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 Zhao Fu used Ye Cang's body to lead four million players to the Dark Demon world's Northern Continent. They did not feel much before reaching the golden doors, but after reaching this place, the smell of blood and the aura of death was everywhere.

Zhao Fu had passed through the ruins of a system main city with corpses and blood everywhere. There was no trace of life, and the city gave off an eerie aura that emphasized death.

Everything of value had already been pillaged; every race would take anything of value after killing, and even non-useful items were destroyed. Everyone understood they had to weaken their enemies as much as possible and show no mercy.

Most of the Demon Race's equipment contained demonic qi, so the God Race could not use them. After all, the Demon Race and God Race's attributes countered each other.

As such, the God Race had taken all of the equipment to either throw away or destroy; they refused to leave anything for the Demon Race. The people from the Demon Race did not want the corpses either. Although they had the ability to become stronger from devouring flesh and blood, that only worked for fresh flesh and blood. These corpses had already been rotting for a few days, and they were already too impure, so they had become useless.

Zhao Fu inwardly smiled and said in sorrow, "We shouldn't let our comrades' corpses lie here and rot. We should let them rest in peace; we should build a world filled with love. At the same time, we should remember the cruel things the God Race has done to fuel our battle intent. The Demon Race will never be bullied by anyone!"

If Zhao Fu had said those words in the human world, he definitely would have had many people clapping and cheering. Many people would have even come to help Zhao Fu.

However, all of the Dark Demon people around him felt there was something wrong with Zhao Fu's head for him to say such idiotic words.

Zhao Fu did not care. He simply wanted to use this as an excuse to order people to start collecting corpses. The Spirit Light people had massacred their way through 148 regions, which would have at least 40 million Stage 1 corpses. There were also countless high Grade corpses, and even the lower Grade corpses could be thrown into the Corpse Soul Blood Lake and Fountain of Life.

If they were not worth putting into the Corpse Soul Blood Lake or Fountain of Life, they could be turned into Undead. Great Qin did not waste a single corpse; Zhao Fu respected the corpses of Great Qin soldiers, but he did not care about other people's corpses at all.

Zhao Fu did not carry out the collection himself and instead left it to the Night Dynasty's people to do. Most of the people did not care about the Night Dynasty doing such a stupid thing.

Afterward, Zhao Fu slowly brought his people to a golden door. There were four million Spirit Light people defending here, and their equipment all gave off a bright glow, making them seem incredibly holy in stark contrast to Zhao Fu's side shrouded in demonic qi.

Zhao Fu felt that these Spirit Light people were too high-profile; their bright equipment was simply too eye-catching.

"Stay here and build defenses; don't attack for now!" Zhao Fu simply came to make a show and had no plans to use his battle force at all. As such, he did not plan to attack and only defended.

The Spirit Light people had long since constructed defenses. They had already obtained massive gains from invading, and they were now waiting for the Demon Race to attack. They understood how bloodthirsty the Demon Race was; they would definitely come for revenge. That way, the Spirit Light people would be able to obtain even more Invasion Points.

They had set up many traps here, most of which were things able to suppress the Demon Race. The battles at the other places were incredibly intense, but Zhao Fu's area was incredibly peaceful.

The Spirit Light commander in charge of this golden door felt quite confused seeing Zhao Fu behave in a pacifist manner. They had killed so many demons, so the Demon Race should be incredibly furious. However, why was this demon so nonchalant about attacking?

The commander felt that the other side definitely had something up their sleeves. Because the Spirit Light people had already prepared defenses and traps which gave them a big advantage, he naturally would not choose to attack. As such, he could only watch as Zhao Fu's people slowly built their defenses. Just like that, the two armies continued to merely face off and stare at each other.

Zhao Fu did not ask for reinforcements from any system main cities to have a reason not to attack. He did not want to help out at all as it would require sacrificing the Night Dynasty's forces which now belonged to Great Qin. By now, Zhao Fu's main body had reached here as well.

Meanwhile, in front of another golden door, countless Dark Demon soldiers roared as they formed a massive tide and rushed towards the opposing Spirit Light soldiers.

At that moment, the magic formations under the Spirit Light side's defensive walls were activated and caused countless searing rays of white light to shoot out toward the demon tide. Thousands of rays of light blasted out, giving off shocking sounds.

The massive power from the rays of light sent the Dark Demon soldiers flying. Countless were killed and injured in just an instant, bringing their momentum to a halt.

The Spirit Light soldiers then drew their bows to shoot out arrows which descended like torrential rain. Blood flew everywhere and cries continuously sounded out as the Dark Demon army once again took a heavy blow, losing many people.

However, the Demon Race was not weak at all, and the demons started to release their full power. Blood-red flames appeared around them as they squatted down and pressed against the ground. This caused blood-red magic formations to appear. The magic formations absorbed the blood around them and caused their bodies to give off brilliant blood-red light.

They tapped off the ground which caused the ground to instantly crack, and they looked like red lasers as they shot out. They broke through the Spirit Light people's various magic formations and slammed against the defensive wall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Massive sounds rang out as the Spirit Light people's defensive walls continuously trembled, causing them to feel quite startled. After a wave of explosions, the wall was covered with cracks, and some parts had completely caved in. The demons had essentially suicide-bombed the defensive wall.

Because of their sacrifice, countless other demons were able to charge forward and reach the defensive wall to start fighting with the Spirit Light people.

As the soldiers began to fight, the City Lords from both sides also engaged each other in the air.

When the Spirit Light people's World Protector had said there was a Demon Race world next to their world, almost all of the Spirit Light people had been completely sent into a frenzy. They were all instantly united in a common goal to get rid of the Demon Race and destroy all evil.

They had gathered almost all of their entire world's power to invade the Demon Race and purify them. Keguna was one of the Spirit Light City Lords, and he unhesitatingly joined in.

However, the Demon Race was quite powerful, and this was their domain. Keguna faced attacks from two Dark Demon City Lords. He was unable to hold on for much longer. There was a deep wound on his chest where bone could be seen, and blood continuously flowed out.

"Am I going to die here?" Keguna thought sadly.

A Dark Demon City Lord unleashed a massive wave of saber light towards Keguna who was unable to defend anymore.

Suddenly, a searing ray of light with a massive aura descended from the sky. The terrifying aura caused everyone nearby to tremble, and an awe-inspiring figure appeared. He wore a cloak white as snow and had six pairs of angelic wings, giving off a pure and holy light.

Keguna felt incredibly delighted and cried out, "Our people's experts have arrived!"