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 Even though Keguna could not see that person's face, he was sure that this person was from the God Race. The holy light coming from his body was incredibly pure, making one feel comfortable and at peace. Only high-grade God Race people would have such power.

What's more, this person had blocked a fatal blow for him. In this battle, only someone from the God Race would do this.

"Thank you for saving my life, sir!" Keguna hurriedly bowed to this person. The hierarchy in the God Race was extremely strict, and this person was much stronger than him and had saved his life. It was only fitting that he should show appropriate respect.

The person did not reply, making Keguna feel a bit awkward. However, most experts were cold and arrogant, so he was not too surprised. Regardless, this person was a good person deep down, or he would not have saved him.

This person giving off holy light was, of course, Zhao Fu. This holy light energy did not come from Zhao Fu's body but from the Seraph Sword. In order to pretend to be someone from the Spirit Light race, Zhao Fu had put on a pure-white cloak, making him look quite righteous.

Zhao Fu did not reply before because he could not understand what that person had said, and he did not speak the language either. He did not want his identity to be exposed.

As for the reason why he had saved Keguna, it was to blend in with the rest of the Spirit Light people. He wanted the Dark Demon people to think that he was part of the Spirit Light people; otherwise, Zhao Fu would not be so kind as to save someone from the Spirit Light race.

The two Dark Demon City Lords looked at the person holding the holy sword in front of them. To be able to give off the holy light that they hated so much, this person was undoubtedly part of the God Race. This person also felt quite strong, and they did not feel too confident in defeating him.

By now, another four Dark Demon City Lords had discovered this expert and quickly flew over. The six Dark Demon City Lords looked at each other and decided to deal with this Spirit Light expert together.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Six City Lord Seals rose out of those City Lords' bodies, giving off terrifying demonic light. A massive aura burst forth and dispersed the clouds above as the six Dark Demon City Lords' eyes became red and a large amount of demonic qi flowed out of their bodies.

Keguna could not help but feel quite startled. The power of six Dark Demon City Lords was quite terrifying, and he could not help but wonder if that expert could defend against them. Keguna felt quite uncertain.

"Maybe I should help!" Even though Keguna had been injured, he could still at least keep one of the City Lords busy. He did not want his savior to be put under too much pressure, so he prepared to rush up.

Zhao Fu could tell what Keguna was thinking and held out his hand to stop him. He wanted to act like someone from the Spirit Light race, so he couldn't just let Keguna die in front of him. Moreover, he did not want Keguna to get in his way.

Seeing this, Keguna felt incredibly touched. This expert wanted to face the dangers by himself and wanted to keep him safe. Who would risk facing six powerful enemies for him?

"This expert's simply too kind! He's definitely from one of the noble families!" Keguna thought to himself.


A terrifying saber light, bringing with it demonic might, slashed towards Zhao Fu. It was incredibly powerful and seemed to be able to split open mountains - the Dark Demon side had attacked first.

A condescending smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face. Facing these six Dark Demon City Lords, Zhao Fu did not need help from any of the Great Qin City Lords or even use their power; using his own strength was enough.

As the saber light arrived, Zhao Fu dodged to the side before turning into a ray of light and shooting at the six Dark Demon City Lords.

The six Dark Demon City Lords spread out, surrounding Zhao Fu and simultaneously launching attacks at him. Sword lights, saber lights, and spear lights crashed towards Zhao Fu at the center, resulting in an enormous explosion that sent out berserk shockwaves.

This made Keguna feel quite shocked; if it was him facing these attacks, he would have died instantly. He could not help but feel worried about Zhao Fu.

The six Dark Demon City Lords smiled in satisfaction as Zhao Fu had not even dodged or tried to block their attacks. That was simply seeking death.

However, after the explosion, Zhao Fu slowly spread out three pairs of wings, looking completely fine. This made the six Dark Demon City Lords feel completely shocked; Zhao Fu was completely unscathed by their attacks.

Keguna let out a sigh of relief. He had wanted to go and help but found that this expert did not need his help at all.

Zhao Fu's body flashed and suddenly appeared in front of one of the Dark Demon City Lords. His hand flashed out, piercing through that City Lord's chest with his sword. The City Lord's eyes widened as he tried to say something, but blood continuously flowed out of his mouth as he died.

After killing this City Lord, Zhao Fu's six pristine pairs of wings flapped and he arrived in front of another City Lord, easily killing him as well.

After seeing this, the remaining City Lords understood that they were not a match for Zhao Fu, so they tried to escape in fear but were all killed by Zhao Fu. All of their corpses and City Lord Seals were collected by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu grinned and prepared to say something to Zhao Fu when he saw Zhao Fu suddenly raise his sword and shootout a ray of white light. A white ring of light appeared in the sky, giving off white light that shined on the Spirit Light people's bodies.

Keguna found that facing the Dark Demon people's ferocious attacks, the Spirit Light people were being forced back. However, with this light, the Spirit Light people were buffed, allowing them to suppress the Dark Demon people.

By now, Keguna was completely in awe of this expert. This person was incredibly kind, selfless, and powerful, making him feel incredibly moved.

Following this, Zhao Fu killed some more Dark Demon City Lords before turning into a ray of light and vanishing across the horizon. Seeing this, Keguna could not help but feel a bit disappointed.

However, he understood that this expert turning the tide for them was already quite amazing, and that person had not even tried to take credit for anything. He did not deserve to become friends with such an expert; he could only look up at him from a distance.

Within a dense forest, Zhao Fu grinned ecstatically; he had gained 18 City Lord Seals without arousing any suspicions at all. He called over the Assassins he had brought and gave them the City Lord Seals, ordering them to find the Cities and quickly relocate them.

Zhao Fu once again turned into his Spirit Light alter ego and helped the Spirit Light people continue to attack the Dark Demon people. In total, Zhao Fu ended up killing 140 City Lords, and he realized that he had to stop or else he could fall into trouble.

After killing so many City Lords, he had attracted a lot of attention. Many of the Dark Demon people wanted to find an opportunity to kill Zhao Fu.

Now, Zhao Fu was quite famous on the Spirit Light side. Many people knew that a white-cloaked Seraph would appear during times of crisis and save many people. He was praised by countless people, but Zhao Fu felt that he could not continue on like this as it was getting quite dangerous.