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 This trace of the world's source energy was a rainbow-colored ball as big as a bean. Even though it was incredibly small, the power it gave off was incredibly monstrous - more than over 1,000 Destruction Crystals combined. That was how terrifying the world's source energy was.

However, this trace of source energy was not for Zhao Fu to use; it was for the World-Cleansing Butterfly. After Zhao Fu had become the World Protector, he had been rewarded with his own egg. Ever since he had obtained the egg, it had shown no signs of hatching despite Zhao Fu using medicine to speed up the incubation process.

The effects were negligible or non-existent. This was because the World-Cleansing Butterfly was a World Beast created using the world's Fate. They were very rare even within the Heaven Awaken World, and ordinary medicines would naturally be useless.

Zhao Fu placed Great Qin's Demon Saber in the City Hall next to the City Heart. This allowed it to be nourished by the Great Qin's Fate. Then, he took out the egg and slowly fused the trace of the world's source energy into the egg.

Immediately, Zhao Fu felt a powerful lifeforce from within the egg. The weather started to change as countless traces of Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi started to gather, and the egg's aura became more and more terrifying.

The world seemed to go quiet as all beasts whether tigers, lions, or wolves within China's territory all obediently lay on the ground, instinctively feeling terrified. The wind stopped blowing, and the light seemed to freeze.

At that moment, the human world's Legatees also sensed this wave of power and turned their gazes toward where Great Qin was.

The egg was now floating in the air, and a tiny figure moved about within it. Following this, a little black head poked itself out of the top of the shell and curiously looked around. After finding there was no danger, it dragged its entire body out.

The rainbow-colored shell turned into dust and disappeared, and a chubby caterpillar that was one finger length long floated in mid-air.

After sensing Zhao Fu's aura, the little caterpillar happily flew over to Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu sensed a consciousness trying to communicate with him.

However, because the caterpillar had just been born, it did not know anything and could not express itself very well. Zhao Fu could not understand it, but he could sense it was very happy and excited, and it felt quite the affection towards him.

Zhao Fu smiled and held out a Stage 5 Spirit Pill that he had bought in the outside world. The little fellow swallowed it in one gulp before looking at Zhao Fu with its round black eyes. She seemed to want more.

Following this, Zhao Fu took out another ten or so Stage 5 Spirit Pills, and the little caterpillar gulped them all down before looking satisfied. It then lazily made its way into Zhao Fu's clothes to sleep.

Now that the World-Cleansing Butterfly had hatched, it was up to Zhao Fu to raise it. The World-Cleansing Butterfly's potential definitely surpassed the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon. After it matured in the future, it would be more powerful than the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon, but raising it would be quite difficult.

If a Stage 1 beast devoured a Stage 5 Spirit Pill, its body would explode, killing the beast. However, the little caterpillar had eaten about ten in order to be satisfied. It seemed he would have to feed it many treasures in the future to help it grow.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to give the little caterpillar a name. He decided to base it off its actual name and call it 'Cleansing Butterfly.'

After deciding on its name, Zhao Fu took it out from his clothes and said its name a few times. The little caterpillar did not seem to understand what Zhao Fu was saying. But, because it felt very close to Zhao Fu, it quickly started to respond.

After playing with it for a bit, Zhao Fu put it back into his clothes. Because it had just hatched, the World-Cleansing Butterfly was still quite sleepy.

By now, the 20 or so women within the refining building had regained some strength, but their faces were still quite flushed. A beautiful woman said, "Empress, should we agree to what he said?"

Hearing her words, a young woman said with tears, "We'll never submit to him; and, he's a human! He's an enemy of the Dark Demon world, and our Vile Dynasty was destroyed by him. It's better for us to die than to submit to him!"

"Ai!" A more mature woman sighed before saying, "It's not easy to die. There are restrictions in our bodies that stop us from even dying. Moreover, our bodies were just taken by him, and we could not resist him at all!"

"I actually feel submitting to him would not be too bad since things are already like this, and we can't do anything about it. Moreover, he's so strong; it's the first time I've felt such pleasure before," a woman with a fairly licentious aura said.

After hearing her say this, the other women's faces became red, and they looked at her angrily. She knew there was no way for them to refute what she had said, so she lightly harrumphed and laid on the warm jade to rest.

The woman who was referred to as the Empress was a cold-looking woman. She was Ughr's mother. After thinking for a while, she finally said, "The fact stands that the Vile Dynasty has perished. We can not change that. We need to think about the future.

"If we anger him, he won't kill us, but he'll think of ways to torture us. Do you really want to live like that? Moreover, it's better for the Vile Dynasty City to be in our hands than in someone else's; that way, we'll be able to stand within Great Qin."

All of the women fell silent. None of them wanted to live a life worse than death, so they all calmly considered what they should do. In the end, they could only comply and look to the princesses. They had the purest bloodlines, so they would be the best choices for being the City Lord."

"Ling'Er, you have the best aptitude here, and your bloodline is the purest; he'll most likely let you become the City Lord. What do you think?" the Empress said to a young woman.

This young woman was one of the women who had tried to seduce Zhao Fu to buy time. Her expression was cold as she thought to herself, feeling quite complicated.

The other women did not say anything and waited for her to reply. They would be depending on her in the future, and without her help, the rest of them would be quite pitiful.

In the end, the young woman called Erling nodded and agreed, causing everyone else to sigh in relief.

After hearing they had agreed to his proposal, Zhao Fu felt quite pleased. For ordinary Cities, Zhao Fu could casually choose a Dark Demon person to be the City Lord. However, as one of Great Qin's three Capital Cities, Zhao Fu had to find a suitable City Lord to properly wield its power.

Only someone with the Vile Dynasty's bloodline could properly wield the Vile Dynasty City's power. And for Zhao Fu, it was easier to have women submit to him than men; if it was a man, he would hate Zhao Fu to death and would never submit after knowing his female relatives had been taken by Zhao Fu.

As such, Zhao Fu could not choose a man to be the City Lord of the Vile Dynasty City.