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 Looking at the five Ancestors, Ye Cang coldly harrumphed and said, "The Night Dynasty did not move against them, yet they dare to take the initiative to attack. Since they've acted in this way, we will not hold back either. We will fight this battle and see just who will survive and who will die!"

Hearing this, one of the Ancestors could not help but say, "Ye Cang, the situation is very disadvantageous for us; first off, our forces are less than half of theirs, and we desperately lack high-grade battle power. Right now, we only have 70 or so City Lords, while just the Vile Dynasty alone has 120 or so City Lords. With the other four factions, they probably have 180 or so in total.

"How about we ask for help from other factions? Your relationship with the Demon Path Sect is quite good, so you can try to talk with them. Alternatively, we can try to negotiate with the Vile Dynasty and see if we can come to terms!"

"That's impossible. The Vile Dynasty has already placed pressure on the other factions, and the Demon Path Sect will not help us. If you want something done, do it yourself; don't worry, I have complete confidence. You don't have to worry about anything!" Ye Cang said resolutely and unwaveringly.

The Ancestors could only sigh and shake their heads as they left the room.

Soon, news of the Vile Dynasty coming to attack the Night Dynasty shook the entire Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world. No one had thought that the Vile Dynasty would travel to a completely different continent to attack the Night Dynasty; just how strong was the hatred between them?

All of the other factions prepared themselves for a big show. The matters between the Night Dynasty and Vile Dynasty had nothing to do with them, and none of the other factions could care less about their survival.

From how things seemed, the Night Dynasty was at a great disadvantage, as it not only had to face the Vile Dynasty's attack but four other factions as well. If nothing went horribly wrong, the Night Dynasty would be completely finished. It was a pity that one of the top factions in the Southern Continent would be destroyed just like that.

As the other factions mocked the Night Dynasty or felt pity for it, Ughr had already brought his army close to the Night Dynasty. He gathered with the four other factions, wanting to destroy the Night Dynasty in one fell swoop.

Thinking about the injury and humiliation he had suffered, flames of anger erupted in Ughr's heart - he would not be satisfied if he did not kill that Ye Cang. This time, he wanted to destroy the Night Dynasty as well and make all of its women his slaves to toy with. Only then would his anger be satisfied.

There was also Mo Yao'Er. After destroying the Night Dynasty, he would consider attacking the Demon Path Sect to have that woman serve under him.

When he thought of this, Ughr could not help but loudly laugh.

60 million soldiers gave off a boundless aura and flooded forwards like a black tide. Their terrifying aura created a massive suppressing feeling in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers, and all the birds and beasts had long since run away.

The soldiers below were like a ferocious ocean, while the 200 City Lords above gave off a heaven-shaking aura as they flew.

Because everything had been done in a hurry, the Night Dynasty had not been able to make sufficient preparations and had only been able to construct a seven-meter tall defensive wall. If Stage 2 soldiers jumped with all of their might, they would be able to reach the top; indeed, even Stage 1 soldiers could jump four or five meters high.

Ye Cang brought the Night Dynasty's City Lords and stood in the air, giving off a powerful aura. However, it was evident that Ye Cang's side was weaker, and their expressions were all quite grim.

They were facing 200 City Lords and 14 Ancestor-level figures. Just the Vile Dynasty alone had ten Ancestor-level figures, and the other factions had one each. With their strength, dealing with five or six ordinary City Lords would be no problem at all, and they even had 60 extra City Lords.

Ughr stood in the air and loudly laughed, "Ye Cang, I'll give you one last chance to submit to me as your master and become my servant. Your Night Dynasty also has to submit to me, and you need to surrender to me all of your women and fortunes. If you do that, I'll spare you; otherwise, I'll slaughter the entire Night Dynasty!"

Ye Cang coldly laughed and did not reply to him. He looked at the four factions' Ancestors and said, "After I ascended to power, I have treated you all well. Why have you joined with the Vile Dynasty to attack the Night Dynasty?"

One of the four factions' Ancestors laughed mockingly, "The strong devour the weak; if your Night Dynasty is not strong enough, it should be destroyed. Everything that the Night Dynasty has done to us before, we're going to pay back a hundred times!"

Ye Cang coldly looked at the four Ancestors and said in an extremely cold tone, "If you want to die, don't blame me!"

This caused the four Ancestors to disdainfully laugh; it was evident to them that Ye Cang would be the one dying. Ughr felt even angrier and wanted to rip Ye Cang to shreds, so he immediately attacked.

With him leading them, the other City Lords rushed towards the Night Dynasty's City Lords, and the City Lords of both sides started a massive battle in the air.

As the battle unfolded above, the Vile Dynasty's soldiers also started to charge. They gave off a massive aura as they charged towards the defensive wall, and bloodthirsty roars sounded out deafeningly in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers.

Swish, swish, swish...

The soldiers on the defensive wall shot out terrifying arrows towards the incoming soldiers. The arrows poured down like rain, killing many enemies, but they were unable to slow down the massive black tide at all.

People in black robes stepped out and once again cast their black fog, which spread out towards the ocean of soldiers.

However, the Vile Dynasty's people were ready for this; those charging at the front roared, causing massive amounts of demonic qi to rush out. Images of demons rushed out from their bodies and flew towards the black fog, devouring it quickly.


The massive flood slammed against the defensive wall, and some of the Stage 2 soldiers directly leaped onto it, starting to fight with the Night Dynasty's soldiers. The other soldiers also used various methods to scale the walls and start to attack while the Night Dynasty's soldiers desperately defended.

However, their enemies had a big advantage in numbers and also had Archers who ferociously shot at the defensive wall. The situation was quite grim for the Night Dynasty, and their casualties continuously increased. It seemed that they would be broken through by the Vile Dynasty sooner or later.

Similarly, the battle in the air was not going well for the Night Dynasty either. The Night Dynasty's City Lords were surrounded by the City Lords from the Vile Dynasty and the four other factions. The Night Dynasty's five Ancestors were also completely suppressed and had many injuries; they would not be able to hold on for too long.

Ughr loudly laughed as he attacked Ye Cang, as he had absolute confidence that he would be able to destroy the Night Dynasty. He licked his lips as he said sinisterly to Ye Cang, "I'll cut your flesh off bit by bit later and enjoy it properly!"

Ye Cang coldly laughed as he replied, "Really? Are you sure you've won?"

This made Ughr feel quite confused; victory was almost guaranteed for them, but just as he was about to attack Ye Cang again, a chilling feeling spread out in his heart that he had never felt before.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Shocking explosions sounded out as blinding light devoured everything at the center of the black tide. Everyone was temporarily blinded and the ground continuously trembled as the world was filled with the roars of the explosions.