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 "The oath I made that day is engraved on my heart: to serve my king from life to life, age to age!"

"To offer everything in this life and accompany my king's side!"

"I will be my king's sword, slashing away both light and darkness, both heaven and hell; no one can stop my king's sword!"

"Even though tens of thousands of years may have passed, I will not change. In my king's name, I will sweep everything away!"

The mysterious Skeleton seemed both holy and dignified as it recited its oath, and the golden light around it became more intense.

At the same time, the aura it was giving off became stronger to the point that ripples of energy started to emanate out from its body. The light coming from its body illuminated the 5-meter radius area around it, and there was not a trace of Undead aura coming from it; instead, it seemed like a paladin reciting a king's oath.


As it finished speaking, an explosion sounded out as the mysterious Skeleton released an incredibly powerful aura, which swept towards its surroundings like a berserk wind. The entire area was covered with the golden light, and the sound of steel interweaving could be heard. A suit of golden armor started to form on the Skeleton, and a hazy body started to form around the Skeleton. Even though it wasn't very clear, they could see its face clearly.

Even if Zhao Fu wanted to stop what the Skeleton was doing, it was too late. By now, the mysterious Skeleton had completely changed, and the powerful aura coming from its body seemed to cause the air to freeze. Zhao Fu called Bai Qi, Zhang Dahu, and Saar back, and then he took out five Explosive Spirit Pills and gave them to Bai Qi, Zhang Dahu, Saar, Old Logue, and Daisy.

The Explosive Spirit Pills deserved their status as Stage 3 Pills. Normally, people who were not even at Stage 1 would not be able to use such powerful pills; it was usually only after they reached Stage 3 that they would obtain such pills. However, now that they had used such a powerful pill before even reaching Stage 1, the powerful effects of the pill could be clearly seen.

Their eyes became blood-red, and strands of blood-red aura rose up from their bodies. Their auras rapidly became stronger, and combined, they did not seem any weaker than the mysterious Skeleton.

The auras from the two sides clashed, causing the atmosphere to become incredibly heavy, making it difficult for others to breathe.

The mysterious Skeleton did not look down on them, and it raised its golden, glowing sword and rushed towards the five of them. Bai Qi, Zhang Dahu, and Saar rushed forwards to meet it.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Massive metallic collisions rang out, and the mysterious Skeleton seemed to be on equal footing with Bai Qi and the others.

Old Logue raised his wooden staff and chanted in a low voice. The energy around him gathered towards him and turned into a small tornado, raising a lot of sand and dust. Blood-red fireballs started to form until there were 10 Hell Fireballs about the size of washbowls. As they appeared, an extremely powerful aura of destruction swept out.

Old Logue's blood-red eyes stared intently at the mysterious Skeleton. It was completely caught up in its battle against Bai Qi, Zhang Dahu, and Saar, and Old Logue waved his staff, causing the 10 Hell Fireballs to shoot towards the mysterious Skeleton.

The mysterious Skeleton coldly harrumphed and slashed out with its sword, causing a 10 or so meter long golden arc of light to fly out and tear through the air.

Bang, bang, bang...

Old Logue's 10 Hell Fireballs were all destroyed, and they exploded into blood-red patches of fire, forming a sea of flames.

Suddenly, countless 1 meter long wooden spikes rained down on the mysterious Skeleton - this was the joint attack of Daisy and 10 or so Elven Priests.

Facing the wooden spikes, the mysterious Skeleton gripped its sword and rapidly spun around, forming an extremely powerful tornado of sword qi. When the wooden spikes descended and hit the sword qi tornado, they were reduced to splinters and sent flying.

After all of the wooden spikes were gone, the mysterious Skeleton stopped spinning. At that moment, the 10 soldiers with the Holy Hall Magic Seal skills stretched out their hands. A sun-like rune shined on their hands as 10 rays of burning, golden light shot out.

The Skeleton seemed to be shocked when it saw those 10 golden lights flash towards it, but it was unable to evade them and could only try to block with them with its sword.


The 10 golden rays simultaneously landed on the mysterious Skeleton, causing an explosion to sound out. The Skeleton was knocked backwards and only stopped after sliding back 10 or so meters. White smoke rose up from its body as if water had been poured on red-hot iron.

Even though the mysterious Skeleton no longer looked like a normal Skeleton, it was still a Skeleton-type Undead, and Holy Light skills dealt extra damage to it.

The mysterious Skeleton seemed to be enraged, and it stared at Zhao Fu, who was behind the shield wall giving orders this entire time. In the next second, it shot towards Zhao Fu, but Bai Qi, Zhang Dahu, and Saar refused to let it get past them, and they once again kept it occupied.

However, a powerful sword light erupted from the mysterious Skeleton's sword, forcing Bai Qi and the others back. Following this, the mysterious Skeleton once again rushed at Zhao Fu.

However, in the next instant, 10 massive Hell Fireballs once again appeared above the mysterious Skeleton like 10 blood-colored suns.

The mysterious Skeleton's expression became savage, and it tried to evade each of the descending Hell Fireballs. Despite this, it was unable to avoid the shockwaves from each of the explosions, and the golden armor on its body dimmed.

Right after it rushed out of the sea of flames formed by the Hell Fireballs, the mysterious Skeleton was shocked to see countless ballistae bolts coming towards it.

Zhao Fu saw that the Infantrymen were unable to do much, so he took out 10 ballistae from his spatial ring for them to use.

Facing so many powerful ballista bolts, the mysterious Skeleton did not dare to be careless. It quickly brandished the sword in its hands and released countless sword lights, barely blocking the ballista bolts.

At that moment, Daisy's eyes lightly closed, and she raised her head as a holy light descended on her body. Her surroundings were also illuminated by that light, and white motes of light drifted down from above, painting a beautiful and pure scene.

Daisy slowly opened her blood-red eyes and looked at the mysterious Skeleton, who had just blocked all of the ballista bolts. When she lightly raised her jade-like hand and pointed at the Skeleton, a white light shot out from her index finger. It soundlessly reached the mysterious Skeleton in an instant, confusing it.


A massive explosion sounded out as the mysterious Skeleton was once again sent flying into the wall. This time, the largest of the 7 rings was 30 meters wide, and the mysterious Skeleton's golden armor shattered as it lay on the ground with its dying breath.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to order his subordinates to finish it off, the mysterious Skeleton shakily stood up and raised its sword high in the air as it said, "Glory... to the king!"

Following this, the mysterious Skeleton howled. The entire world became quiet, and time seemed to stop.


A shocking explosion sounded out as a pillar of golden light erupted from the Skeleton, making it seem as if it was daytime in this dark area.

Within the golden light, the mysterious Skeleton's expression was sacred and dignified, and an aura that could cause one to feel despair and terror emanated from its body. The aura formed a windstorm; the ground started to crack; and a terrifying aura swept into everyone's hearts.

By now, the mysterious Skeleton's bones had been dyed completely gold, and a golden aura started to rise from its body like a flame. It stood with its sword raised high, and it looked like it could destroy the heavens.