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 After hearing this, Zhao Fu also hesitated, but thinking about his Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron, he still decided to give it a try. In the end, 96 people entered the palace. They all had real skills and enough confidence to be able to enter. After all, essentially no one would be able to escape from the palace.

Zhao Fu acted quite plainly and silently followed behind them into a dazzling hall.

The guards who brought them in had them wait here, and they all patiently waited. The people who came here were all quite strong and had a proud aura about them, disdaining to talk to or even look at the people around them.

Zhao Fu kept a low profile and stood by the side, not doing anything as he silently waited.

However, a short fatty suddenly came over and gave a little laugh as he said, "Hey, you're quite amusing, pretending to be some hidden expert. Also, do you really have a way to cure the Prince? It's not any ordinary poison, and even the Frostmoon Empire can't cure it!"

Zhao Fu felt quite speechless. Indeed, he was the only person wearing a cloak here, making him seem quite conspicuous.

"I don't know anything about healing, but I have something that can cure poison," Zhao Fu replied to the short fatty. The short fatty was not an Elf and most likely came from another world, but he could speak Elven.

"Eh? You don't know anything about healing, yet you dare to come here? Without that thing, you would be screwed. However, now that you've met me, you'll be fine."

The short fatty felt quite surprised but then spoke in a pleased tone.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite curious and asked, "Why's that?"

The short fatty gave a pleased laugh and looked around him before moving closer and saying, "I'm someone from the Medicine King world! What, are you shocked? I'll take you in as a little brother; you should know I never take little brothers. I can tell that your aura is quite special, so I guess I'll take you in!"

"Medicine King world?" Zhao Fu asked in confusion.

Hearing this, the short fatty felt quite surprised and asked, "Oi, have you been living under a rock? You haven't even heard of the Medicine King world? The Medicine King world is the world that understands medicine the most in the surrounding 100 or so worlds!"

"Oh," Zhao Fu calmly responded. He had barely left the Legacy Land, so he naturally would not care about worlds so far away, knowing about the situation around the Grassi world was already enough.

Hearing Zhao Fu reply so calmly, the short fatty felt quite dissatisfied and said, "Can't you sound a bit more shocked? We people from the Medicine King world have many holy pills. If you call me big brother, I'll give you a Stage 4 pill!"

Hearing this short fatty's words, Zhao Fu could not help but rap his knuckles on the short fatty's head. The short fatty looked only 15 or 16 years old and wanted Zhao Fu to call him big brother for a Stage 4 pill. He was simply asking for a beating.

The short fatty yelped in pain, and just as he was about to say something, a serious-looking middle-aged Elf walked in with a few bodyguards who gave off powerful auras. He sat on the silver chair above and looked down at everyone, giving off the might of a King, causing everyone to lower their heads and not dare to meet his gaze.

Feeling this terrifying power, Zhao Fu felt quite startled. This was the first time he had met a King with such pure King's Power. His grasp of King's Power was even stronger than Zhao Fu's.

Moreover, his Cultivation was at Stage 9, and even without a City Lord Seal, he would be able to kill a big group of City Lords of Great Cities.

If Zhao Fu did not use any of his other powers, he would not be able to take a single blow from this person. As such, Zhao Fu hurriedly lowered his head and acted respectfully just like everyone else while hiding all of his power.

However, the middle-aged Elf's gaze still fell on Zhao Fu's body, and he slightly smiled as he said, "We never thought that such a distinguished guest would come to Our Kingdom!"

Everyone present felt quite surprised, not understanding what the middle-aged Elf meant. The Elf Ministers beside the middle-aged Elf also did not understand why their King had said such a thing.

Zhao Fu sensed that the middle-aged Elf was looking at him but could feel that there was a sense of kindness within that gaze. As such, he raised his head and prepared to reply.

However, the short fatty next to him grinned bashfully and said first, "Who would have thought Your Majesty would have discovered that I'm from the Medicine King world!"

Hearing that the short fatty said that he was from the Medicine King world, everyone felt quite startled and looked towards him.

However, the middle-aged Elf did not reply to the short fatty and continued to look at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu could only cup his hands respectfully and said, "This lowly one was just passing by and heard that your noble son was afflicted by a strange poison, so I came to see if I could cure him!"

Only then did everyone realize that the middle-aged Elf was talking to Zhao Fu. However, just what was this person's identity for the Elf King to speak so courteously towards him? The short fatty looked at Zhao Fu with wide eyes; he had never thought that Zhao Fu would have such a distinguished identity. Back then, he had only felt that Zhao Fu was a bit special.

The middle-aged Elf slightly smiled and said, "Distinguished guest, Our son's condition is quite serious; please look to him first, and We will properly entertain sir after!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and left with the middle-aged man while everyone stared with open mouths. They could already guess that Zhao Fu's identity was incredibly prestigious, or else the Elf King would not speak so politely.

Zhao Fu followed the middle-aged Elf to a room and saw a young Elf lying there, and he immediately took out the Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron.

The Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron gave off a faint violet light and floated above the bed. The violet light covered the young man lying on the bed, and his face grimaced as traces of black aura started to leave his body.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief. After no more black aura came out of the young man's body, Zhao Fu put away the Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron. From the growth of the Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron just now, he could tell that the poison definitely was not simple at all. After all, the Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron had only become a Level 2 Saint Armament after refining half of the poisons in the human world.

Seeing that the young Elf on the bed was looking much better, the middle-aged Elf was delighted and walked over to check on him. He then smiled at Zhao Fu and cupped his hands as he said, "Thank you, sir, for saving my son!"

Zhao Fu humbly cupped his hands in response. The middle-aged Elf asked Zhao Fu to join them for a banquet to properly thank him and entertain him, and all those who had entered the palace were invited as well.

However, Zhao Fu simply asked for the rewards and prepared to leave. After coming out from the room, the short fatty darted over and hugged Zhao Fu's leg as he cried out, "Big brother! Please take me in as your little brother!"

Zhao Fu pushed him away, but the short fatty did not give up and clung onto him, continuing to follow him.

After Zhao Fu left, the Elf Ministers asked seriously, "Your Majesty, is that person's identity really so prestigious?"

The middle-aged Elf nodded seriously, saying, "His body gives off an Emperor's aura, which reigns above countless Kings. I'm certain of it!"