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 They all felt as if they were in a small boat in a massive sea when they felt this monstrous power, and terror spread within their hearts.

The mysterious Skeleton coldly stared at Zhao Fu and started to walk towards him.

Bai Qi and the others had no choice but to summon up the courage to rush at the Skeleton. However, the mysterious Skeleton did not even bother to look at them.

It casually slashed as a massive wave of sword qi engulfed the three of them. Bai Qi and the others desperately tried to defend but were sent flying.

The three of them crashed onto the ground and coughed up blood, causing their bodies to be stained red. They lay powerlessly on the ground and did not even have the strength to stand up. What's more, this was only a casual attack from the mysterious Skeleton, yet it had dealt such heavy injuries to Bai Qi and the others. They were the three most powerful fighters in the Great Qin Village, yet they seemed so weak in front of the mysterious Skeleton.

Swish, swish, swish...

Ballista bolts containing massive force shot towards it, but the mysterious Skeleton coldly harrumphed and slashed with its sword. A crescent-shaped sword qi reduced the countless ballista bolts into dust, and the boundless sword qi did not stop, continuing on towards the ballistae.


The sword qi landed on the 10 ballistae, and a massive explosion rang out as the ballistae exploded into fragments. A 20-meter wide crater appeared on the ground, and two of the Infantrymen who had not been able to escape in time were turned into a bloody mist.

At that moment, a white light soundlessly arrived before the mysterious Skeleton again. Daisy had once again attacked, and the light split into 2, then 3, then 4, then 7 rings of different sizes.

Just as the rings were about to fully take shape, the mysterious Skeleton stabbed them, destroying the 7 rings of light and causing them to dissipate as white motes of light.

Powerful beyond belief. Terror, fear, despair, and helplessness assaulted everyone's hearts. The mysterious Skeleton was not something that they could stop.

The mysterious Skeleton's cold gaze once again fell on Zhao Fu, who was behind the shield wall and many other soldiers. It slowly leaned forwards as its sword hummed and gave off a blinding, golden light.


The mysterious Skeleton lightly pushed against the ground, causing the ground to crack. It flew towards Zhao Fu like a golden ray of light, and all of the soldiers blocked its path to Zhao Fu. However, they were all sent flying, and the mysterious Skeleton came before Zhao Fu. It raised its sword high into the air, preparing to slay Zhao Fu.

"Your Majesty!"

Many of the soldiers coughed up blood and lay paralyzed on the ground. All they could do was watch in terror and cry out at the scene before them.


A shocking explosion sounded out as two bursts of absolute power collided together, resulting in a massive energy shockwave. The ground cracked and collapsed, resulting in a 10-meter wide crater.

Zhao Fu's body gave off a dark, ink-like aura that looked like demonic flames. Zhao Fu's expression was one of dignity and might, and his eyes were completely cold as if he was a different person. The bronze sword in his stand stopped the mysterious Skeleton's attack, and his entire person radiated killing intent.

Zhao Fu had used up a massive amount of Fate to activate the power of the Nation Armament, the Twelve Metal Colossi. He had even used the bronze sword of the Twelve Metal Colossi.

The mysterious Skeleton seemed to be quite shocked because it hadn't expected Zhao Fu to be able to block its killing blow. Sensing dense killing intent from Zhao Fu, the mysterious Skeleton also became serious and retreated 10 meters away.

"Hurry and go!" Zhao Fu looked at his soldiers struggling to their feet, who were preparing to enter the fray. He immediately ordered them to retreat because this was no longer a battle that they could participate in.

They understood how weak they were and that they were no help at all when they heard Zhao Fu's unquestionable tone. As such, they all obeyed and retreated out of the area.

At this moment, the mysterious Skeleton once again attacked Zhao Fu. Its body disappeared and reappeared at Zhao Fu's side, and its sword seemed to contain enough force to shatter mountains as it sliced towards Zhao Fu's waist. In response, Zhao Fu spun and used his sword to block it.


The two swords collided, resulting in a massive metallic collision. Just as Zhao Fu blocked the attack, the mysterious Skeleton suddenly raised its leg and kicked at Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu used his free hand to punch at the mysterious Skeleton.


The leg and fist smashed together, resulting in another massive explosion. Both sides were knocked 10 or so meters away, but Zhao Fu's fist was bleeding, and his blood was dripping to the ground. On the other hand, the mysterious Skeleton seemed completely fine - that was the advantage of not having a fleshly body.

Suddenly, the mysterious Skeleton once again rushed at him, and Zhao Fu no longer remained as passive. He raised his bronze sword and pointed it up as a black aura spiraled around it, and a blood-red spark appeared at the tip of the sword. It rapidly grew bigger and bigger until it formed a gigantic, 10-meter wide fireball, which looked like a blood-red sun, and its destructive aura covered the entire area.

Even the mysterious Skeleton was shocked by this and quickly dodged. Zhao Fu slashed down with his sword, causing the massive fireball to shoot towards the mysterious Skeleton as a blur of red light.


The fireball exploded, and just as it was about to cover the mysterious Skeleton, it turned into 10 or so illusory blurs and avoided the massive fireball.


However, Zhao Fu appeared right before the mysterious Skeleton in the next second, his sword unleashing large amounts of dark sword light. With a full-powered strike, the mysterious Skeleton was sent flying 100 meters away, and it smashed into a wall and caused that section to crack and collapse.

Also immediately, a blur shot out from within the rubble, reaching Zhao Fu in an instant. Zhao Fu was caught off guard, and he quickly used his sword to defend himself.


Zhao Fu felt as if he had been hit by a massive beast, and he was also sent flying 100 meters and hit a wall. Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of blood and wiped his mouth before standing up and looking at the mysterious Skeleton.

At this moment, the mysterious Skeleton was giving off an aura that was 10 times as powerful as before, and it was to the point that its power was becoming corporeal. The air twisted and turned, and the ground slowly sank down. The mysterious Skeleton dragged its golden sword across the ground, which was now almost four meters long. The ground was like tofu, and it was easily split apart by the golden sword.

Under the mysterious Skeleton's monstrous aura of despair, Zhao Fu's body instinctively started to tremble, but he resolutely bit his tongue. Immediately, pain traveled through his body, stopping his trembling. Zhao Fu then gripped the bronze sword and gathered all of his strength.

By now, the mysterious Skeleton had reached Zhao Fu, and it slowly raised its near 4-meter long golden sword and slashed down at Zhao Fu.


The air seemed to be cleaved in two, and the sword qi was like a river that slashed at Zhao Fu. Even though Zhao Fu used all of his strength to defend against the attack, he still seemed incredibly weak and small, and the sword qi slammed him against a wall. Even then, the sword qi continued to blast at him until a crater that was 30 meters deep, which was filled with cuts from the sword qi, was left within the wall.

Within the depths of the crater, Zhao Fu's body was covered with both large and small cuts, and his blood covered his entire body. At this moment, he looked incredibly wretched.