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 Moreover, obtaining 140 system main cities was already a shocking harvest, so it was best to be content. At the same time, Zhao Fu had continuously received system announcements of Cities being relocated, netting Great Qin an astronomical amount of EXP and Achievement Points. Zhao Fu grinned and decided to stop masquerading as a God Race expert.

Since he could not keep masquerading as a God Race expert, he could now masquerade as a Demon Race expert to kill people from the Spirit Light world.

Zhao Fu eerily smiled and made some preparations. He took out the Sky Demon Sword and absorbed some of its demonic qi, making him seem like someone from the Demon Race.

This time, Zhao Fu did not wear a cloak. After all, he had just been going around wearing a white cloak, so if a person with a black cloak suddenly appeared, it would be too suspicious. However, even though Zhao Fu did not want to wear a cloak, he did not want to reveal his appearance either.

Zhao Fu cut some wood and whittled it, making a crude mask. He put it on his face, hiding his appearance. Only his terrifying eyes could be seen, making those who saw him feel suppression and terror.

"Demoness! I'll kill you today!" one of three golden-clad City Lords said as he coldly looked at a woman with dense killing intent.

The woman had graceful bearings and snow-white skin, and she looked incredibly sexy. She was one of the Dark Demon world's famed beauties, and she was now surrounded by three Spirit Light City Lords. There was a trace of blood at her lips, and she coldly laughed as she said, "Don't you God Race people value righteousness? What's so righteous about teaming up against a weak woman like me?"

One of the Spirit Light City Lords said mockingly, "There's no need to talk about righteousness when facing demons like you. You are all evil, and killing you is our heavenly duty. No matter what we do, the gods will support us!"

After saying this, the City Lord raised his magic staff, and ripples appeared in the air. A gigantic spear covered with holy runes extended out from mid-air, giving off an incredibly sharp aura that caused people's hairs to stand on end.

The sexy-looking woman, Xie Mei, looked at that spear in surprise and immediately tried to dodge.

However, the two other Spirit Light City Lords immediately acted - holy light shot out from their hands, causing a formless restrictive power to cover Xie Mei's body. Xie Mei desperately tried to struggle out of it, but her speed had become greatly reduced.

"Holy Spirit's Spear!" the City Lord roared, and the spear in the air gave off boundless power as it shot towards Xie Mei. Xie Mei was unable to dodge in time and felt immense despair and powerlessness.

Just as Xie Mei was about to be hit by the spear, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her and sent out a terrifying sword light. The massive sword light instantly shattered the silver spear, causing it to turn into countless shards.

This was no coincidence - Zhao Fu had been hiding nearby and waiting for an opportunity to reveal himself. It was easiest to obtain someone's trust when helping them during a crisis.

After seeing this powerful figure block the strike for her, the despairing Xie Mei could not help but feel a tremble within her heart.

This person wore black clothes and had very long hair that reached his legs. He held a demonic sword and gave off a very terrifying aura, but Xie Mei felt incredibly at peace. Even though she could only see him from behind, she could tell that he was definitely an incredibly handsome man.

The three Spirit Light City Lords looked at the man in front of them. Sensing the terrifying demonic qi he gave off, they could tell that he was a high-grade demon.

"You God Race people dare to bully someone from the Demon Race!" Because Zhao Fu had long since learned the Dark Demon language, he decided to speak, unlike before when he was pretending to be a God Race expert. His voice was filled with domineeringness, making everyone who heard him feel instinctively scared.

Just as he spoke, he turned into a black blur and rushed towards the Spirit Light City Lords. He arrived in front of them in an instant, giving them a big shock, and they hurriedly put up three white energy barriers.

However, as Zhao Fu slashed out an immense sword light, it instantly shattered the three energy barriers.

Seeing this, the City Lords were completely terrified, and they immediately wanted to run. However, they were not given the chance - one had his chest pierced by Zhao Fu, the other was slashed in half, and the final one's head was crushed by Zhao Fu. His methods were incredibly cruel and domineering but also quite fascinating.

A figure could not help but move towards Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu, caught in the moment, swept her into his embrace. Xie Mei's face became red, and she said shyly, "You're so domineering! I like that."

Zhao Fu came back to his senses and felt quite awkward. It seemed that he now instinctively became close to women, so he decided to avoid this in the future.

He then gently pushed her away and transformed into a demonic ray of light before shooting away to another battlefield.

"Kill! Our Demon Race is the most terrifying race; nothing can stop us from sweeping across the world!" On another battlefield, Zhao Fu led a large group of Dark Demon people to charge.

The countless demons were incredibly excited as they followed this Demon Race expert to charge at the Spirit Light people. Zhao Fu began a bloody slaughter, shocking even the people from the Dark Demon race.

After another round of killing, Zhao Fu obtained 80 Spirit Light City Lord Seals, making him feel incredibly delighted. Just as he was about to head to another battlefield, his powerful senses alerted him that there were people waiting in ambush ahead.

It seemed that he had caught too much attention. Zhao Fu sighed; he could not continue to pretend to be part of the Dark Demon race.

In total, he had obtained 220 City Lord Seals. They had already relocated the 140 Dark Demon cities - Great Qin's Assassins had all been temporarily given City Lord Seals, and with the various Dark Demon City Lords fighting on the frontlines, there was no one to look after their domains.

However, there was no way to go to the Spirit Light world, as they defended the golden doors closely. It was not very possible to go to the Spirit Light world through those doors.

Also, it seemed that only the Spirit Light people could use those golden doors. Back when Zhao Fu had masqueraded as a Spirit Light expert, he had tried to use one but had found that he could not use it. It seemed that no other race could use them.

There was nothing he could do about this; Zhao Fu could only order people to have the Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel brought to the Dark Demon world in order to teleport into the Spirit Light world.

Zhao Fu left the relocating of the Spirit Light system main cities to Great Qin's Assassins. They were well-suited to this job and were quite adept at it.

Now, Zhao Fu returned to Ye Cang's side. He could not continue masquerading as an expert on either side, so he decided to use a third identity to obtain some benefits for the Night Dynasty.

By now, the commander that Ye Cang was facing off against could not wait anymore and started to attack the Night Dynasty's forces, and Zhao Fu immediately went over to help.