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 Zhao Fu returned to the refining building and looked at the young woman called Erling, feeling quite surprised. Erling's expression was quite cold, and she turned her head aside, but Zhao Fu did not care about her attitude. Zhao Fu brought her out of the Xianyang Region and went to the nearby Green Province. There, he re-established the Vile Dynasty City.

Following this, he made Erling the City Lord and planted a Six Desires Demonic Seed within her body. Since he had made her the City Lord, he had to fully control her.

After finishing this matter, Zhao Fu ordered his people to start preparing the restoration of the Desolate Blood Mask. Back when he had first obtained a Desolate Blood Mask Shard, he had thought that it had been the shard of a Nation Armament; after all, even the description described it to be a shard of a Nation Armament.

However, after Tuoba Qing had awakened her bloodline, the shard had started to change, and the golden dragon said it was not just a Nation Armament but something that surpassed Emperor Heaven Armaments.

Zhao Fu did not know what was going on, but perhaps after restoring it, he would be able to learn more about it. As such, he quickly called Tuoba Qing over.

Now, Tuoba Qing's eyes were blood-red, and she looked incredibly bewitching and beautiful. However, her personality was still quite pure and simple. After hearing they were going to repair the Desolate Blood Mask, she felt incredibly happy as she felt a great sense of familiarity toward the Desolate Blood Mask.

Repairing the Desolate Blood Mask was different from refining a Nation Armament, but it also required the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.

First, it required the blood of at least 100,000 people, and it had to be people with bloodlines related to Tuoba Qing's bloodline. After such a long time, the various Cities, Towns, and Villages had spawned enough people.

This was because Zhao Fu had made Tuoba Qing the City Lord of a City, and he made the people it spawned the Mayors and Village Chiefs of Towns and Villages. This way, they had spawned 180,000 people already.

Zhao Fu ordered the 180,000 people to gather together and give a bit of their blood, which he collected. Even though they only needed the blood of 100,000 people, it was better to have as much as possible.

After collecting the blood, Zhao Fu took out the four Desolate Blood Mask Shards and brought Tuoba Qing to the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation. This time, they were not using Fate to perform a Great World Refinement but a Blood Refinement.

Zhao Fu first placed the four shards at the center of the formation before placing buckets of blood nearby. Zhao Fu told Tuoba Qing the way to go about the refinement and told her to repair the mask according to her own methods. This required Tuoba Qing to do it by herself, and Zhao Fu could not help much.

After hearing Zhao Fu's words, Tuoba Qing nodded earnestly and went to the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation and activated it. The energy stones around it disintegrated as the magic formation was activated, and the four shards at the center were lifted by formless energy.

At that moment, Tuoba Qing's expression became serious, and she performed hand seals as a blood-red aura continuously rose up from her body.

Following this, she stretched her snow-white hands toward the four shards and lightly cried out. The blood in the buckets seemed to be controlled by energy and flowed towards the four shards, which formed a ten-meter wide ball of blood.

Tuoba Qing took out a dagger and slit her palm, causing blood to flow out. Her blood was also controlled and entered the ball of blood.

Immediately, the ball of blood gave off an intense blood-red light, and a terrifying power spread out like a wave. The sky seemed to dim and become completely dark. Without a trace of light, everyone felt quite afraid.

Suddenly, the ball of blood gave off a monstrous aura and turned into a ray of light as it shot into the sky. It gave off blood-red light that covered as far as the eye could see, looking like a blood-red sun in the sky.

"Husband, I can't keep controlling it!" Tuoba Qing's expression fell as she felt the ball of blood was slipping out of her control.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to do something, a blood-red light covered Tuoba Qing and lifted her into the blood-red sun in the sky. Immediately, the blood-red sun became 1,000 meters wide, and an even brighter blood-red light spread out.

Zhao Fu's expression became quite startled; things had spun out of control. Zhao Fu looked at the blood-red sun in the sky and wanted to stop it, but the golden dragon suddenly said, "Don't do anything!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu could only remain still and hurriedly ask, "What's going on?"

The golden dragon replied, "Before, I said her identity was quite extraordinary, and even I have no idea what's going on. However, I can sense the world's source energy gathering; this is not the human world's power but the actual Heaven Awaken World's source energy. You're unable to stop it right now with your power; if you touch it, you'll die!"

The entire human world became so dark that it was impossible to see their hands in front of them. The blood-red sun in the sky expanded to 10,000 meters and shined down on the entire world.

Countless people looked at the blood-red sun in confusion. An indescribable might gradually descended on the world, and countless beings felt their bodies sink. It was as if their hearts were gripped by a pair of big hands and made it impossible for them to breathe.

Within the blood-red sun, Tuoba Qing seemed to have fainted. The four shards gave off intense lights and gradually moved towards each other until they formed a complete mask.

This mask seemed to be made out of wood and only had holes for eyes. There were two intersecting traces of blood on the mask, which gave off an ancient aura. After it repaired itself, it floated towards the unconscious Tuoba Qing and put itself on her face.

Immediately, a pair of cold blood-red eyes flew open, and a shocking explosion rang out. The blood-red sun seemed to explode, causing everyone who was staring at it to be blinded.

An extremely terrifying aura spread out, and the experts in the surrounding worlds all sensed something. Their expressions became serious as they looked towards the human world.

Meanwhile, at the distant center of the Heaven Awaken World and within ruins, there were eight crystals floating in mid-air. These crystals were gigantic and bigger than mountains; even while standing in the distance, one would not be able to see them in their entirety.

Suddenly, one of the crystals slightly trembled. It was a blood-red crystal. Instantly, the weather greatly changed at the center of the Heaven Awaken World and the lighting became dim.

Countless old monsters who had been sleeping for tens of thousands of years suddenly woke up and opened their eyes; their terrifying power caused the heavens and earth to seem to shatter. All creatures trembled under their might, and even true Emperors could not help but tremble.

At that moment, the gigantic blood-red crystal suddenly became calm again, and all abnormal signs disappeared as if nothing had happened.

Zhao Fu could not help but gulp as he looked at that familiar yet unfamiliar girl in the sky who seemed to reign above everything. The Origin Race's power was not something an ordinary person could imagine.

At that moment, Tuoba Qing's terrifying blood-red eyes slowly turned towards Zhao Fu, causing his hair to stand on end. His soul uncontrollably trembled as a wave of fear he had never felt before rushed out of his heart.

The golden dragon cried out, "Zhao Fu, hurry and run!"