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 "Follow me and purify these demons!" a Spirit Light commander yelled as he rode on a tall, white horse and led a group of Cavalrymen to charge. The Cavalrymen all gave off white light as they charged on their horses, giving off massive sounds.

They gripped their spears and used their momentum to throw them out, causing whooshing sounds to sound out. The countless spears brought with them white lights as they tore through the air and flew towards the Night Dynasty's defensive wall.

A formless barrier rippled out of the Night Dynasty's defensive wall, but the spears gave off a terrifying Holy Light energy and instantly destroyed the formless barrier.

However, the power of the spears was greatly reduced, and none of them were able to hit the defensive wall. The ground in front of the defensive wall was now covered with spears.

The Cavalrymen once again threw out spears, all of them giving off a faint white light, bringing with them Holy Light energy.

Ye Cang coldly harrumphed and looked over at his Generals. His Generals gave out orders, and people wearing black robes walked out with serious expressions on their faces. They stretched out their hands towards the incoming Cavalry, causing darkness power to gather.

Black diagrams appeared on the ground, and as the countless horses stepped on them, their hooves seemed to be stuck to the ground. Countless horses crashed to the ground and some of their legs were broken, causing them to whinny in pain.

The Cavalrymen on the horses were sent crashing to the ground, causing countless injuries and a lot of chaos.

"Fire!" Ye Cang gave the order and countless Archers let loose arrows, forming a massive arrow rain that caused people's hairs to stand on end. The Cavalrymen who had crashed to the ground were completely defenseless.

Immediately, countless Spirit Light Cavalrymen died and blood flew everywhere. Those who were not dead howled, creating a grisly scene.


Suddenly, rays of Holy Light landed on the Night Dynasty's defensive wall, causing the Nighty Dynasty's soldiers to howl as if they were being burned.

Ye Cang's pupils constricted as he discovered countless Priests dressed in white robes and holding wooden staffs. Under the protection of countless soldiers, they had arrived at the front of the Spirit Light army and were attacking the Night Dynasty.

Taking this opportunity, countless Spirit Light people rushed up to the defensive wall and started to siege it. The Spirit Light people used all sorts of methods to scale the defensive wall, while the Night Dynasty's people continuously used heavy objects and arrows to attack them.

The Night Dynasty's special profession, the people wearing black robes, also attacked with darkness. Black fog, which had extremely destructive properties, started to move towards the Spirit Light people. Anyone who was touched by the black fog would have their bodies fall apart and blood continuously flow out.

In just an instant, countless Spirit Light people died in horrified ways. Wounds opened up all over their bodies and blood dyed their bodies completely.

The Spirit Light side's Priests also attacked the Night Dynasty, resulting in a ferocious battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive explosions sounded out as powerful auras descended. 60 or so City Lords coldly looked at Ye Cang.

Ye Cang did not care at all, and the Night Dynasty's side also erupted with a shocking aura. The Night Dynasty's City Lords all prepared for battle, and the five Ancestors brought with them monstrous auras as they dove into the group of opposing City Lords. With their strength, dealing with five or six of them was no problem at all.

Following this, Zhao Fu also arrived and released his full power to commit a slaughter.

In the end, the Spirit Light people lost three million or so soldiers and 40 or so City Lords, and they retreated to their golden door, no longer attacking. The Night Dynasty lost about one million people and a few City Lords.

Out of the 40 Spirit Light City Lords they had killed, 25 were killed by Zhao Fu. This made the Night Dynasty's other City Lords and Ancestors incredibly terrified, as they now knew that it would be incredibly easy for Zhao Fu to kill them if he wished.

However, it seemed that Zhao Fu only followed Ye Cang's orders, making them feel relieved. Otherwise, they would feel extremely unsettled when around Zhao Fu.

Of course, this was done by Zhao Fu to make them feel at ease. Over the next few days, the battle between the Dark Demon people and the Spirit Light people continued, and both sides continued to send more soldiers. The death toll was now at seven billion people.

The battles between both sides were incredibly intense, making it seem as if the world was going to collapse and everything was going to be destroyed. Many regions were reduced to ruins, and craters covered the ground. Many tall mountains and peaks disappeared, and no grass could be seen on the ground anymore. This was a battle between two truly mighty sides.

The battle between the Dark Demon people and Spirit Light people was on a completely different level to the battle between the humans and the Fish Scale people. Even though the Legatees of both sides did not use their world's power, much of the two worlds' Fate had been used. Over 100 Nation Armaments had been summoned in battle, making it seem as if it was the apocalypse.

This was especially so for the battle between the World Protectors. It was the most terrifying battle Zhao Fu had ever witnessed; back then, Zhao Fu had been with the Night Dynasty, fishing for benefits.

No one would dare to, or even could, venture to the Spirit Light world to relocate system main cities, so Zhao Fu happily had Great Qin's Assassins take the 40 Spirit Light system main cities without anyone knowing.

With these 40 system main cities, Zhao Fu had obtained 260 system main cities in total. Zhao Fu was quite shocked by his gains this time, and with the amount of EXP they had gained, the Maurya City had become a Level 1 Capital City.

Zhao Fu was very pleased with the gains this time. He did not want to expose his identity, so he jollily stayed with the Night Dynasty as they faced off in a stalemate against the Spirit Light people.

However, an incredibly destructive shockwave had rippled out, causing his hairs to stand on end and for him to feel as if his body had fallen into an icy cavern. Zhao Fu went over to take a look and found that the two World Protectors had unleashed a shocking battle.

The Legatees of the Fish Scale world and human world had barely fought, much less use their Nation Armaments. At first, the Fish Scale people had destroyed the human side but had then been poisoned by the human side. The battles had not been as intense.

However, the God Race and Demon Race were archenemies and were about the same strength. As such, their battles were incredibly terrifying.

Zhao Fu hoped that the war between the two worlds would be as intense as possible. However, both sides knew they could not keep going like this, as there was a greater threat from the previous worlds.

As such, both sides gradually backed off. The 1,000 or so golden doors became 100 doors, but they were still heavily guarded. No more massive battles erupted, and they only gradually whittled away at each other.

Now that it had come to this, both sides knew that they could not start any big battles anymore. As such, most of the factions that had gathered here returned, and the Night Dynasty went back to the Southern Continent. Zhao Fu also took his massive gains back to the human world.