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 Because the dust had not yet settled, Zhao Fu did not dare to act yet. He would do so after everything had settled down.

The one who felt the most regret was the Demon Path Sect. The Sect Master and the Ancestors' expressions were all quite unsightly. They had never thought that Ye Cang would be able to control such a terrifying faction. He would be able to sweep across the whole world and was simply invincible.

In front of the Night Dynasty, the Demon Path Sect was completely defenseless. Thinking about the things they had done in the past, they had undoubtedly angered the Night Dynasty. They now had ample reason to destroy the Demon Path Sect, and this caused the entire Demon Path Sect to fall into terror.

The Sect Master and Ancestors could not help but think about Mo Yao'Er. For the safety of the Demon Path Sect, they could only thicken their faces and admit that they were wrong. They hoped that Mo Yao'Er would go and help restore relations between them.

Originally, Mo Yao'Er did not want to go, as she had desperately tried to convince them to help the Night Dynasty, but they had adamantly refused. They had even said that she was infatuated with Ye Cang and could not see the situation for what it was.

She had felt quite angry, as there was already someone she was thinking about day and night; she felt nothing towards Ye Cang at all.

However, in the end, Mo Yao'Er agreed to go to the Night Dynasty. The scenes of the Ancestors weeping bitterly was simply too pitiful, and her father, who loved her dearly, had also squeezed out a few tears. As such, Mo Yao'Er could only agree.

Mo Yao'Er also wondered how Ye Cang could have such a powerful faction under his control. After thinking about it, Mo Yao'Er could not help but think of that man.

Now, Ye Cang had his people collect the spoils. There was a massive amount of equipment, money, and resources. They did not lose many people either, only four million or so.

Within the real world, Ye Cang ordered his subordinates to be wary as it was possible for them to be attacked in the real world. However, he did not worry too much about the Vile Dynasty.

Even though it was possible to teleport from continent to continent in the Dark Demon world's real world, it was incredibly expensive, and teleporting a few people was already quite difficult. It would be impossible for them to send a large army to attack the Night Dynasty. If this wasn't the case, the Vile Dynasty might have already started to attack the Night Dynasty in the real world.

If that had happened, things would have been very bad for the Night Dynasty, as Zhao Fu could not go to their real world to help. The only thing he could do was bring all of the Night Dynasty's subjects into the Heaven Awaken World, but the downside was that they would die true deaths if they died again.

Also, after the Vile Dynasty's Ancestors and important figures had died in the Heaven Awaken World, various cliques started to fight for power within the Vile Dynasty, making them not as much of a threat anymore.

Of course, Ye Cang accepted the goodwill that the various factions showed, and the Night Dynasty now stood at the peak of the Dark Demon world. It was incredibly lively and jubilant at the Night Dynasty, but the world's Legatees all looked quite grim.

They realized that the faction that had helped Ye Cang definitely was not from the Dark Demon world. Even though they had tried to cover it up, they could not fool the Legatees. After all, there was not such a powerful faction in the Dark Demon world.

Also, another thing was that the most important person, Ughr, was missing. However, he was not dead - as one of the Legatees, they could sense this.

Afterward, they heard from people who had died and returned to the real world that Ughr had been sealed underground using chains by an incredibly terrifying existence.

That terrifying existence was incredibly powerful and seemed like a god. No one had been able to see his appearance clearly, but his shocking eyes could be clearly seen and made one feel as if they had fallen into hell. Even after using his Nation Armament, Ughr had been easily taken down by that figure.

This definitely was not something that an ordinary person could do. Ughr ranked third out of the Legatees, and now that he had been defeated so easily, the other Legatees felt incredibly unsettled.

After his battle with the Spirit Light world's World Protector, Mo Qi was still in closed-door training to recuperate. They could not count on him to help.

That unknown existence made it difficult for all of them to eat or sleep. All of the Legatees were afraid that the terrifying existence would suddenly appear before them. When that happened, none of them would be able to escape.

At that moment, an elegant-looking young man, the Legatee of the Nether King Dynasty, received some news and said, "I know where Ughr is; he was forcefully sealed and should be where the Vile Dynasty and the Night Dynasty fought!"

Hearing this, everyone felt quite delighted. If they could find Ughr, they could find more information about that terrifying faction. Following this, the Legatees went to the place of the battle and immediately found the sealed area.

Seeing the seal, the bald-headed elder said, "Let this old man give it a try!"

After saying this, the elder took out a staff that was covered with runes and gave off a strange light. He came down to the ground and found the center of the seal and stabbed the staff into the ground, causing the runes to seem to come to life.

Instantly, a black mark appeared on the ground, and just as the bald-headed elder was about to move onto the next step, the enchanting woman seemed to detect something and cried out, "Hurry and leave!"

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of countless chains rang out as the Legatees an immense danger. All of their heads stood on end, and none of them hesitated to turn into rays of light to shoot into the sky.

At that moment, thousands of chains burst out of the ground, giving off shocking sounds. However, the Legatees reacted fast enough and were barely able to escape the chains.

"Hahaha..." Light laughter sounded out, and the Legatees were startled to see Ye Cang appear.

"You're a traitor to the Dark Demon race; you actually allied with someone from another world to harm our race!" the bald-headed elder said furiously.

Ye Cang's smile disappeared as he said, "Should I have just let the Vile Dynasty destroy the Night Dynasty then? Who cares if we're the same race? The Vile Dynasty wanted to destroy the Night Dynasty, so of course I can use another faction to destroy the Vile Dynasty!

"Also, I advise that you don't anger that faction. I'm sure you've realized how small and pitiful you are in front of them. Let me tell you now that that faction spans across 50 or so factions and that they are not someone you can afford to offend. The people who entered the Dark Demon world are but a small team from that faction, and there are tens of thousands of such small teams.

"Now, do you understand how terrifying they are? They're not a faction that a new world like ours can resist. I advise you all to be careful; otherwise, you won't even know how you died."

Of course, Zhao Fu said these things to make the Night Dynasty seem even more mysterious and have others fear it more. He made up this mysterious faction to make it impossible for them to guess that they were actually the humans who they looked down on so much.

Just as expected, Zhao Fu's words caused the Legatees' expressions to become incredibly serious and for them to feel greatly shocked.