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 "Arghh!!" With Ughr's ill-natured personality, how could he endure being suddenly attacked like that? He gave a loud roar and caused boundless demonic qi to rush forth. They instantly formed three demon tigers and each leaped towards Ye Cang, giving off ferocious auras.

Zhao Fu did not even bother to stand up. With the various powers he had attained, Zhao Fu knew Ye Cang did not have to be afraid of Ughr at all. He stretched out his hand and caused a black substance to gather which formed a three meter long exquisite looking sword. This was the power of the Night Demon Constitution - it could allow one to gather darkness energy at will.

As the three demon tigers sprang over, Zhao Fu waved his hand, and the sword gave off a black crescent as it shot out. The three demon tigers were easily slashed through and exploded into countless traces of demonic qi.

Suddenly, an incredibly terrifying figure appeared behind Zhao Fu - it was Ughr. Ughr's eyes had become violet-colored, and his body was one meter taller, turning into a three-meter giant. His body was covered with muscles, and there was a horn on his head - this was his family's Demon King's Power.

After seeing the three demonic tigers were not enough to deal with Ye Cang, Ughr immediately unleashed his Demon King's Power. His body blurred as he appeared behind Ye Cang and punched with immense destructive force towards him.

Just as the punch was about to hit Zhao Fu, black substance gathered and formed a black barrier. As Ughr's punch landed on the barrier, it only caused a few cracks. This made him feel quite shocked.

Suddenly, the black barrier disappeared, and a massive hand made out of mighty demonic qi shot towards Ughr.

Ughr was greatly startled, and he roared as he crossed his arms. Demonic qi surged forth and formed a rectangular shield which was three meters tall and 1.5 meters wide. It had a demon king engraved on it.

Ughr was quite confident in this shield since it was his family's most powerful defensive skill. Everything inferior to the Demon King's Power would be devoured by the Demon King's Shield.


As the massive demonic hand crashed into the Demon King's Shield, the demon king engraved on the shield opened its mouth to try to devour the demonic hand. However, Ughr was shocked to find it could not devour the hand; in fact, it had no effect on the hand at all.

The Demon King's Shield instantly shattered, and Ughr was sent flying approximately ten meters. He crashed onto the ground with a trace of blood leaking out of his mouth.

This caused everyone to feel quite surprised. Now, it was quite evident that Ye Cang was strong; he was actually able to win against Ughr who was strong even among the Legatees.

Everyone quickly got out of the way, and no one tried to stop this. Only the strong had the right to speak. This was an unspoken rule which everyone knew, and those who were weak could only follow it.

Ughr climbed up from the ground savagely glared at Zhao Fu before yelling, "I'll eat you!!"


A massive demonic flame rose up from Ughr's body, and a terrifying might spread out. The ground started to crack as Ughr used his full strength and rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly smiled and raised his black sword. The demonic qi in the surrounding area immediately flooded into the black sword and caused it to give off an immense demonic light that seemed to be able to devour space itself. A mighty sword light spread out and gave off a might that weighed down on everyone's souls.

The surrounding people looked incredibly shocked as they discovered there was something off about Ye Cang; he was used a demon god's skills. Otherwise, the demonic qi would not have been so lively, and he would not have given off the might of a demon god.


Ughr flew at Zhao Fu, whereas Zhao Fu slashed out. A gigantic sword light flashed out and sent Ughr flying once again. He crashed 100 meters away with a 15-centimeter long gash on his chest where black blood continuously flowed out.

"Arghhh!!" The immense pain caused Ughr to go completely berserk. An even greater power burst forth as he started to use his City Lord Seal's power.

Zhao Fu also started to use his City Lord Seal's power. The two massive auras continuously collided, and it seemed the two sides were about to clash again. At that moment, Mo Qi could not watch on anymore and said, "Enough, both of you stop! We're here to discuss how to stop the God Race's invasion."

As Mo Qi spoke, a mountain-like aura locked down the entire region and caused everyone to feel a weight on their hearts.

Zhao Fu's pupils constricted. He found that Mo Qi's strength was on par with his main body's; another powerful foe had appeared. Currently, his clone was not a match for Mo Qi.

While under Mo QI's massive aura, Ye Cang and Ughr both stopped. Ughr ferociously glared at Ye Cang before returning to his seat. His wound healed in the blink of an eye which made it seem as if nothing had happened. This recovery rate was quite shocking.

Zhao Fu also returned to his seat. Everyone's gaze toward him became completely different; there was now a trace of respect and fear.

Before, they only saw a bastard like Ye Cang taking over the Night Dynasty as a joke. All of them secretly looked down on him.

However, it seemed he was quite powerful and could even defeat Ughr. He could even use demon god skills. This made Ye Cang seem incredibly mysterious. They had only heard of demon god skills and had never seen them before. Practically no one could obtain a godly spirit's skills.

Indeed, Zhao Fu had used the demon god's skills. After all, with a Demon Race body, such skills would be even more powerful.

Mo Yao'Er also looked at Zhao Fu in surprise. She had never expected Ye Cang to become so powerful in such a short amount of time. Even she would not be a match for him at this point.

At that moment, the bald-headed elder stepped out and said, "Does anyone have any good plans to deal with the God Race's invasion?"

The gloomy-looking young man coldly harrumphed, "What else is there to do but fight? The God Race bathed over a hundred of our regions in blood; we must pay the same back to them!"

The Demon Race was quite ferocious, and all of them seemed quite bloodthirsty. Of course, they had a detailed plan for how they were going to fight. Mo Yao'Er contributed a bit to the discussions, whereas Zhao Fu did not say anything. Soon, the meeting concluded.

Zhao Fu's primary goal was to gain some understanding of the Demon Race's various factions' strength. Since he had achieved his goal, he left together with Mo Yao'Er.

However, when Zhao Fu left, he saw Ughr staring at him with dense killing intent. Zhao Fu did not care as he also wanted to find an opportunity to kill Ughr. Zhao Fu also planned to bring his main body over since there would soon be many benefits to be obtained.

After returning to the Southern Continent, Zhao Fu started to gather his forces. However, he did not plan to bring indigenous resident soldiers; he only brought players.

The Night Dynasty was only responsible for one of the 1,000 golden doors; how could Zhao Fu overcommit to a battle between the Dark Demon people and Spirit Light people? Of course, he would be trying to get as many benefits as possible.

Zhao Fu's main body also brought some people and snuck into the Dark Demon world. During chaotic times like this, no one would notice if Zhao Fu secretly destroyed a few cities. Of course, he had to be incredibly careful, or else they would be surrounded and attacked.