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 The reason why they believed Ye Cang's words was because he seemed to know a lot about the outside world - more than them, at least - making it likely for him to actually have a relationship with a faction outside.

If what Ye Cang was true, that faction would be incredibly terrifying. Just a small team had such immense strength, and if they sent over a few teams, the Dark Demon world would never know peace again.

Even though they still had some doubts, it was best to take what Ye Cang was saying seriously. If that faction really did exist and they stupidly opposed him, that faction might send out a few teams to destroy them like the Vile Dynasty had been destroyed.

The chains from just then had nearly sealed them, and everyone could tell how terrifying they were. Naturally, none of them wanted to try to undo the seal again.

However, facing Ye Cang, who had borrowed power from a faction from a different world, their expressions were quite unsightly. There were traces of fear, disgust, and fury.

Suddenly, an enchanting woman said, "Was that faction how you were able to take control of the Night Dynasty in a single night?"

Hearing this, everyone realized how Ye Cang had been able to take over the Night Dynasty. If he had the support of that faction, it would make complete sense.

Ye Cang lightly laughed but did not reply.

The enchanting woman coldly harrumphed, "I hope you look clearly at your identity and your race. If you do anything that harms the Dark Demon world, we'll kill you even if it costs us our own lives!"

After saying this, the woman turned into a ray of light and shot into the horizon. The other people also left, as there was not much more they could do. They mainly feared that faction standing behind Ye Cang, and since it was the Vile Dynasty who had attacked first, they could not say much about this matter.

They could only give Ye Cang a warning, remind him about his identity, and tell him not to be a traitor to the Dark Demon world.

Ye Cang lightly chuckled and did not pay much mind to their worlds. After all, Zhao Fu was a human, so how could he betray them? Following this, Ye Cang returned to the banquet.

Back at Great Qin, Zhao Fu's subordinates reported to him their shocking gains. They had obtained 203 Cities, including 1 Capital City, which fulfilled the requirements to level up the Great Qin City into a Royal City. The EXP they had gained now pushed the Great Qin City halfway to its next level.

After leveling up the Great Qin City another two levels, the Great Qin empire would be restored - it would not just be an empty name but would be a true empire again.

There were now three things for Zhao Fu to do: re-establish the Vile Dynasty City, refine its Nation Armament, and restore the Desolate Blood Mask.

Zhao Fu decided to put aside re-establishing the city for now; he would refine its Nation Armament first. The Dark Demon world residents and Vile Dynasty women required for refining the Nation Armament had already been gathered.

Zhao Fu just took out 100,000 people form the Night Dynasty's indigenous residents. Now that the Night Dynasty had 60 million people, having 100,000 less would not make a difference.

Also, when Zhao Fu destroyed the Vile Dynasty, his subordinates had captured 20 or so women. Within them, they included Ughr's mother, a few concubines, and a few princesses. They also captured a few concubines from branch families and a few of Ughr's women.

Zhao Fu also brought back the women who had tried to seduce him; they no longer looked flirtatious and instead looked incredibly hateful and furious.

Zhao Fu first made these people Concubines; in actuality, capturing these women was the best way of obtaining Phoenix Qi. They had captured many of them and all of them had quite a lot of Phoenix Qi. After making them Concubines, countless traces of golden Phoenix Qi rose up from their bodies and was absorbed by the Emperor Phoenix Statue.

The Emperor Phoenix Statue was now 400 meters wide and gave off a powerful aura that could almost rival a Nation Armament.

Zhao Fu brought the women into the refining building, which was the place for refining Nation Armaments. It was a three-story building that was even bigger than before and much more luxurious-looking. The ground was made using warm jade that gave off a faint warmth.

After bringing them in and a wave of moans sounded out, Zhao Fu put on his clothes again and went before the Demon King Ancestral Saber that was no longer struggling, and he took it to the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.

Zhao Fu once again gathered Bai Qi and the other Generals; this was the second time Great Qin was refining a Nation Armament, so Zhao Fu was quite excited.

Zhao Fu placed the Demon King Ancestral Saber into the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation and looked at the Generals. The Generals all nodded, sending a massive amount of Fate into the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation. The Heaven and Earth Refining Formation started to absorb the boundless Fate and give off a faint light.


A massive explosion sounded out as a rainbow-colored pillar of light shot up into the clouds. Countless traces of Heaven and Earth Fate madly gathered, causing wild gales to blow and for the heavens and earth to grow dim.

As the enormous amount of Fate continuously gathered, it was gradually compressed, and an extremely terrifying aura spread out in the sky. The entire northern side of the Midland Continent once again experienced a wave of terrifying power. They immediately knew who was doing this and were not too surprised; they had long since become used to such things.

Finally, as the countless traces of Fate were condensed, they formed a 100-meter tall cauldron that gave off a rainbow-colored light. This cauldron gave off immense might and could cause anyone to tremble in its presence.

Following this, everyone continued to send Fate into the magic formation, and the massive cauldron shook as a formless flame lit up within the cauldron, starting to refine the Demon King Ancestral Saber.

As the Demon King Ancestral Saber was refined, the Vile Dynasty's aura started to leave it, and it gave off a faint demonic light and a shocking aura.

At that moment, the 100,000 Dark Demon world residents knelt on the ground, and Great Qin Fate rose up from the ground, flooding into the rainbow-colored cauldron. The formless flames absorbed Great Qin's Fate and instantly became black flames, and the Demon King Ancestral Saber also absorbed Great Qin's Fate.

Time gradually passed, and the rainbow-colored cauldron, which gave off immense might, turned into countless traces of Fate and dissipated. A saber giving off soul-devouring demonic light appeared in the sky, its terrifying power making countless people feel afraid.

At that moment, the demonic saber slowly descended and floated in mid-air above the formation. Its appearance did not change much; it was still quite long and thin and gave off eerie demonic qi, but there was now Qin script on the blade.

Apart from the demonic intent it had before, it also now had a trace of mysteriousness and nobleness. Now, it was a Nation Armament of Great Qin, and Zhao Fu named it the Great Qin Demon Saber.

The saber's root in demonic qi could not be changed, even if it became a Nation Armament of Great Qin. However, its demonic qi was reduced and had fused with Great Qin's killing aura, making it even stronger than before.

After destroying the Vile Dynasty, which had been one of the more powerful Dynasties of the Dark Demon world, Great Qin had obtained an ocean of Fate, making Zhao Fu feel quite joyful. This was especially because it was a Dynasty from an enemy world, so the human world gave him a trace of its source energy.