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 After pulling the barely-alive Zhao Fu into her embrace, Tuoba Qing stretched out a hand and placed it on Zhao Fu's forehead. A blood-red rune flowed out of Tuoba Qing's hand and entered Zhao Fu's forehead. Immediately, a powerful wave of life energy quickly healed Zhao Fu's wounds.

Zhao Fu's fangs, horns, and claws gradually disappeared, and the Chaos Imperial Star also receded into the sky; everything returned to normal.

Zhao Fu's consciousness gradually returned, and he feebly opened his eyes. Seeing Tuoba Qing in front of him, he was given a big fright, but seeing that there was tenderness in her eyes, he relaxed and weakly called out, "Lil Qing!"

Tuoba Qing nodded and gave her normal, warm smile and said slightly apologetically, "I'm sorry husband. I just recovered my memories and I never thought I would become your woman and do those embarrassing things with you, so I felt some killing intent and went a bit too far."

Zhao Fu could not really understand what was going on, and his mind felt quite chaotic. Tuoba Qing seemed to have returned to her normal state but understood what she had just done.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu could only bitterly laugh. The Origin Race's power was not something he could resist; he knew that the golden dragon greatly respected and feared the Origin Race as well.

"Husband, do you not forgive me?" Seeing Zhao Fu bitterly laugh, Tuoba Qing felt quite apologetic because she had not been fully in control of herself in that state. It was indeed as if she had become a different person.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled as he shook his head, saying, "I was just beaten up by you; I can accept that."

Tuoba Qing's face became slightly red, and she smiled before suddenly thinking about something and saying, "Husband, I put an Origin Mark in your body; with this mark, you'll have a chance to obtain the Origin Bloodline. Also, I need to go now, so please take care of Wu Qing and the others."

Zhao Fu had somewhat expected this, but he still said reluctantly, "Do you have to leave?"

Tuoba Qing lightly nodded and said, "My memories have returned, and thank you for repairing the Desolate Blood Mask. If I stay here, some people's attention will be attracted to this place, and they might wipe out the entire human world. I must lave.

"At the same time, there are many things I need to do. I also want to find a way to restore my power - right now, my power is less than 1% of what it was before, so I need to quickly recover."

Hearing that this massive power was not even 1% of her original power, Zhao Fu could not help but feel incredibly shocked. However, thinking about the fact that Tuoba Qing was about to leave, he could not help but sadly sigh.

Tuoba Qing somewhat shyly kissed Zhao Fu on the cheek as she comforted him, saying, "Husband, there'll still be a chance for us to meet in the future; if you're strong enough, I'll stay by your side, so make sure you work hard!"

Zhao Fu could only bitterly smile, and he said goodbye to Tuoba Qing. Following this, Tuoba Qing waved her hand, and the space in front of her seemed to be torn like a sheet of paper. Tuoba Qing stepped into the void and disappeared, leaving behind Zhao Fu standing there.

After Tuoba Qing left, the golden dragon said with great joy, "Zhao Fu, boy, you're simply too lucky! You obtained the Origin Race's mark! Even my Heaven Murder Empire's imperial clan could not do such a thing."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and asked, "Is the Origin Mark that important?"

The golden dragon laughed as it replied, "Of course; that's something that countless peak-level figures can only dream of having. With this mark, it's possible for you to obtain the Origin Bloodline. Normally, the Holy Heaven Bloodlines are the limit for most races, and they cannot be upgraded in a person's lifetime.

"However, the Origin Mark is extremely important to the Origin Race, as they can only split off their Origin once and give the Origin Mark to another person once.

"You saw that power just now, right? Compared to the Origin Race's power, a Holy Heaven Bloodline is just like a three-year-old, while a Sovereign Bloodline is just trash."

Thinking about that power that made him feel immense despair, Zhao Fu could not help but sigh. Even though he had given his body to the Chaos Imperial Star and gained a massive amount of power, facing Tuoba Qing, who had Human's Power, he had been taken down instantly.

Following this, the other Generals quickly arrived; the shockwaves from before made it so that they did not dare to come close at all. After sensing that the battle was over, they had quickly hurried over, and looking at the aftermath of the battle, they could not help but feel incredibly shocked and worried.

However, seeing that Zhao Fu was fine, they let out a sigh of relief.

Wang Jian walked up and cupped his hands as he said caringly, "Your Majesty, are you alright? Are your injuries serious? Also, Concubine Qing..."

Zhao Fu turned to look at his subordinates and lightly shook his head as he said, "I'm fine. Also, the matter about Concubine Qing is to be kept as a secret of Great Qin; anyone who discusses any information about her will be severely punished!"

Now that Zhao Fu knew of Tuoba Qing's identity, he naturally needed to keep it a secret in order to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

At that moment, a General came to report that the Legatees wanted to meet Zhao Fu. They had felt the terrifying aura from Great Qin and thought that something had happened, so they had quickly come. However, when they were about to cross the Great Wall, they were stopped by the Generals there.

Now that things were over, they were a bit late. Zhao Fu nodded and had people bring them to the Great Qin Palace.

Seeing the majestic palace, the Legatees could not help but feel shocked. They were all far away from establishing a Kingdom, as that took a lot of time and effort. Since Great Qin already had a palace, didn't that mean that it would be establishing a Kingdom soon? Thinking about this, they felt even more shocked.

They came to a large hall and saw the slightly-pale Zhao Fu, who asked, "What is it, everyone?"

Seeing how pale and feeble Zhao Fu looked, the Legatees were sure that something big had happened at Great Qin. Tina Pendragon asked, "Great Qin's Legatee, what were those abnormal signs just then?"

Of course, Zhao Fu could not tell them the whole truth, so he smiled and just said that it was only a small matter.

The Legatees did not believe this at all. As they came closer to Great Qin, they could sense an immense aura of destruction that caused their hearts to uncontrollably tremble. If it wasn't for the fact that this aura could cause great harm to the human world, they would not even dare to come close.

However, it seemed that Great Qin had already dealt with this, and since Zhao Fu did not want to say, they could not force him to answer. As such, they could only leave.

They also took this opportunity to somewhat take a look at Great Qin's strength, and they were shocked to find that Great Qin was indeed about to establish a Kingdom. Great Qin was about to establish the human world's first Kingdom.

After sending off the Legatees, Zhao Fu started to recover from his wounds and gave the order for the Vile Dynasty's Generals' corpses to be refined.