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 Shockwaves turned into berserk gales that swept around, tearing at the ground. Many people were blown away like ants, and many trees were uprooted. Nothing could withstand these massive gales.

The sky was completely covered by sand and dust, and the horrifying explosions sounded out throughout the surrounding ten or so regions.

Even those far away could sense these terrifying shockwaves, and the destructive power caused their hairs to stand on end. Looking at the region covered with sand and dust, all life seemed to have been wiped away.


As the monstrous explosions quietened down and the dust and sand cleared, a loud laugh sounded out from Ye Cang.

There were roughly 200 craters that were ten kilometers wide on the ground, and the ground had been scorched black. There were corpses everywhere, giving off a nauseous gory smell.

Only a small portion of the black tide remained; only those on the outside had survived, and those at the center had all been reduced to corpses.

The massive charge from the attacking army had left the defensive wall covered with cracks, and it looked like it would collapse at any moment. The attacking army's soldiers lay dead on the ground below, while the Night Dynasty's soldiers lay on the other side of the wall, barely surviving those blasts.

The 200 or so craters were from Zhao Fu's 200 or so Destruction Crystals. He originally had 75 of them, and after more than two months, he had obtained another 128. He had used most of them here.

The blasts had all been dropped at the center of the army, killing many people. Out of the army of 60 million soldiers, at least 50 million had died. Those at the very front had survived, numbering roughly seven million, and those at the back numbered roughly three million.

However, because of the shockwaves, all of them were injured, and the battle instantly turned around.

Ye Cang's wild laughter rang throughout the entire battlefield, and the enemy City Lords looked completely dumbfounded. Even the Night Dynasty's City Lords were completely shocked; they had never thought that something like this would happen.

"I'll kill you!" Seeing so many of his people die, Ughr felt as if his eyes were going to explode from anger, and he roared at Zhao Fu.

A demonic saber that gave off a chilling black light, as well as boundless demonic intent, slowly descended. The surrounding 1,000 regions all felt a ferocious demonic intent descend, causing their souls to tremble. This was the Vile Dynasty's Nation Armament - the Demon King Ancestral Sabre!

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive explosions rang out as the other side's 200 or so City Lords exploded out with enormous power. Seeing so many of their soldiers die, they all felt incredibly furious and glared at the Night Dynasty's City Lords as if their looks could kill them.

Their monstrous power made the Night Dynasty's City Lords feel quite afraid, and the five Ancestors felt a chill as well.

"Hahaha..." Ye Cang did not stop laughing as if he did not place them in his eyes at all. It was as if in Ye Cang's eyes, they were all pigs.

This made the enemy City Lords even angrier. Berserk looks appeared on their faces as they rushed towards Ye Cang.

The Night Dynasty's City Lords hearts sank, and they quickly went to surround Ye Cang to defend him. They could not help but feel angry at Ye Cang for madly laughing at a time like this, making the enemy even angrier.

Facing the 200 or so crazed City Lords and Ughr, who had unleashed his Nation Armament, the Night Dynasty's City Lords felt quite discouraged. The five Ancestors' expressions were also quite grim, and it seemed that a massive collision was about to happen.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...

Gigantic explosions continuously sounded out, giving off horrifying auras. Godly people standing in the air slowly appeared, 900 in total, giving off a might that felt like the sky was falling down.

The Night Dynasty's City Lords, the enemy City Lords, and the countless soldiers were all completely terrified. This was the most terrifying power they had ever experienced before.

It was not just the Night Dynasty's City Lords who felt anxious; even the other side's maddened City Lords felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over them, instantly waking them up. Even Ughr's expression was quite unsightly as he looked around.


A black ray of light descended, giving off a shocking might. This person was dressed in a black cloak, and his body was surrounded by demonic qi. Only his pair of ferocious-looking eyes, giving off blood-red light, could be seen.

All of the City Lords' bodies froze; they felt as if they had been gazed at by an extremely frightening beast. They could not tell if this figure was a person or a god.

"I said that you were all seeking death. Kill them all; don't spare a single one!" Ye Cang yelled out, giving off immense killing intent.

Great Qin's City Lords all complied, starting to massacre the enemy's City Lords. The Night Dynasty's City Lords felt as if they had just walked out from hell; their backs were completely soaked with cold sweat. They had never thought that these people would follow Ye Cang's orders.

The people from the other factions had never thought that Ye Cang would have such powerful forces either. Right now, the only thing on their minds was to escape!

Even though the City Lords from the various factions wanted to escape, they were tied down by Great Qin's many City Lords. Ughr turned into a ray of light and shot off into the horizon, not wanting to fight at all. Even though his Nation Armament was incredibly powerful, that power had limits. Facing 900 City Lords, he would definitely die.

Standing beside Ye Cang, Zhao Fu used his real body. His left eye twitched as an immense aura rushed out, causing thousands of chains to fly towards Ughr.

As the countless chains rushed at Ughr, Ughr was greatly startled and did not hesitate to use the Demon King Ancestral Sword. A gigantic saber light slashed out, cutting the incoming chains into segments.

Seeing this, Ughr felt quite pleased and continued to run away. At that moment, City Lord Seals shot out of Zhao Fu's body, turning into rays of light that flew towards Ughr. There were over 1,000 of them and they gave off different-colored lights as they scattered around Ughr.

Ughr did not expect this at all; how could a single person use so many City Lord Seals? This was one of the methods the golden dragon had taught Zhao Fu, to use the City Lord Seals as special equipment. With Zhao Fu's current power, he was unable to use over 1,000 City Lord Seals himself; he had used up a large portion of Great Qin's Fate to do this.

Even though this cost a lot of Fate, Zhao Fu felt that this was worth it. He grabbed at the air, and instantly, a boundless power locked down Ughr's body.

Ughr was given a big fright and desperately struggled, and a demonic flame appeared around his body. He tried to unleash all of his Nation Armament's power, but at that moment, five chains flew out from the ground, binding him in mid-air and dragging him down into the sealed region.