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 A muscular middle-aged man stood in the air with a few others and spoke through the barrier, "Sir, who are you and why do you have such enmity with the Vile Dynasty? If you are willing to stop attacking the Vile Dynasty City, we will do our best to comply with any of your demands."

Zhao Fu's side was not in a hurry to attack. His City Lords wore black cloaks and used Demon Stones to hide their auras, standing in the air around the Vile Dynasty City and locking it down completely.

Hearing the middle-aged man's words, Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said, "I want your Vile Dynasty to submit to me and give me control of everything. Right now, I am your King, so your only choice is to submit. Do you understand?"

Hearing these domineering and unreasonable words, flames of fury appeared in the middle-aged man's eyes, but he endured it. His goal was simply to stall for time so that the others could destroy the City Hall's defensive barrier.

"Can I think about it?" the middle-aged man pretended to hesitate before asking.

Zhao Fu nodded. He knew that they were stalling for time, but Zhao Fu was also waiting. As more and more Vile Dynasty residents died, the City Lord Seal's resistance would grow weaker and weaker.

This magic formation was extremely powerful; after all, it was a formation for protecting the most important City. The Demon King image also had the ability to attack, but for safety, it was in a defensive mode and was supported by 20 million residents.

It was also protected by various restrictions, so Zhao Fu and his City Lords would not be able to break through them quickly. As such, Zhao Fu did not try for now.

The middle-aged man thought for a while before saying apologetically, "This is an important matter, so I need to go and discuss it with the others."

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, not caring too much.

Following this, a few beautiful women flew up into the air. All of them were tall and slim and had snow-white skin, looking extremely sexy. They said bewitchingly, "Sir, there are many people in the branch families of the Vile Dynasty, and their opinions all differ. However, there are many people who are willing to submit, but we'll need some time to convince them. My sisters and I will serve you in the meantime; we're all princesses of the Vile Dynasty!"

Zhao Fu did not trust them at all. Even though they said that they were willing to submit, there were still many people quickly hitting the defensive barrier around the City Hall; how could Zhao Fu trust them?

However, the City Lord Seal's resistance was growing weaker and weaker, and soon, he would be able to fully control it. Since this was the case, Zhao Fu decided to play around with them.

"Sure, but how will you come out?" Zhao Fu said as he smiled.

"Ah, that's right, we forgot! Can you please wait a while? After they've finished discussing and remove the formation, we'll do everything we can to satisfy you," one of the women said flirtatiously.


After being continuously attacked by countless people, the defensive barrier finally slightly cracked. The Vile Dynasty's people were delighted and continued to wildly attack, causing the cracks to spread.

The women continued to flirt with Zhao Fu to the best of their abilities. However, Zhao Fu suddenly laughed completely unexpectedly.

In the next instant, Zhao Fu's body turned into a ray of light and shot towards the Vile Dynasty City's City Hall. This startled the few women, but thinking about the magic formation, they were confident that Zhao Fu could not enter.

However, something surprising happened - the formation and restrictions did not stop Zhao Fu at all. Zhao Fu easily passed through and shot into the black energy barrier. This caused the Vile Dynasty's royal clan to feel greatly dismayed, and they madly attacked the defensive barrier.


A shattering sound rang out as the powerful defensive barrier exploded into pieces.

The Vile Dynasty's countless people hurriedly rushed towards the City Hall, praying that they were not too late.


A demonic ray of light shot to the sky, causing the Vile Dynasty's Fate to gather. A savage-looking demonic dragon appeared and gave off a mournful cry as its body turned into demonic light and disappeared.

Immediately, the Vile Dynasty's countless people's hearts plummeted. Their faces were covered with despair as if they had lost their souls - the Vile Dynasty had perished!

A figure burst through the roof of the City Hall and gave off a mighty aura as he stood in the air. The Demon King image and countless barriers and restrictions had all been removed by Zhao Fu, and black-cloaked figures started to enter the Vile Dynasty City.

"Kill everyone in the royal clan and take away some of the women. Act quickly!" Zhao Fu's voice sounded out coldly, and Great Qin's countless City Lords exploded out with terrifying auras as they flew towards the people from the royal clan and started to slaughter them.

Wyverns also started to fly into the Vile Dynasty City to massacre the Vile Dynasty's residents using their flames and icy blasts.

Even though there were many residents, they were like ants and were easily slaughtered by Great Qin's forces. In later times, this event would be recorded in Dark Demon history as the 'Great Slaughter of the Vile Dynasty'.

After a round of razing, killing, and pillaging, Zhao Fu did not dare to stay any longer and quickly returned to the human world with his people.

Not too long after Zhao Fu left, the Dark Demon world's Legatees quickly came. Looking at the ruins and corpses, their expressions were incredibly unsightly.

This matter shook the entire Dark Demon world, and those who had not known about the battle between the Vile Dynasty and Night Dynasty now heard about it.

The powerful Vile Dynasty had actually been destroyed - as one of the largest factions in the Dark Demon world, its sudden demise caused countless factions to feel panicked. Just who had destroyed it? Had the World Protector acted against the Vile Dynasty?

At first, they had thought that it was Mo Qi who had done this. However, they later found out that it was actually done by the Night Dynasty. In that moment, Ye Cang's name rang throughout the entire Dark Demon world.

Everyone soon heard that the Vile Dynasty had allied with four factions but had still lost pitifully. No one thought that such a thing could happen.

What shocked them even more was that they had heard that 900 or so City Lords had descended like gods, and there were even Wyverns that breathed flames and icy blasts. That sort of force seemed to be able to sweep across the entire world; surely even the Dark Demon world's number one sect, the Demon Heaven Sect, would not have such power.

This was simply too terrifying, and some people suspected that this news was fake. The Night Dynasty, which had been ranked tenth or so, instantly rose to the most prominent position.

Countless people started to send gifts and express their goodwill. In just an instant, representatives from most of the Dark Demon world had come to visit the Night Dynasty.

The higher-ups of the four factions who had fought with the Night Dynasty all had incredibly pale faces, and their eyes were filled with terror. This time, they had all lost around half of their forces.

In actuality, they had been lucky enough to avoid calamity. Because Zhao Fu had been in a rush, Zhao Fu did not have time to destroy these four factions after destroying the Vile Dynasty. After all, if the world's Legatees arrived, things would become quite troublesome - even if Zhao Fu did not fear them, he feared the world's power.

However, Zhao Fu had the Cities they conquered relocated. This was done by the Night Dynasty's City Lords. Now that those four factions had been greatly weakened, Zhao Fu wanted to find an opportunity to destroy them.