to use more powerful soldiers to directly suppress them.

This would make them feel despair and reduce their struggling, making it easier for them to submit.

Zhao Fu's plan went quite successfully, and he easily obtained nine system main cities. However, he did not stop and fearlessly continued.

The other teams also did quite well. As the 20 City Lords descended on various system main cities, the auras they gave off were not weaker than Zhao Fu's and had more of an oppressive aura that caused the people to feel more fear.

The system main cities either submitted or were directly destroyed. Any female City Lords who refused to surrender were suppressed and brought back to Great Qin.

Just like that, Great Qin domineeringly swept through everything in front of them without any hesitation. It aggressively took down city after city, causing the entire eastern side to feel incredibly shocked, forcing them to quickly react.