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 After the elderly man yelled out, a trace of aura rushed into the sky, and everyone else seemed to sense something and also yelled, "We are subjects of the Vile Dynasty; we will only be loyal to the Vile Dynasty!"

Traces of aura also rose up from their bodies and swarmed towards the Vile Dynasty City. The City Heart seemed to detect these voices and continuously trembled, exploding out with a black light that covered the surrounding 10,000 meters and giving off a massive sound.

The City Lord Seal in Zhao Fu's hand gave off demonic light and continuously trembled, retaliating against Zhao Fu's orders. Zhao Fu felt quite startled and sent in even more of his Emperor's Power and yelled, "All official positions are revoked and all commoners are hereby listed as criminals and are to be expelled!"

The 35 pillars of black light became even more intense and gave off even more power, trying to expel the Vile Dynasty's countless residents. However, the residents loudly yelled, desperately retaliating against that power.

Hearing those voices, the City Lord Seal continued to resist Zhao Fu's orders, and even exploded out with power and tried to escape Zhao Fu's grasp.

The Vile Dynasty City controlled 35 regions, so it had the power to expel these residents. However, Zhao Fu was not the Vile Dynasty City's true master, and the City Heart sensed the will of the residents and resisted Zhao Fu's commands.

The Vile Demon City had many formations and barriers, and Zhao Fu wanted to expel these people to make it easier to obtain the Vile Demon City. However, this had produced the opposite effect.

The will of the people was simply too strong, and the City Lord Seal violently resisted in Zhao Fu's hands, refusing to carry out the orders. Zhao Fu was unable to control it at all, so he could only use force to suppress it for now.

He had to deal with this as quickly as possible, as he was still within the Dark Demon world. Every minute spent here made his situation more dangerous, so he could not afford to waste any time.

The Vile Dynasty originally had 240 million people, and after losing 40 million soldiers, they still had 200 million residents. Apart from those who were in other places or those who were not in the Heaven Awaken World, they had, at most, 150 million people within the Vile Dynasty's territory.

These residents certainly were not as strong as soldiers, and players were only a bit stronger than indigenous residents, so they were overall quite weak.

Luckily, Zhao Fu had some contingency plans - his Disaster King Ring flashed with a black light as the ten Disaster Cavalrymen, giving off an aura of disaster, appeared.

"What are your commands, Your Majesty?" After appearing, the ten Disaster cavalry half-knelt and lowered their heads, looking extremely respectful. The Disaster Cavalry's strength was now at Stage 5, as they had absorbed oceans of deathly aura from all of the big battles they had participated in.

The more powerful they were, the more intelligent they became. Now, they had an ordinary person's intellect, and Zhao Fu wanted to fuse a City Lord Seal into their bodies to make them even stronger. However, he found that this was not possible, as they were ring spirits of the Disaster King Ring.

"Start up the Undead Disaster!" Zhao Fu said. The ten Disaster Cavalry got up and drew the black swords at their waists, causing ten pillars of light to shoot into the sky. A massive vortex of deathly aura appeared as a black magic formation could be seen.

Zhao Fu started to take out corpses from his spatial ring. These corpses were from the battle between the Spirit Light race and Dark Demon race.

Zhao Fu scattered the 50 million corpses across the 35 regions, creating a lot of panic and confusion. He had set them all free near Cities.

The City Walls of these Cites had been destroyed by Zhao Fu's command, and he had taken away the City Hearts of those Cities. Countless Skeletons rushed into the Cities, starting a massive massacre while the Vile Dynasty's residents desperately retaliated.

Zhao Fu had to be fast, as this would definitely be noticed by others. Zhao Fu did not hesitate and threw out 100 or so Spirit Pet Rings, causing lights to flash out.

"Roarrr!!" Dragon roars tore through the sky as Wyverns appeared in the sky. There were 1,300 of them, giving off a massive dragon's might, causing all creatures in this region to lay powerless on the ground as they trembled.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Under Zhao Fu's command, these Wyverns beat their wings, creating massive airflows as they flew towards different Cities.

The Vile Dynasty's residents were doing alright against the Skeletons, as there were not too many Skeletons and they were not very strong. However, a few powerful auras suddenly descended, bringing with them berserk gales.

The countless people looked at the 100 meter long Wyverns in the sky in terror, causing their bodies to freeze up.

"Roarrr!!" The Wyverns gave off massive roars and reared their heads back as they shot out flames or icy blasts. The searing flames easily razed everything in their path, and the chilling icy blasts froze people instantly.

The scene at each City became incredibly chaotic, and everyone was filled with fear. The various formations they had set up started to collapse, and cries sounded out everywhere. Some people even started to run away in terror.

The Wyverns rampaged about in the air, burning and freezing everything in their path. Everywhere they went, the places would be filled with both flames and ice.

The Vile Dynasty's residents drew their bows, shooting out arrows towards the Wyverns. However, only small clinking sounds could be heard as the arrows hit the Wyverns, not even leaving a mark. This made all of the Vile Dynasty's residents feel despair.

Let alone these ordinary residents, even Stage 1 soldiers would find it very hard to wound these Wyverns. After all, Wyverns already had powerful defenses, and after going through mutations, Great Qin's Wyverns were comparable to Stage 7 Dragons.

The Wyverns continuously shot out flames and icy blasts while countless Skeletons attacked the Vile Dynasty's residents below. The Vile Dynasty's residents continuously died in a one-sided slaughter, and no one could escape.

Pitiful cries continuously sounded out and the Vile Dynasty was dyed in blood. It was as if the Vile Dynasty had become hell itself, filled with despair, terror, and death.

Above the Vile Dynasty City, Zhao Fu and his City Lords descended like gods and looked at the people within the City.

During this moment of crisis, the entire royal clan had headed over. There were still 20 million residents in the Vile Dynasty City and some soldiers. They had activated a magic formation, causing there to now be a Demon King image in the air that protected the City.

Apart from this formation, there were countless restrictions and barriers that formed a tough defense. If Zhao Fu could use the Vile Dynasty City's City Lord Seal, he would be able to get rid of these things easily, but it refused to be controlled by him, so he could only use brute force.

Now, the City Hall was covered by a black energy barrier, and there were many people attacking it. The City Heart had gone into self-protection mode, and these people were trying to break the barrier to gain control over the City again.