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 A few days later, a warm breeze blew as sunlight fell on all sorts of green plants - it was now March, and the Legacy Land once again welcomed spring in.

Zhao Fu's wounds had fully healed, and his subordinates had refined the Vile Dynasty's Generals' bodies, obtaining a few Innate Talent Blood Crystals. Zhao Fu gave these to those who had been with him for the longest, which were Old Logue, Daisy, Zhang Dahu, and Xiao Jian.

After obtaining more corpses, Zhao Fu would give some to Saar, Doke, and Chen Man as well.

Great Qin now controlled 160 regions and had 1,112 Great Cities, 30 Cities, 240 Towns, and 22,489 Villages.

Great Qin's population had risen to 570 million, and they now had 80 million soldiers. 60 million or so of them had reached Stage 1, 22 million or so of them had reached Stage 2, 200,000 or so of them had reached Stage 3, 8,000 or so of them had reached Stage 4, and the Generals had mostly reached Stage 5.

Now, with Great Qin's strength, Zhao Fu felt that they could go out and do things. He had hesitated before because he was worried that the various system main cities allied together would be too powerful, but he felt that Great Qin's strength was sufficient now.

However, he still had to make some preparations and prepare some defenses. Once Great Qin bared its fangs, it would make many enemies, so Great Qin had to think about defense first.

The Great Qin City was already a Level 4 Capital City and still lacked two levels until it could establish a Kingdom, so Zhao Fu wanted to speed this up. He wanted to establish his Kingdom as soon as possible to allow Great Qin to sweep across everything in its way in this world.

Within the main hall, all of Zhao Fu's Generals and Ministers were lined up in two lines with a red carpet down the middle.

Zhao Fu sat above on his imperial throne, giving off a ruler's aura as he said, "Who has any suggestions for our upcoming battles?"

Wei Liao stood out and gave a slight smile as he said, "Your Majesty, this subordinate suggests that Great Qin should not target the nearby Cities and should instead target Cities further away. This will make things easier for Great Qin.

"First, Great Qin will be able to maintain friendly relations with the nearby Cities. Second, Great Qin's strength will place great pressure on countless Cities. If they realize how powerful Great Qin is, they will most likely submit. Third, those who feel threatened will come to attack Great Qin. If they know that there are Cities with friendly relations with Great Qin, they will attack those Cities first.

"The Cities who are attacked will have two options: to either submit to Great Qin or join the other side. Either scenario is beneficial to Great Qin: joining Great Qin would be for the best, but even if they join the other side, given how well Great Qin has treated them, Great Qin will be able to attack them with perfect justification."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded before asking, "Who has any differing opinions to General Wei Liao?"

Many of the Generals and Ministers below nodded and agreed with Wei Liao's suggestion. At that moment, Wang Jian stepped out and cupped his hands as he said, "Your Majesty, this subordinate also has a suggestion. Great Qin's strength is not sufficient to face all of the northern regions. We do not know just how many Cities will retaliate, so we should make preparations for the worst.

"As such, this subordinate does not support General Wei's suggestion wholly; rather, we should hide our identity and gradually destroy those far away while maintaining friendly relations with those close to us. We will first need to construct a large number of teleportation channels to silently wipe away the regions one by one.

"We don't need too many, or else we will attract too much attention. At the same time, the regions we choose should be as far away as possible to reduce our risk."

Hearing Wang Jian's thoughts, Zhao Fu nodded. Even though this would take a lot of time and be quite complicated, it was the safest and most cautious method.

"Your Majesty, the two Generals' plans will be revealed at some point, so Great Qin should focus on defenses first. Once the countless Cities attack, if Great Qin is not prepared, we will definitely be broken through," Sun Hanxiang cupped her hands as she also stepped out and spoke.

Zhao Fu replied, "Indeed, I will have people lay down a large number of traps and construct defensive formations and restrictions. What does everyone think of the two Generals' proposals?"

Everyone fell quiet as they considered the costs and benefits of both plans while Zhao Fu also thought to himself.

The white-clothed Bai Qi stepped forward and said seriously, "Your Majesty, this subordinate believes that you can combine both plans to make up for the shortcomings of each. General Wei's proposal is fast and will allow Great Qin to obtain great benefits quickly, but it is too risky. General Wang's proposal is safe, but it is too slow and may be found out by some intelligent people.

"I believe that Great Qin can attack in three directions; I will attack one direction using General Wei's plan, while the other two directions can be attacked using General Wang's plan.

"This way, the pressure on Great Qin will be greatly reduced, and it will reduce the suspicions towards Great Qin. After all, if Great Qin is already battling against some factions, it would naturally not have enough time and resources to attack other factions. Great Qin can also put the blame on others.

"This will allow Great Qin to obtain great benefits and allay suspicion, and it can even pretend to help the other two directions being attacked to increase goodwill. This will allow Great Qin to just focus on a single direction if it so chooses."

Zhao Fu could not help but smile - this plan was incredibly sinister and cunning, and Zhao Fu had not expected Bai Qi to be able to come up with such a plan. However, any plan that could kill enemies and obtain victory was a good plan.

After thinking some more and asking the others, Zhao Fu decided to use Bai Qi's plan.

After making careful preparations, Great Qin did not hide its identity and instead make it very obvious that they were attacking the eastern side. They chose the eastern side because the factions there were stronger and would be a pain to deal with in the future, so it would be better to deal with them now.

Zhao Fu did not send out his full army and only planned to send 800 City Lords. He had 20 City Lords in a team, and this operation was not a lightning battle, as they had constructed a large number of teleportation channels to prepare to move a large number of people.

This would take a lot of time, so it was best for Great Qin to let them know that it was Great Qin doing this. On one hand, it showed the strength of Great Qin; of course, this was not Great Qin's true strength, as they had not even revealed their Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders. On the other hand, the more high-profile they were here, the less suspicion they would attract elsewhere.

It was another moonless and starless night, and the 800 City Lords split into 40 teams and simultaneously attacked 40 or so regions. Zhao Fu also participated, moving by himself.