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 After temporarily sealing Ughr, Zhao Fu turned his terrifying gaze to the remaining enemy City Lords. Those City Lords felt a chill within their hearts, and their bodies trembled as if they were naked during winter. It was an uncontrollable shaking out of fear.

Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and shot towards a few Ancestor-level figures while Great Qin's City Lords also acted. Ye Cang laughed as he also flew over, and the Night Dynasty's City Lords had their confidence greatly bolstered as they also flew towards the enemy City Lords.

Below, the Night Dynasty's soldiers started to hunt down the remaining enemy soldiers. Because of the terrifying shockwaves, the enemy soldiers were all injured, and their morale had plummeted. They were completely suppressed by the Night Dynasty's soldiers, and some enemy soldiers even started to run away.

After the massive battle, Great Qin killed 203 City Lords; none of them had been able to escape. Great Qin had won a decisive victory, with only a few City Lords being injured.

The vast majority of the enemy soldiers had been killed already, and after dealing with the enemy City Lords, the Night Dynasty and Great Qin's City Lords came to deal with the remaining soldiers. Only a very small portion had been able to escape.

Seeing that the battle was over, Zhao Fu went down into the sealed region and looked at Ughr, who was bound by countless chains. He coldly laughed and gave his body to the golden dragon.

Ughr stared with wide eyes and looked at Zhao Fu vehemently as he cursed, "How the hell did trash like Ye Cang ally with people from another world? Do you know who I am? I'm a Legatee of the Dark Demon world. If you do anything to me, you'll be starting a war between two worlds!"

Even though Zhao Fu had demonic qi covering his aura, after using Great Qin's Fate, Ughr, who was a Legatee of the Dark Demon world, had sensed that Zhao Fu was not someone from the Dark Demon world.

Zhao Fu did not reply to Ughr's words, as his body was currently being controlled by the golden dragon. Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and faced his palm towards Ughr, and 15 centimeter wide magic formations floated out in front of his hand.

Ughr sensed something and his expression fell as he yelled, "Stop! Otherwise, I'll definitely kill you!"

However, his yelling made no difference to what Zhao Fu was doing. He grabbed out with his hand, causing a black City Lord Seal and a demonic saber to be sucked out from within Ughr's body by a golden light.

As the two items left Ughr's body, they continuously trembled, wanting to return to his body. However, they were locked down by the golden light, unable to return at all.

This City Lord Seal was twice the size of an ordinary City Lord Seal and gave off dense demonic qi. It seemed to be made of black jade, and it had a squatting demon engraved on it. This was the City Lord Seal of a Level 1 Capital City.

The demonic saber was very slim and was one meter wide. At its hilt, there was an engraving of a two-horned demon. The blade was completely black, and the edge gave off a blood-red light - this was the Vile Dynasty's Nation Armament, the Demon King Ancestral Saber.

Because Ughr had just used it, the golden dragon was able to easily use Ughr's body to draw it out; otherwise, it would have taken a lot of effort.

After locking down these two items, Zhao Fu took out a Reality Fruit. The Reality Fruit floated above Zhao Fu's hand and slowly turned into a mass of crystals. Zhao Fu threw out the crystals, causing them to shoot into Ughr's body, bringing Ughr's body into the real world.

Following this, Zhao Fu did not do anything else and returned to the surface. He controlled Ye Cang's body to descend to the ground and press his palm against the ground, causing countless traces of black substance to spread out from his palm. They formed an octagonal diagram, which was Ye Cang's King's Seal.

After Ye Cang's diagram had formed, it seeped into the ground like it was liquid, forming a final seal.

Zhao Fu could not kill Ughr yet, as he was a Legatee of the world. If he was in fatal danger, he would gain his world's power, making it quite difficult to deal with him.

As such, Zhao Fu could only use Ye Cang's power to form a seal so as to hide this matter and avoid any suspicion.

Looking at the two items in his hands, Zhao Fu could not help but feel incredibly delighted. Now, he only had a single aim, which was to relocate Ughr's City. This city was a Level 1 Capital City, and relocating it would give Great Qin three Capital Cities. After leveling up the Great Qin City two more levels, he would be able to establish a Kingdom.

At that moment, Zhao Fu received news that the Vile Dynasty was still sending soldiers over; it seemed that they did not know the full situation over here. They had thought that their City Lords were in danger, so they had sent over some reinforcements.

Zhao Fu left this to the Night Dynasty to deal with, as the most important thing for him to do right now was to go to the Western Continent to relocate the Vile Dynasty's City. No matter what sort of price he had to pay, Zhao Fu was determined to obtain that city.

As Zhao Fu left with the countless City Lords, the shocked Ancestors came to Ye Cang's side and asked politely and respectfully, "Ye Cang, just who were those people? Does that terrifying cloaked person really only listen to you?"

The Ancestors could not help but feel shocked. Zhao Fu had descended with 900 or so City Lords, and that scene had been far too shocking. A force of 900 City Lords could completely annihilate the Night Dynasty, and they would not have been able to retaliate at all.

If Ye Cang controlled such a force, they would have no objections to him ruling the Night Dynasty at all; they would completely acknowledge him.

Ye Cang lightly smiled and said mysteriously, "Ancestors, you don't have to concern yourself with this; I know what I'm doing!"

Seeing that Ye Cang did not want to disclose anything, the Ancestors knew that they could not do anything about it. However, seeing how confident he seemed, they were able to feel at ease.

Zhao Fu brought his City Lords to the Western Continent and came near the Vile Dynasty, but he was a bit too late. By now, the Vile Dynasty City was under heavy guard.

However, Zhao Fu was not worried at all, because he had the City Lord Seal, giving him all authority. After all, City Lord Seals were the core item of a city, which could allow one to fully control a city. The Vile Dynasty City controlled many regions, so Zhao Fu would be able to control all of that as well.

Even though Zhao Fu was not from the Dark Demon race and conquering the Vile Dynasty's City would not allow him to spawn more people, he could use the City Lord Seal to gain control over various things in the city.

Zhao Fu took out the City Lord Seal, sent his black Emperor's Power into it, and said coldly, "All official positions are revoked, and all commoners are hereby listed as criminals and are to be expelled!"

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Black pillars of light shot up into the sky. The Vile Dynasty controlled 35 regions, and there was a black pillar of light in each one. The countless Vile Dynasty residents all heard Zhao Fu's powerful voice, causing them to all sweat cold sweat - the Vile Dynasty had fallen into someone else's hands.

Following this, a formless power covered their bodies and tried to send them outside of the Vile Dynasty's territory. This caused them to be greatly startled, and the entire Vile Dynasty fell into panic, not knowing what to do.

At that moment, an elderly man with incredibly wrinkled skin and holding a walking stick yelled shakily, "We are subjects of the Vile Dynasty; we will only be loyal to the Vile Dynasty!"