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 After the middle-aged Elf spoke, the Elf Ministers' expressions became incredibly serious. Emperors were people who stood at the peak of the Heaven Awaken World, and Baronies like theirs did not even have the qualification to put on their shoes for them.

Even though they did not want to admit this, this was the undeniable truth. In front of an Empire, a Barony was just an ant that could be squished to death at any time.

However, why had a person with such a prestigious identity appeared in such a remote place?

When they thought of this, the middle-aged Elf felt quite a bit of pressure and gave orders to gather information on the surrounding worlds. The Ministers immediately went to do this as they understood that now that an Emperor had appeared, it was likely for big events to happen.

On the way back, Zhao Fu helplessly looked at the short fatty clinging onto his leg and said, "Are you going to let go or not?!"

The short fatty vigorously shook his head and pleaded, "Big bro, please take me in! I can refine Stage 5 medicinal pills, and I'll help you refine pills every day. I'll even do chores for you!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt a bit surprised - it seemed that this short fatty was quite capable.

This made Zhao Fu slightly hesitate. He thought about it before saying, "My identity is not as prestigious as you think, and I'll be going to an extremely remote place that you'll never be able to leave. I'm saying this to you now so you don't regret your decision later."

The short fatty immediately gleefully stood up and dusted himself off as he said, "I understand, no problem at all! I have nowhere to go anyways, so I'll be following you from now on, big bro. Also, I'm called Yao Shi."

Zhao Fu nodded and brought him back to Great Qin using a series of teleportation channels. After arriving, Yao Shi looked incredibly shocked. He had never thought that Zhao Fu was actually from the Legacy Land and had not established a Kingdom yet.

However, feeling that incredibly supreme Emperor's might, Yao Shi understood and did not say anything, happily following behind Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu had him go to the Medicine Department, as he felt that Yao Shi would be a great help to them. From everyone else's reactions to the Medicine King world, it seemed that it definitely wasn't any ordinary world.

During the month that Zhao Fu had been in the outside world, another 20 system main cities had joined Great Qin. Great Qin now had 900 Great Cities, and another three regions had become empty regions. Great Qin was currently clearing them out, and they had obtained three Region Treasure Boxes.

Zhao Fu opened the three Region Treasure Boxes without too much expectation, and a wooden shard appeared before him, making him feel ecstatic - it was the final piece of the Desolate Blood Mask.

Now, he could repair the Desolate Blood Mask. Zhao Fu had been waiting for this for a long time, and there had been no information about the Desolate Blood Mask, so he could only rely on luck.

Now that he had finally collected all of the pieces, Zhao Fu immediately called over Tuoba Qing and had her repair the Desolate Blood Mask. However, a piece of information came at that moment, causing Zhao Fu's expression to become grim.

The spies that Zhao Fu had left in the Dark Demon world reported that the factions hostile to the Night Dynasty had suddenly started to move their forces. His spies within the Vile Dynasty - Ughr's Dynasty - had also started to move large numbers of troops.

Zhao Fu understood what was happening; they wanted to join together to destroy the Night Dynasty. It seemed that his conflict with Ughr was going to lead to a battle, and now that the various factions had recovered from the war with the Spirit Light people, they were only too eager to move against the Night Dynasty.

Soon, Mo Yao'Er also sent over a message that the Vile Dynasty and a few other factions were putting pressure on the Demon Path Sect, trying to make them break off their partnership with the Night Dynasty.

Facing this massive pressure, the Demon Path Sect did not want to enter these muddy waters. Even though Mo Yao'Er and the two Ancestors tried to persuade them otherwise, the Sect Master and other Ancestors still decided to break off ties with the Night Dynasty.

After hearing about this, Zhao Fu immediately headed to the Dark Demon world to find out more information.

In the Southern Continent, three Dynasties and one Sect had moved out against the Night Dynasty. They were the four factions with the worst relations with the Night Dynasty, and even though Zhao Fu had tried to maintain neutral relations with them, with the Vile Dynasty inciting disharmony, they decided to work together to destroy the Night Dynasty.

One of the Dynasties was called the Flame Demon Dynasty and had 50 million people and three million soldiers, another was called the Black Dynasty and had 30 million people and two million soldiers, and the final one was called the Demon Light Dynasty and had 40 million people and 2.5 million soldiers.

The Sect was called the Demon Eye Sect and had 20 million people and 1.5 million soldiers.

Because most of these factions were made up of players, who had all sorts of costs and requirements, the expenditures of these factions were quite great. They were not able to develop so quickly like Great Qin, as most of Great Qin's people were indigenous residents.

As such, even though the Night Dynasty had 160 million residents, it only had 12 million soldiers.

The three Dynasties and one Sect had a total of nine million soldiers. Their forces were weaker than the Night Dynasty's, and that was why the Night Dynasty had dared to go against the four of them together.

However, this time there was also the Vile Dynasty. The Vile Dynasty's strength surpassed that of the Night Dynasty's - they had 240 million people and 21 million soldiers.

Of course, it was impossible for them to send out all of their soldiers as they had to keep some to defend. However, the Night Dynasty had to face at least 25 million soldiers.

This allowed Zhao Fu to let out a sigh of relief - it was possible for the Night Dynasty's 12 million soldiers to face off against 25 million soldiers, but soon, a piece of news shattered Zhao Fu's hopes, as the five factions had suddenly increased their forces.

After all, the Dark Demon world was a fairly ancient world, and its residents were very loyal to their own rulers. They would readily comply with any orders, unlike the players from the human world who wanted freedom and self-determination.

This time, the Night Dynasty had to face 60 million soldiers. Zhao Fu had no way of dealing with this, so he paused everything that the night Dynasty was doing and started to prepare defenses. He also increased the Night Dynasty's forces to 30 million soldiers.

Conscripting so many players in such a short period of time put a great deal of pressure on the Night Dynasty. After all, if these players died in battle, they had to be compensated, or else the players' loyalty would greatly plummet. If too many people died, the compensation alone would be a gigantic amount.

The Night Dynasty was under immense pressure, and some people within the Night Dynasty started to feel dissatisfied toward Ye Cang. After all, if Ye Cang had not offended Ughr, this would not have happened.

However, these people were in the minority and most of the Night Dynasty's officials greatly supported Ye Cang. Those who were against him had long since been dealt with by him.

The five Ancestors looked at Ye Cang with worry. It was possible for the Night Dynasty to be destroyed by this force of 60 million soldiers; they were equivalent to one-third of the Night Dynasty's overall population. The ordinary residents would only be slaughtered by soldiers.