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 After returning to Great Qin, the first thing Zhao Fu did was re-establish the 260 system main cities. He had also caught some Spirit Light indigenous residents and Dark Demon indigenous residents to become City Lords for them. Now, Great Qin had 880 Cities, which was an incredibly terrifying number.

Zhao Fu felt like it was time to do something about the regions at the borders. However, after thinking about it, he did not have the confidence yet, so he decided to instead properly grow some City Lords for the Fish Scale, Spirit Light, and Dark Demon system main cities and nurture some top-tier forces.

Zhao Fu had only casually chosen some people to be City Lords for now in order to have the system main cities spawn residents. Those City Lords were all quite weak, and Zhao Fu could not count on them to fight.

Luckily, system main cities spawned many people every day, so he would only have to wait a few days to find better-suited people. After giving them some training and resources, they would be capable fighters for him.

In the next few days, Zhao Fu became quite relaxed. He went to take a look at the new Capital City, the Maurya City. Now that it had become a Capital City, it was being expanded to prepare for even more people.

Zhao Fu felt that the Maurya City's strength was slightly weaker than Seven Kill City's strength. It did not have the killing nature of Seven Kill City, so it was naturally not as strong.

However, as a Dynasty Legacy City, the Maurya City's Legacy was quite powerful. It was said that when the Maurya City became a Capital City, a gigantic golden peacock had appeared in the sky and all of the City's residents had obtained more power.

During this period of time, Great Qin had fused together another two General Armaments. One was for Zhang Han's Great Gate Star and the other was for Sun Hanxiang's Voracious Wolf Star.

Now, Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Wei Liao, Sima Cuo, Zhang Han, Meng Tian, Li Mu, Bai Xihan, and Sun Hanxiang had General Armaments.

Great Qin now had nine General Armaments, and Bai Xihan had the Seven Murders Star and Sun Hanxiang had the Voracious Star. If they could find someone with the Army Destroyer Star, Zhao Fu would once again gather the 'Murder Destroyer Wolf' formation. Back when he had gathered it the first time, it had caused Zhao Fu's Myrtle Imperial Star to awaken.

Zhao Fu wondered what would happen if he gathered those three stars again. Zhao Fu felt that between Wei Qing and Xu Liuyi, one of them would most likely awaken the Army Destroyer Star. They would soon be able to gather those three stars again, making Zhao Fu feel quite excited.

Soon, a month had passed, and during that time, Zhao Fu had successfully found some suitable people to become City Lords and had nurtured them greatly.

Zhao Fu also re-built the Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel in Great Qin. He had not left the Legacy Land in a while, and he decided to go out again for a few reasons.

The first reason was to gain information about the battle between the Devil Horn Empire and the various other worlds. Their battle could decide the life of the human race, so Zhao Fu had to obtain information and make preparations.

The second reason was to sell the ridiculous amount of equipment he had. After all, he had obtained three billion sets of equipment from the battle with the Fish Scale people.

Zhao Fu had wanted to sell them in the human world, but because of the natural disasters, there was very low demand and it was quite difficult to transport them. All of the equipment was worth about 18 billion gold coins, which was quite a large fortune.

The third reason was to buy Talisman Stones. Great Qin always lacked Talisman Stones, as they were simply too important to Great Qin. All of their equipment and weapons required Talisman Stones now.

More than half of the Talisman Stones in China had been bought by Great Qin, but Great Qin still only had eight million sets of Talisman Equipment for 80 million soldiers. They had only provided 10% of the soldiers with Talisman Equipment, and if they wanted to buy more, they would have to buy it from outside the Legacy Land.

The Kershi Kingdom had most likely guessed his identity, so Zhao Fu did not dare to step into the Kershi Kingdom again. There was a big difference between those who had established Kingdoms and those who had not; after establishing a Kingdom, one's faction would greatly change.

Zhao Fu quite admired those with Kingdoms, but Great Qin was nearly there itself.

Zhao Fu could not go to the Kershi Kingdom anymore, but there were other places that he could go to. Not only was Zhao Fu going to go to the various Kingdoms in the Grassi world, but he was also going to Lantong Kingdoms and Kingdoms in other worlds.

Zhao Fu planned to open up paths to different worlds and not limit himself to the Grassi world. If he wanted to obtain a large amount of resources, he had to travel to many places.

From the information he had obtained, the Lantong world was the world before the Grassi world; to its left was a Half-Beast world and to its right was an Elf world. The Half-Beast world was the world before the Dark Demon world, and the Elf world was the world before the Fish Scale world.

The Devil Horn Empire was from the world before the Half-Beast world; Zhao Fu would not pay it too much mind until he had dealt with other things first.

Soon, Zhao Fu went to the Moonrest Empire next to the Kershi Kingdom. Even though it called itself an Empire, it was only a Barony.

After entering the Moonrest Empire, Zhao Fu first found some information about the Devil Horn Empire.

The information he obtained was quite good; the Devil Horn Empire, the Lantong people, Grassi people, and Half-Beast people had been at a stalemate because of how powerful the Devil Horn Empire was.

The Lantong, Grassi, and Half-Beast worlds were all under immense pressure from the Devil Horn Empire. One time, there had been a sudden attack from the Devil Horn Empire that had almost broken through the three races' defenses, and facing this massive threat, more factions from those worlds had joined in. Only then had they been able to keep the situation under control.

More importantly, the world before the Devil Horn Empire, the White Corpse race, had also joined in the fray. The White Corpse race was part of the Death Race. They had not intended to join in, but the Devil Horn Empire had been simply too arrogant and domineering, making them feel threatened as well.

The White Corpse race was from the world before the Devil Horn Empire, so its strength was far stronger than the Lantong, Grassi, and Half-Beast worlds. With it also attacking the Devil Horn Empire, the other worlds felt much less pressure.

In the end, the Stone Spirit race next to the Devil Horn Empire also decided to join in. Now, there was no need to worry about the threat of the Devil Horn Empire, as it was being completely suppressed by five other worlds. It was facing a crisis itself and would not be able to invade any more worlds.

The Devil Horn Empire's arrogance had been completely torn down by the other five worlds, and there were even rumors that the five worlds were thinking about invading the Devil Horn Empire.

Now that the Devil Horn Empire had become the one on the defensive, Zhao Fu was able to relax and not feel as much danger.

At the same time, this gave Zhao Fu a reminder to be as low-profile as possible and not to offend too many people. It was best to make friends with some while making enemies with others; the Devil Horn Empire showed that this was quite important.